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University team wants nurses’ input on protective gown designs

Ever thought your personal protective equipment could be better designed?

Get your booster, urges nurse who delayed jab due to hesitancy

Toyin Oladotun administered COVID-19 vaccine for months before getting first jab

New short films show ‘what a great profession nursing is’

Promotional videos show newly qualified nurses talking of pride in their new career

Picture shows a test kit with Omicron written on the label

What you need to know about Omicron variant of COVID-19

Front-line staff facing greater pressure with expansion of booster jab programme

Next year’s pay rise: further ‘dithering and delays’ unacceptable, say unions

Government pushes back a decision on 2022-23 pay offer for Agenda for Change staff

Picture shows vials of COVID-19 vaccine

‘No evidence’ to justify forced vaccination of front-line nurses

DHSC told to show benefits of mandatory jabs are proportionate to expected workforce costs

Evidence and Practice

Using Heidegger’s philosophy of dasein to support person-centred research

Using Heidegger’s philosophy of dasein to support person-centred research

Dasein places people in a holistic context and values what is important to them

Developing and conducting appreciative inquiry interviews

The importance of reflexivity in the appreciative inquiry research process

Open access
Undertaking pre-pilot work to gain an empathetic insight into participants’ perspectives

Undertaking pre-pilot work to gain an empathetic insight into participants’ perspectives

Pre-pilot work and a reflective approach can strengthen rigour, as well as assist in planning

Patient and public involvement in research design and oversight

Patient and public involvement in research design and oversight

Nurse researchers are ideally placed to collaborate with patients and public in research

Successful strategies for including adults with intellectual disabilities in research studies that use interpretative phenomenological analysis

Interpretative phenomenological analysis and adults with intellectual disabilities

Strategies for recruiting and collecting data from adults with intellectual disabilities

Maintaining momentum in action research

Maintaining momentum in action research

Critical reflection can help identify and overcome the challenges arising in action research


How genomics is changing cancer nursing

What nurses working in cancer care need to know about genomics

Nurse-led project shows how rewarding a career in cancer research can be

Cancer Research UK senior nurse Ben Hood’s project ignites interest in cancer research role and boosts recruitment

Picture of Suriya Kirkpatrick, a senior cancer research nurse and genomics practitioner. In this article she and two other clinical research nurses share their accounts of a shift, offering an insight into their daily work.

A day in the life of a clinical research nurse

The shared diaries offer a taste of nursing life and its high points and challenges


Strategic plan for nurse research is a good foundation

Commitment and resourcing by policy-makers and government is essential to plan’s success

Writing logo

Strategies for becoming a successful writer

Many experience writing challenges, but there are techniques and strategies that can help you

When and how to use silence

When and how to use silence in the narrative research interview

Philip John Archard and Michelle O’Reilly examine non-verbal data


Clinical research: how getting involved gives your professional development a boost

Tips for taking an active role in nurse research, and why it’s exciting and rewarding work

How to rebuild positivity and move forward even when you’re exhausted

COVID-19 pandemic has left nurses traumatised, but healing is possible

From burnout to a top job in nursing research: what I’ve learned

Senior nurse researcher Jill Maben shares her tips for a move into research