Student’s RCN award for his work supporting people with learning disabilities

Andrew Turner saw service users’ anxiety about clinical procedures – and took action to...

Improving diagnosis, care and support for ADHD

NICE guidance aims to improve recognition, diagnosis, quality of care and support for ADHD

Concerns for the future of learning disability nursing as mortality report reveals...

With the number of people with learning disabilities rising, cases of poor care and figures...

Two nurses sentenced for defrauding NHS

Two nurses have been sentenced after admitting defrauding the NHS in separate incidents

Rules eased on overseas nurses retaking exam

Overseas nurses will only have to retake the part of a competency exam they fail

Health education summit bids to stem decline in college enrolment numbers

A summit on the recruitment crisis in learning disability nurse education to be held

Evidence and Practice

Fragile X syndrome

Syndromes: Fragile X syndrome

Series about conditions with common symptoms that constitute syndromes

Keratoconus in young people with learning disabilities: an ‘invisible’ problem

Keratoconus in young people with learning disabilities: an ‘invisible’ problem

Keratoconus is a potentially sight-threatening condition in which the cornea distorts and...


Urinary continence promotion and people with an intellectual disability

Continence is regarded as a basic need and many continence problems can be addressed and...

Evaluating a group for young people who have a sibling with a disability

Evaluating a group for young people who have a sibling with a disability

Siblings of children who have a disability frequently take on care, responsibility and...

Prevalence and management of coeliac disease in people with Down’s syndrome

People with Down’s syndrome are more likely to have additional health complications than the...

Down’s syndrome

Syndromes: Down’s syndrome

Second in a series about conditions with common symptoms that constitute syndromes


Biometrics and autism

Biometrics and autism: wristband technology could transform service-users’ lives

Leading charity Autism Together has set up the UK’s first trial of wristbands measuring...

Charities to launch initiative ahead of World Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day

The Neuro Foundation and sister charities set to launch 'light up' campaigns to raise...

Observing nursing practice on placement in Romania

When nursing students Eve Buckley, Nicole Sparham and Shelby Small did their elective...

Preparing for a new model of care in the community

Calderstones Hospital turned things round after a damning report in 2013 but now it is...

Nicky Lyall

Person-centred care for clients at the end of life

A team of learning disability nurses has created an end of life care package for clients...

EXCLUSIVE: Future strategies for behaviour that challenges

A one-day event, organised by the Prison Reform Trust, University of Leeds, NHS Improvement...



Looking to the future for learning disability nurses

New standards on how people with learning disabilities are cared for in hospitals in England...

Book review: Medical Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and...

Senior occupational therapist Jo Ball reviews Medical Aspects of Autism and Asperger...

Book review: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Chartered clinical psychologist/professor of psychology Karen McKenzie reviews Cognitive...


What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to...


Using positive reinforcement to manage violence and aggression

Reminding a service user with learning disabilities how much her behaviour had improved...

meds killiard

A fresh take on medicines management for patients with a learning disability

Mental health nursing student Kirsty Killiard implemented a system for monitoring the use of...


Sabine Schwaebisch

It’s a real privilege to support a family at the end of their child’s life

Sabine Schwaebisch on her role as as a band 6 care team nurse in palliative care at Helen...

Tapping into the wisdom of learning disabilities nurses

The RCN wants all acute hospitals to have 24-hour access to a learning disabilities liaison...

Helen Laverty

‘Be brave, be fearless and always listen’

Helen Laverty is the leading light behind the Positive Choices conference

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