Reflective accounts

Write a reflective account

Write a reflective account

Reflect on what you have learned from a CPD article and gain a certificate of learning

Legal responsibilities

Legal responsibilities

A CPD article improved Bernadette Parsons’ understanding of the legal standard of care...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 2

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the treatment and management of chronic...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 1

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the pathophysiology, signs and symptoms...

ABCDE approach

ABCDE approach

A CPD article improved Robin Hooks’s knowledge of how to use the ABCDE approach to assess a...

Chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis

A CPD article enhanced Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the assessment and management of chronic...

Practice-related feedback

Revalidation: getting your practice-related feedback right

It’s an essential part of revalidation, but gaining feedback can seem daunting.

Writing an article provided a chance to gain valuable feedback

Despite being an experienced nurse and lecturer, Nelson Selvaraj initially found writing an...

Doubt in paediatric team’s abilities prompted us to raise our game

When his trauma team was overlooked in an emergency situation, senior staff nurse Drew...

A mother’s eulogy inspires nurse’s campaign on sepsis care

A mother’s eulogy after her young son’s death from sepsis inspired nurse Joan Pons Laplana...

Patient view

‘This special team gives so much to families dealing with self-harm and suicide’

A mum explains how the Brookside Adolescent Inpatient team gave hope to her transgender son

Nurse of the Year ‘makes you feel there is someone there for you’

A tribute to the RCN Nurse of the Year 2018, Angela Hall, by her patient the Rev Mark Bond

‘My dedicated nurses inspired me to join the profession’

Student nurse award winner recalls two nurses who cared for her as she recovered from sepsis

‘Sunflowers home from home made us feel part of a loving family’

Mel Briston describes the exceptional care given to her son at Sunflowers Care, a home from...


‘I couldn’t have coped without my nurse specialist’

Chrissie Powell, a nurse who has the rare neurological condition neuromyelitis optica, says...

Care assistant made a difficult time better for our family

Jenny Lamb says care home deputy manager Jenni Duxbury showed exceptional care and...

Revalidation articles

Revalidation video

Watch our animated guide to revalidation

Our short film explains the revalidation process

Practice-related feedback: Published paper proves value of innovative student support

Alison Finch, lead nurse for nursing and midwifery revalidation, reflects on the value of...

Practice-related feedback: Giving people with dementia a voice on visiting hours

Improving access for carers of patients with dementia meant staff nurse and PhD student Liz...

Continuous development

Revalidation process gives specialists a chance to shine

As the first tranche of staff renew registration this month, cancer nurses explain why a new...

Patient feedback

How nurses are preparing for the revalidation process

Five nurses from across the UK discuss their plans for renewing their registration,...

Reflective writing

An introduction to revalidation

Why revalidation, why now?