Jane Bates: On the IT road to fairyland

Jane Bates fights back tears as she battles an NHS computer programme

How our youth-obsessed culture affects attitudes to ageing skin

Nurses can help to promote a more positive approach to skincare in older people


NHS terminology is a craft in itself

Patients are often confused by the language we use – and it’s no wonder, says Jane Bates

Brexit raises the risk of dangerous delays in the supply of medicines

Clarity is needed about how the supply of medicines might be affected by a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Don't rush to lift e-cigarette bans in mental healthcare settings...

Allowing vaping risks more than a return to smoke-filled rooms

Confusing language

Jane Bates: mind your language to avoid a 'right old stew' ...

Every language has an array of confusing phrases that are part of everyday speech and we...

Helen Whiting

How profile forms help us see the patient as an individual

Critical care unit staff found a simple way to enhance person-centred care

Jane Bates: Patients need to keep their cool

Jane Bates struggles with patients’ demands to keep the hospital cool during a heatwave


I was trained to be hands off with patients but I think a hug might be the best medicine

Hugs between patients and staff can be a welcome part of the job, says Jane Bates

Scotland pay deal

Scotland's pay deal: the beginning of the end for a UK-wide approach?

A better pay rise means Scottish nursing is leaving its English colleagues behind

Looking for serial numbers

Why broken down medical equipment is a serial problem for nurses

Locating the serial number to report a broken machine is impossible unless you contort

Clinical academics

Nurses and midwives need support if they are to become clinical academics

Flexibility and funding required if nurses are to pursue dual career in practice and research

Late shifts and long hours don’t say ‘antenatal care’ to me

Pregnancy is not an illness, but it can be an exhausting time for NHS staff, says Jane Bates

Protecting nurses' well-being is a priority as vacancy rates remain critically

More needs to be done to ensure nurses feel valued and supported amid chronic staff shortages

Safe nurse staffing ratios in Australia have led to better care and a happier workforce

Minimum nurse and midwife staffing levels in Victoria enhance patient safety

We must unlock the potential of volunteers to improve patient care

Laura Shalev Greene highlights the work of HelpForce, an organisation that champions...

Fitted sheets on hospital beds have been a long time coming

What will we do without former icon of the profession, the hospital corner, asks Jane Bates

I’m returning my medal in protest at ‘hostile environment’ policy

Government is charging refugees for care, and turning nurses into border guards


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