Nursing Older People

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An older woman sitting up in bed holds out her hand to receive a pill from a nurse

How to avoid medication errors in care homes

Practical advice for nurses on prescribing and administering drugs to older people

Picture shows a placard being held up in support of fair pay for nursing during the RCN strike in 2022

Pay reviews: what’s holding nursing back and what’s next after 20 years of AfC?

Unions are divided over the best way to overhaul Agenda for Change and boost retention

A nurse standing next to a patient's bed appears anxious as she listens to someone who is out of camera

Conflict in healthcare: how to resolve issues calmly and safely

Tips on defusing conflicts, responding to aggression and the importance of staying calm

Retired nurse died after DNACPR patient notes mix up, inquest finds

Coroner rules that neglect contributed to Patricia Dawson’s death in the ED

Chief nursing officer for England Ruth May, who has announced her retirement

What next – and who next – for nursing?

As England’s CNO prepares to step down, what should her successor’s priorities be?

Illustration of steps showing different pay bands as nurse steps down onto band 5 step

Nurses forced into lower pay bands after requesting flexible hours

RCN chief brands practice ‘shameful’ and vows to get college’s lawyers to review issue

Evidence and Practice

 Perceptions of the use of terms of endearment among older adults in an assisted living facility

The use of terms of endearment among older adults in an assisted living facility

Perceptions of elderspeak vary so they should be based on the preferences of the older adult

Risk management and decision-making in dementia care

Risk management and decision-making in dementia care

Encouraging a proactive and person-centred approach to risk assessment and management

Using therapeutic lies – an ethical challenge for nurses when caring for people with dementia

Using therapeutic lies – an ethical challenge for nurses

White lies' can be useful when caring for people with dementia, but is it ethical to...

Exploring whether a diagnosis of severe frailty prompts advance care planning and end of life care conversations

Severe frailty diagnosis: advance care planning and end of life care conversations

People with severe frailty may be disadvantaged in terms of receiving appropriate end of...

Exploring the professional nurse advocate role and restorative clinical supervision

Exploring the professional nurse advocate role and restorative clinical supervision

The role aims to provide clinical, educational and well-being support to nurses

Supporting shared decision-making in medicines use with people living with dementia and their carers

Supporting shared decision-making in medicines use with people living with dementia

Shared decision-making may help support people to make informed decisions about their...


 Nurse behind seated patient stoops slightly and has her hands on his shoulders to express warmth and reassurance. Touch is a powerful way to show compassion in nursing

Using touch to show compassion: tailoring non-verbal communication to the individual

Judging when it’s appropriate to touch a patient or relative – and when it’s not

Bad manager

How to handle a bullying, weak or incompetent boss

Tips on initiating constructive conversations and where to seek support over poor leadership

A nurse in scrubs is frowning and hunching her shoulders in a sign of distress

Under excess pressure? The emotional signs of stress and how to deal with them

Tips for identifying worrying signs and supporting yourself and colleagues

Illustration featuring five different NHS uniform tunic colours, from left to right: indigo, green, sea blue, navy blue and light blue

Uniform approach: what we like about our standardised scrubs

Nurses from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the pros of their nations’ uniforms

Illustration shows healthcare staff around a table formed from a clock face to suggest a team approach to rostering

Rostering: could more control over your shift timings transform your work-life balance?

Team-based rostering pilots point to improved staff retention and greater collaboration

An illustration showing a smiling nurse in uniform standing in front of a crowd, represented by several sets of hands raised high and clapping

Daunted by public speaking? Tips to take you from nervous to confident

Nurse experts share their advice on how to prepare well and engage an audience


Illustration of a female lead nurse talking to two female nurses who report in to her

How to be assertive in the workplace – and tips for getting the tone right

Advice on expressing yourself clearly while being respectful of patients and colleagues


Fitness to practise cases: is the NMC doing enough to tackle the backlog?

We ask our readers if more money will resolve the growing FtP caseload

Glass dishes in two rows containing food that would constitute nutritious meals nurses to sustain nurses at work. There is thyme and yoghurt dress, chicken breast, couscous, cucumber, carrot, chickpeas and boiled eggs

5 healthy meals tips: how to pack a lunchbox to look forward to on busy shifts

Time and money-saving advice on eating and drinking well while at work


Placement abroad

I’d love to do a clinical placement overseas, but how do I go about it?

Your guide to complying with NMC and visa rules, while embracing a new system and culture

A nursing student smiles as she sits next to a resident in a care home while on placement

How to secure your dream job in your favourite placement setting

Showing a passion for the nursing specialty and telling managers what you want will help

A patient, seen from behind, talks in confidence to a nurse in uniform who is holding a clipboard

Is it ever okay to breach patient confidentiality as a nurse?

Advice for students on whether disclosing information is permitted in any circumstance


A man sitting in a home office talking on a phone, while looking at patient notes, as with an occupational health nurse working from home

Work-life balance: what I’ve gained in an occupational health role

It can offer more flexibility than ward or community jobs. Find out what’s involved

A female lecturer stands at the front of a lecture theatre teaching nursing students

From NHS nurse to lecturer: making the transition to education

What I’ve learned moving from an NHS role to academia, and the skills you need

Image shows a nurse walking along a winding path in the direction of an arrow pointing to ‘ACP’. The path is flanked by other clinicians

A day in the life of an advanced clinical practitioner

An ACP has advice on how to make the move into advanced practice