Applauding NHS workers

COVID-19: the love being shown to nurses needs to translate into action

When the applause dies down, nurses must be assured they will be equipped to do their job

COVID-19 emergency teams

COVID-19: amid fear and anxiety, we must look after each other

An emergency nurse’s experience of coping with the constantly evolving coronavirus crisis

An older lady sitting on a hospital bed. Picture: iStock

Pain management in older people: the changes you can make to improve quality of life

Addressing patient needs starts with thorough pain assessment – here’s what you need to know

Critical care

Critical care nurses will need our support as COVID-19 cases rise 

ICUs are about more than beds and ventilators – they depend on a highly skilled workforce


Handwashing: what nurses can learn from coronavirus

It’s not just hand hygiene technique that matters, human factors play a role too

Dad's Army Coronavirus home guard

Why I’m reluctant to join the coronavirus home guard

The government plan to recruit retired nurses during the COVID-19 crisis has a serious flaw

Nurses must take a break

Healthcare workers are entitled to breaks – and nurses are no exception

Staff shortages shouldn’t equal missed breaks. Know your rights and how to access support

Head nurse Sun Chun, left, writes the name of her colleague Li Yunmo on her protective suit at the First Hospital of Wuhan City in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province

COVID-19 has seen nurses around the world do what nurses always do: step up

To support them, governments must provide the protective equipment teams need, says ICN chief

Illustration showing the five elements of the ABCDE approach to assessing deteriorating patients

Patient assessment: do you use your ABCDE?

The pros of the ABCDE approach are accepted, yet ‘doing the obs’ remains common practice

Image of man contemplating, with question marks around him

When patient choice becomes a decision-making dilemma

Not everyone is comfortable with a ‘choose your own’ approach to care, says Jane Bates

Reporting to senior colleagues

Reporting concerns about a senior colleague is a necessary act of courage

Whistleblowing is never easy – particularly if the person is in a position of power

nurse works at computer at work

CPD: is your employer reluctant to give you protected learning time?

Nurses struggling to negotiate time out during working hours can seek support

Nurse prescribing is about being a maxi-nurse, not a mini-doctor

In an overstretched NHS, prescribing enables nurses to be more efficient and autonomous

Climate change is a global issue, but nurses see its effects close-up

Health threats from global warming make the need to end the nurse shortage extra-urgent

As nurses, we need fun – and respect – if we are to survive the stresses of the job

Colleagues of my vintage remember when there was more room for camaraderie, says Jane Bates

The voice of nurses has never been stronger, says the RCN’s new director for England

The voice of nurses has never been stronger, and we must use it to ensure election promises...

Sickness reviews and your rights: don’t be alarmed if you’re asked to explain time off

Advice on nurses’ rights when employers trigger investigations into sickness absence 

Improving the health and well-being of unpaid carers – initiatives with impact

How Commitment to Carers award nominees have shared their work and inspired others