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Photo of nursing students in a lecture, illustrating story about declining student numbers

Nursing student numbers: degree places ‘getting harder to fill’

University says it cannot meet national targets and had to scrap mental health intake

A tribunal panel looks as documents, with witness facing them across a table. A nurse with Chron’s disease won a tribunal after NHS employer reneged on reasonable adjustments

Compensation for charge nurse told she had to stop solely working night shifts

Managers rowed back on reasonable adjustments that helped her manage a chronic condition

Close-up of the face of a woman who is holding up her hand with fingers spread in a protective gesture

Sexual harassment faced by hundreds of NHS staff goes unreported

Incidents include being touched or asked for sex, but half those affected don’t raise it

Photo of RCN general secretary Pat Cullen, illustrating story about RCN's response to government proposals on nurse pay

Nurses should get £35k starting salary, government told

RCN head Pat Cullen wants overhaul of pay bandings and improvements to nurse career pathway

A nurse sitting at a table and making notes while using a calculator that is on top of a pile of documents, as if checking a payslip

Common payroll issues: how to keep track and resolve errors

Pay can fluctuate and it is important to report discrepancies – including overpayments

Nursing staff from York Hospital in North Yorkshire on the hospital picket line during the RCN strike in May last year

Separate pay spine for nurses: decision draws a step closer

Nurses urged to air views on pay as government consultation closes at midnight

Evidence and Practice

Exploring the short-term impact of using the Learning Disability Screening Questionnaire in a service for people experiencing homelessness

Using the Learning Disability Screening Questionnaire for homeless people

Homeless services may not recognise service users’ intellectual disabilities

 Obesity and nutrition: supporting positive dietary behaviour change in people with learning disabilities

Supporting positive dietary behaviour change in people with learning disabilities

The importance of nutrition as a controllable factor in preventing long-term conditions

Forensic risk assessment in people with learning disabilities: principles and process

Forensic risk assessment in people with learning disabilities: principles and process

The process aims to provide a nuanced understanding of factors that may lead to offending...

Promoting oral health for people with learning disabilities

Promoting oral health for people with learning disabilities

How interventions such as desensitisation and reasonable adjustments can address challenges

How to support adherence to medicines among people with learning disabilities

How to support adherence to medicines among people with learning disabilities

A strategy is needed that includes education, reasonable adjustments and medication reviews

Supporting people with learning disabilities and a fear of needles to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Supporting people with learning disabilities and needle phobia to be vaccinated

How a desensitisation programme was used to prepare people for the COVID-19 vaccination


 Nurse behind seated patient stoops slightly and has her hands on his shoulders to express warmth and reassurance. Touch is a powerful way to show compassion in nursing

Using touch to show compassion: how to tailor non-verbal communication to the...

Judging when it’s appropriate to touch a patient or relative – and when it’s not

Illustration featuring five different NHS uniform tunic colours, from left to right: indigo, green, sea blue, navy blue and light blue

Uniform approach: what we like about our standardised scrubs

Nurses from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the pros of their nations’ uniforms

Illustration shows healthcare staff around a table formed from a clock face to suggest a team approach to rostering

Rostering: could more control over your shift timings transform your work-life balance?

Team-based rostering pilots point to improved staff retention and greater collaboration

Community nurse arrives at man’s front door. The two greet each other, suggesting a they share a warm bond

Bonding with long-term patients: promoting continuity of care within healthy boundaries

Tips on fostering ongoing therapeutic relationships while avoiding undue attachment

A dynamic illustration of a strand of DNA looking like a blue spiralling ladder with a section highlighted in pink

Rare neurodevelopmental disorders: what you need to know

Getting to know the characteristics of rare disorders can improve patient care

A man with learning disabilities listens carefully to a nurse who has her back to the camera

How you can improve end of life care planning for people with learning disabilities

Guidance and tools to help nurses ensure service users’ wishes are met


A nurse uses a book with pictures to help explain a medical intervention to a person with a learning disability

How to get informed consent right

Experts with lived experience of having a learning disability offer their advice

A nurse sitting at a table with a person with learning disabilities and epilepsy going through the Clive Treacey Safety Checklist

Promoting safe care for people with epilepsy and a learning disability and/or autism

Nurses can use the new Clive Treacey Safety Checklist to support service users

A nurse stands in front of a line of other nurses, looking happy and confident. Yet nurses often downplay their role

Our professional inferiority complex: why you’re never ‘just’ a nurse

Safety-critical care is what we do, yet some of us can’t resist the urge to downplay


A patient, seen from behind, talks in confidence to a nurse in uniform who is holding a clipboard

Is it ever okay to breach patient confidentiality as a nurse?

Advice for students on whether disclosing information is permitted in any circumstance

A nursing student stands with a ward nurse as they consult notes together

You’re about to start a clinical placement? Here are 7 things you need to know

Find out how to achieve your learning goals while maintaining a work-life balance

Nursing student Andrew Poole sits at a table in a community hall talking to a parish nursing client while on clinical placement

Community placement: what does working with parish nurses involve?

Parish nursing teams can offer scope to develop communication and health promotion skills


A female lecturer stands at the front of a lecture theatre teaching nursing students

From NHS nurse to lecturer: making the transition to education

What I’ve learned moving from an NHS role to academia, and the skills you need

Image shows a nurse walking along a winding path in the direction of an arrow pointing to ‘ACP’. The path is flanked by other clinicians

A day in the life of an advanced clinical practitioner

An ACP has advice on how to make the move into advanced practice

Three young woman huddle together, all looking at their phones. Social media can effective in advertising nurse vacancies

Social media recruitment: how you can turbo-charge interest in vacancies where you work

TikTok and other platforms are proving to be powerful tools for filling nurse roles