Student nurses at demonstration

Forget the bursary – nursing students need a new funding solution

It’s time to recognise the contribution nursing students make, says Kelly Hitchcock

lie detector

Jane Bates: telling someone they can’t see well enough to drive is not my favourite task

I'm glad driver eyesight – or lack of it – is now being taken seriously by traffic police

Older woman with a hearing aid

Jane Bates: Sound and vision can help with dementia

The sensory losses that can come with age have a big impact on mental health

A nurse typing on a computer keyboard

Jane Bates: We can’t go digital without funding

Matt Hancock’s ambition to put technology at the heart of the NHS will require investment

Caring nurse

Spiritual care is not as complex as we may think

The skills that draw us to the profession are a good foundation, says Macmillan’s Barry Quinn

pain questionnaire

A clearer picture of pain

Helping patients to identify their pain and its triggers is the first step in alleviating it

It is not part of my job to accept racist abuse from patients

Organisations set the tone that allows BME and other staff to speak up, says Michael Baptiste

Jane Bates: Nanny knows best

Jane Bates argues the case for a bit more nannying

Nellie Spindler

First world war nurses’ achievements were overlooked, just as nursing is undervalued now

Nurses on the Western Front were skilled professionals, says historian Christine Hallett

British nurses Captains Lindsay Baigent and Anne Stavelyon treating a patient

Defence nurses share lessons from war

Armistice Day is a chance to reflect on how the history of nursing in war is passed on

Two nurses waving goodbye to a colleague

Workforce: The problem that's bigger than staff turnover...

When it comes to staffing, there's a larger, system-wide issue, says James Buchan...

Jane Bates: Skewed system lets bullying flourish

Two topical stories highlight flaws in the way the NHS deals with complaints against staff

Time for a seismic shift in global healthcare

Investment in primary healthcare is the change the world needs, says International Council...

Why I decided to quit my nursing course

Stress prompted Kirsty Sartain to quit her training, a decision she is still struggling with

Jane Bates: A rude reminder of my student self

Jane Bates recalls a surprising use for the tough loo rolls of yesteryear

Calorie labelling is welcome, but it won’t solve the obesity crisis

Compulsory labels can’t alone turn the tide, says RCN’s Helen Donovan

Time for a seismic shift in global healthcare

Investment in primary care is the change the world needs, says ICN director Howard Catton

HbA1c: What's in a name? And how can I remember it?...

Remembering the name of the diabetes blood test is a challenge, says Jane Bates