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New virtual learning and support platform developed with nurses, for nurses

Illustration of figure representing a nurse holding a row of posts that seem to be toppling

Building resilience at work: nurses join study on coping with stressful events

Critical care staff will learn strategies and skills to help them after COVID-19 pressures

Coronavirus reinfection: what we know so far

The risk for nurses, plus how to advise patients worried about contracting COVID again

chancellor Rishi Sunak outside 11 Downing Street before heading to the Commons to deliver his budget

Unions label 1% nurse pay rise suggestion as 'insulting'

RCN accuses government of being dangerously out of touch with nursing staff and public

Picture shows nurses recruited from overseas working at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Rules relaxed on recruiting overseas nurses

RCN cautions that change risks damaging health and care systems of developing countries

nurse prepares a vial of coronavirus vaccine as staff are urged to have the jab

Healthcare staff vaccination: lead by example and have the jab, say chief nurses

Nurses and colleagues have a duty to be immunised, urge health leaders in open letter

Evidence and Practice

Maintaining momentum in action research

Maintaining momentum in action research

Critical reflection can help identify and overcome the challenges arising in action research

Experiences of an insider researcher – interviewing your own colleagues

Experiences of an insider researcher – interviewing your own colleagues

Reflections on insider research by participants in a constructionist grounded theory study

Evidence and practice: a review of vignettes in qualitative research

Evidence and practice: a review of vignettes in qualitative research

How to develop insight into the research process by developing vignettes as a research tool

Using audiovisual vignettes to collect data remotely on complex clinical care: a practical insight

Using audiovisual vignettes to collect data remotely on complex clinical care

Insight into vignettes used in research and education to explore complex clinical situations

Using naturalistic inquiry to inform qualitative description

Using naturalistic inquiry to inform qualitative description

Researchers need to undertake research that resonates with their beliefs, values and purpose

Remote research

Practice-informed guidance for undertaking remotely delivered mental health research

Remotely delivered appointments could be used to obtain informed consent and collect data


Nurse-led project shows how rewarding a career in cancer research can be

Cancer Research UK senior nurse Ben Hood’s project ignites interest in cancer research role and boosts recruitment

Picture of Suriya Kirkpatrick, a senior cancer research nurse and genomics practitioner. In this article she and two other clinical research nurses share their accounts of a shift, offering an insight into their daily work.

A day in the life of a clinical research nurse

The shared diaries offer a taste of nursing life and its high points and challenges


Writing logo

Strategies for becoming a successful writer

Many experience writing challenges, but there are techniques and strategies that can help you

Writing research

Tips for planning a paper for publication

Nurse Researcher is keen to encourage prospective authors to write and share their knowledge

Bias illustration

Bias is key to stopping institutional and structural racism in healthcare and research

Institutional racism not only damages our health, it can kill, and it does


What a career in research nursing can offer

Research is a part of the NHS remit but students have little exposure to it during training


Clinical research: how getting involved gives your professional development a boost

Tips for taking an active role in nurse research, and why it’s exciting and rewarding work

How to rebuild positivity and move forward even when you’re exhausted

COVID-19 pandemic has left nurses traumatised, but healing is possible

From burnout to a top job in nursing research: what I’ve learned

Senior nurse researcher Jill Maben shares her tips for a move into research