Picture shows a woman holding her shoulder to ease pain. The article stresses the need to raise awareness about coronary heart disease and heart attack, including gradual onset myocardial infarction, so that people know what symptoms to look out for.

There’s no such thing as a textbook heart attack

Nurses need to know the truth about myocardial infarction – it could save patients’ lives

First intake of nursing students at University of Exeter

‘No health without mental health’ should be the maxim of all adult nursing students

A new University of Exeter programme gives equal priority to mental and physical health

Nurse leader talks to colleague in a ward setting

What well-resourced nursing practice can achieve – if nations invest in it

We need a world where governments pay nurses more, and pay for more nurses

Glove use increases healthcare workers’ risk of developing contact dermatitis

Glove use in patient care: do you know when to wear them and when not to?

They have a place in infection prevention and control, but are no substitute for hand hygiene

two nurses talk happily on the ward

Creative nurse retention strategies go a long way to solving safe-staffing woes

Organisations should sometimes be willing to pay a premium to retain staff

illustration shows figure surrounded by security cameras – as trial suggests some benefits from their use

Body cameras and why nurses should keep an open mind

Use of bodycams needs more research, but evidence suggests they may have a role

patients lying on trolleys in a busy waiting area shows pressures hospitals can face

OPEL alert showed me the full impact service pressures have on patients and nurses

The urgent need to free up beds takes a toll even on patients deemed fit for discharge

Measles is a potentially life-threatening condition Picture: Science Photo Library

Stop blaming the anti-vax bogeyman and focus on immunisation services

Investing in nurses and resources to educate parents is more pressing than battling fake news

NMC standards

What every nurse stands to gain from the NMC’s new proficiency standards

The regulator’s ambitious standards apply to all nurses, not just students

Nurses confer in a hospital ward in Uganda

We face a worldwide shortage of 9 million nurses

Urgent action is needed to avoid the catastrophic nursing shortage predicted by WHO

A patient with a terminal illness, who is wearing a headscarf, being comforted by another person

End of life care: when pain relief isn’t enough

Even with the best care, patients are dying in agony – assisted dying should be an option

exhausted community nurse sits slumped in her car

NHS staff sickness data reveal the toll emotional labour takes on our mental health

Let’s not allow mental health problems to become the new back pain for nurses

Getting it right at the NMC starts with compassion

Andrea Sutcliffe wants to take the fear out of fitness to practise processes

Before my rare condition was finally diagnosed, I struggled to be believed

Clinicians should keep an open mind about what might seem like an obvious diagnosis

Patient safety is just not possible without the right number of nurses

World Patient Safety Day helps us focus on what the evidence says about the role of nurses

Let the NMC know nurses need kindness, not blame

The regulator is changing its tune, with potentially big implications for fitness to practise

Workplace stress and how not to feel undermined by other people’s negativity

Reflection allowed me to analyse an unpleasant experience and boost my resilience

Tackling student mental health challenges together

The first-ever nursing student mental health day started a new conversation about well-being