Subscription queries

We have a dedicated customer service team available between 9am and 5pm who can help you with any enquiry or an RCNi subscription.

Telephone them on 0203 740 0712 or email using the customer services contact form.

If you are an organisation or an institution who would like to use our products, please contact one of the team using the institutional enquiry form.

What can I access for free, and what do I get with a subscription?

You can register for free to access to our news and revalidation articles.

To access CPD articles, peer-reviewed clinical articles, certificated CPD learning modules and the RCNi Revalidation Portfolio, you will need to subscribe to RCNi Plus. This allows you to access to all 10 RCNi journals, the 200 certified CPD learning modules on RCNi Learning, and the RCNi Revalidation Portfolio for revalidation.  It is the complete toolkit for your nursing career, with the RCNi Plus dashboard to help you manage the journals and key topics that you specialise in.

Find out more about an RCNi Plus subscription. 

Register for free news and revalidation articles.

We also have a dedicated subscription package for students.

I have a subscription with my institution, I’ve signed in but can’t gain access to the journals / Portfolio / Learning.

Please check:

  1. Which subscription you have with your institution administrator
  2. You’ve signed in correctly and your institution name and logo is displayed at the top right hand corner of the page  
  3. The correct email address has been registered with your institution administrator

Can I subscribe to RCNi Plus if I already have a subscription with my institution?

Yes. You will need to use an alternative email address to register as a personal subscriber. To differentiate your accounts, we recommend you use your work email address for your institution account, and your personal email for an RCNi Plus subscription.

My email address is already registered but it won’t allow me to sign in.

Please select ‘forgotten password’ and an email will automatically be sent to your email account so you can reset your password.

I’ve completed my RCNi Revalidation Portfolio but I no longer have access via my institution. Can I have this portfolio transferred to my personal subscription?

Yes. Please contact customer services with your institution email address and the email address you have as a personal subscriber so they can make these changes.

I would like to receive a print copy of a journal.

You can opt to add a print copy of a journal as part of your RCNi Plus subscription.

What devices do I need to access my subscription?

RCNi Learning, our 10 journals and RCNi Revalidation Portfolio can all be accessed on any laptop, desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.

How can I change my email address?

Please contact customer services and they will make these changes for you.

None of these answers helped me.

Please contact customer services and they will be happy to help with any enquiry.