My wish for a life without emotional blackmail

Unfair pressure to do extra work is the bane of a nurse’s life, says Jane Bates

No nurse should lack the training and support to manage patients’ pain

The resources exist to help you challenge inadequate care, says the RCN’s pain forum chair

Beware of claiming to know your patient best

Can we really say nurses build a closer rapport than other multidisciplinary team members?

fake news newspaper

Jane Bates: tales of dangling eyeballs are nothing more than fake news… honest!

It can be hard for nurses to debunk myths that some patients seem to prefer over hard fact

leg club members' ulcers are dressed

Why the Long Term Plan is a missed opportunity in health promotion

A Queen’s Nurse says medical models alone will not address social determinants of health

Women in the NHS boardroom

International Women’s Day: we need to do more to improve work-life balance

Organisations are beginning to step up with flexible working, says NHS Employers’ Sue Covill

mentor with two students

Jane Bates: mentors can’t wrap students up in cotton wool

But it is our duty to help them build resilience against nursing’s hard knocks

Illustration of clock and blister packs of pills

Parkinson’s: how you can ensure patients get their medication on time

With caseloads for specialist nurses climbing, awareness among all healthcare staff is vital

Young female nurse comforts middle aged man with head in his hands

Jane Bates: Staff shortages means we lose chances for compassion

No one had time to comfort a distressed patient. If only a liaison officer had been there

Glasgow Caledonian University

If you want to see a nursing profession that is valued, it’s here in Scotland

Nursing in Scotland has stepped back from the edge of crisis, says the RCN’s Theresa Fyffe

Nurse looking at roster on ward wall

Safe staffing is the way to end NHS postcode lottery

RCN England director on the college’s campaign to ensure effective care across the UK

Ill-looking woman lying down while talking on phone

Jane Bates: Is it alright to contact a sick colleague?

A modern conundrum brings back memories from Jane Bates' student days

Our chance to raise the status of nurses

With 2020 named Year of the Nurse and Midwife, this is our moment, says Nursing Now director

Jane Bates: How art helped me cope with the tough times

Jane Bates recalls how art galleries helped heal the stress of work as a nursing student

Malnutrition in the community: what you can do to support older people

Why it’s vital nurses recognise risk factors and challenge myths about weight loss and ageing

Jane Bates: Painful predicament of the worried well

Risk being labelled ‘worried well’ or miss a diagnosis so as not to ‘bother the doctor’?

Plan your way to healthier eating

Shift patterns and limited choices present barriers at work, but these strategies can help

Time’s up for the gender-based image of nursing

Resurgent feminism can help free the profession from damaging stereotypes