1. A jaded-looking nurse inputs information on a work laptop late at night. Record-keeping is a common reason nurses are referred to the NMC

Record-keeping: why you need all the support you can get

It’s an essential if often stressful task, but there are resources to support you

Illustration of bullying shows two people, one is aggressive. Giant speech bubble from him weighs heavily on the back of the other person

When ‘banter’ is no laughing matter and should not be tolerated in healthcare workplaces

If a colleague’s behaviour intimidates, belittles or offends, managers must act

Nurse holds nursing journal and tablet computer to read an RCNi Learning module, which will help them fulfil their CPD requirements for revalidation

If you’re worried about your CPD hours, don’t be – we’ve got your back

Revalidation requirements can feel daunting, which is why we’re here to help


Red flags for patient safety: wave them high in the coming election year

Daily safety breaches in the NHS must be taken seriously, not waved away with empty pledges


New NHS uniforms won’t please everyone, but will they help you stand out from the crowd?

Nationally colour-coded designs have yet to win universal praise inside the profession


Nursing Live: here’s why we hope you can join us for our celebration of nurses

Get your ticket to a unique event designed to inspire you, whatever your career stage


Martha’s rule: role nurses will play points to profession’s unique position of trust

Nurses to be central to new process designed to enable families to secure a second opinion


Letby defiled her role, but she will never define the profession she betrayed

The neonatal nurse’s crimes will inevitably undermine trust, but trust can be rebuilt

The winners at the RCN Nursing Awards 2022, including RCN Nurse of the Year Antonia Bunce, centre front

Innovation and patient advocacy: awards showcase the best of nursing

The finalists in the RCN Nursing Awards 2023 represent quality, commitment and care


Worn-out and unrewarded: nurses’ pay dispute is fundamental to health service’s future

75 years on from the birth of the NHS, nurses are proving they are its worthy custodians


Nurses aren’t dazzled by golden hellos – being paid properly is what really counts

Recruitment and retention incentives are mere sticking plasters for a chronic wound


NHS pay offer decision: questions to consider before you vote

With union ballots opening, have you made up your mind to accept or reject the offer?


Striking NHS nurses are sending a clear message that they’re in no mood for defeat

Behind the pithy placards is unmistakable determination to win this battle for fairer pay

Whatever you stance on striking, you deserve respect and fairness in your workplace

This is a time for nursing staff – whether striking of not– to maintain a united front

Nurses’ strike ballot: a profession left with no other option

The new government has failed to offer solutions to NHS staffing and pay crises

Should specialist nurses be asked to help cover cleaning duties on wards?

Nurses turn to social media to call out disrespectful request that undermines profession

NHS pay rise: nurses are a force to be reckoned with

Until the government values nursing there will always be recruitment and retention crises

NHS pay deal: could this be the moment when nurses decide it’s time to strike?

Calls for industrial action likely as inflation dashes hopes of progress on nurses’ pay