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Almost half of last year’s new NMC registrants were trained overseas

NMC data has sparked concern over quick fixes and recruitment from red list countries

Picture shows an injection being given by someone wearing gloves

Do's and don'ts of wearing gloves: help curb waste and avoid skin problems

To mark Glove Awareness Week, nurses are advised to change routines by reducing glove use

Free hospital parking for NHS staff in England to be scrapped on 31 March

Unions say its removal will result in some nurses leaving the profession

Being honest about errors in care: the guidance every nurse should read

NMC has updated its advice on duty of candour, which supports staff to be open with patients

Image of a person lying in bed but unable to sleep due to thoughts such as 'PPE', 'social distancing' and 'work', shown as speech bubbles

What’s keeping you awake? Your guide to better sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic

Advice on how to plan around shift patterns and cope with insomnia and anxiety

Nurse Deborah Edwards (right) at a church in Doncaster where donations are being collected to send to Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Poland. Also pictured (L-R) Sandra Walczak, Father Njoku (priest), John Carberry (parish chairman), Sandra Leach (community

Group of nurses work round the clock to send supplies to refugees fleeing Ukraine

Nurses’ initiative sees outpouring of support, with lorry set to leave packed with donations

Evidence and Practice

The changing paradigm of research delivery during a pandemic – a reflective account

The changing paradigm of research delivery during a pandemic – a reflective account

How clinical research nurse leaders in two NHS organisations responded to the pandemic

Experiences of a community of research practice: a service evaluation

Experiences of a community of research practice: a service evaluation

Learn about the benefits and challenges of a community of practice for research

Perspectives on reporting non-verbal interactions from the contemporary research focus group

Perspectives on reporting non-verbal interactions

Qualitative researchers need to reach a consensus on focus groups and group interviews

The impact of COVID-19 on doctoral research: adapting to the challenges and the opportunities of disruption

The impact of COVID-19 on doctoral research

How nurse researchers can adapt to the challenges and new opportunities of disruption

The Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research: a reflection on researchers’ experiences of its benefits and challenges and the lessons learnt from using it

A reflection on the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research

Researchers’ experiences of the framework’s benefits and challenges, and lessons learnt

Research illustration

An introduction to Bayes’ theorem and examples of its application

A look at Bayes’ theorem via examples of conditional probability and clinical applications


What inspired me to become a nurse – and why I choose to stay

Nurses reflect on their route into the profession and what keeps them motivated

How genomics is changing cancer nursing

What nurses working in cancer care need to know about genomics

Nurse-led project shows how rewarding a career in cancer research can be

Cancer Research UK senior nurse Ben Hood’s project ignites interest in cancer research role and boosts recruitment

Picture of Suriya Kirkpatrick, a senior cancer research nurse and genomics practitioner. In this article she and two other clinical research nurses share their accounts of a shift, offering an insight into their daily work.

A day in the life of a clinical research nurse

The shared diaries offer a taste of nursing life and its high points and challenges



What have nurse researchers learned from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Elizabeth Halcomb looks at some of the key lessons and initiatives


Finding the best mentor fit is vital for progressing your career

Budding nurse researchers and clinical nurses will blossom with the right mentor

Strategic plan for nurse research is a good foundation

Commitment and resourcing by policy-makers and government is essential to plan’s success


Take a year out from study, get paid and boost your CV: an internship with a difference

Promoting academic careers with a combined teaching and clinical research role for students


What is coaching and how can it help me take my career to the next level?

Find out what to expect from career coaching and how it can offer you fresh perspective

Are you at a career crossroads? Advice for nurses looking to change direction

The pandemic has left many nurses thinking of changing their role. Here’s what to consider

Clinical research: how getting involved gives your professional development a boost

Tips for taking an active role in nurse research, and why it’s exciting and rewarding work