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Below you'll find answers to the questions we are asked the most. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact customer services and we’ll be happy to help.

If you are an organisation or an institution who needs information about any of our products, please use our dedicated enquiry form.

I have a subscription with my institution, I’ve signed in but can’t gain access to the journals / Portfolio / Learning.

Please check the following:

1.    You’ve signed in correctly and your institution name and logo is displayed at the top right hand corner of the page  
2.    The correct email address has been registered with your institution administrator
3.    Which subscription you have with your institution administrator

How can I change my email address?

Please contact customer services who can make these changes for you.

Can I subscribe to a journal if I already have a subscription with my institution?

Yes. You will need to use an alternative email address to register as a personal subscriber. To differentiate your accounts, we recommend you use your work email address for your institution account.

My email address said its already registered but won’t allow me to sign in.

Please select ‘forgotten password’ and an email will automatically be sent to your email account so you can reset your password.

I’ve completed my RCNi Portfolio but I no longer have access via my institution. Can I have this portfolio transferred to my personal subscription?

Yes. Please contact customer services with your institution email address and the email address you have as a personal subscriber so they can make these changes.   

I’ve subscribed to RCNi Learning but forgot I have a journal subscription with a different email address. How can I access my subscription with one email address?

Please contact customer services and confirm your preferred email address so they can make these changes.

How do I add RCNi Learning to my journal subscription?

As a journal subscriber you can subscribe to RCNi Learning at a discounted rate. Please contact customer services to upgrade to RCNi Ultimate Package today.

Is the online content free?

You can register for free on our websites and this will give you access to the latest news and revalidation information. You will need to subscribe to one of our journals to access our peer-reviewed clinical archives and CPD articles, as well as features on careers and our student resources.

Registering involves signing up to our websites with an email address. Find out more about registering here.

We have different subscription packages to suit students, newly qualified, and experienced nurses. Find out more about our subscription packages here.

I subscribe to the print edition of my journal. Can I access the journal website too?

Yes. All print subscriptions include unlimited access to your journals website and RCNi Portfolio.

All of our journal websites are designed to work perfectly on all devices e.g. smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

I have online access as part of my subscription but can't access articles?

You must register on to access your journal articles online. Registration is free and unlocks a range subscriber-only resources on the journal website. Find out more about registering here.

For any other issues with your access, please contact customer services.

I can access articles but cannot access the RCNi Portfolio or the Hub?

You might be accessing RCNi content through your library, hospital or other employer. This will give you access to all journal articles but not to the hub or RCNi Portfolio. To access these you need a personal subscription. Find out more about personal subscriptions here.

Where is my subscriber reference number?

If you are a print subscriber it will be above your address on the wrapping surrounding your journal. If you are a digital subscriber it will be on your welcome email or at the bottom of other emails from us. If you aren’t able to find it, please contact customer services, including your name and address in your message.

What devices do I need to access my subscription?

You can read our website on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can access your digital journal on any tablet, laptop or desktop.

I don’t want a journal - can I subscribe to the RCNi Portfolio separately?

You can subscribe to the RCNi Portfolio without having a journal subscription. Find out more about our subscription packages.

None of these answers helped me.

Please contact customer services and they will be happy to help you further with any enquiry.