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Illustration showing a nurse holding a laptop computer while doing the splits, with feet resting on two stools – suggesting one foot in work mode, one in home mode in a flexible working system

How to make flexible working work for you and your team

It is supported in policy, but can be tricky to arrange – tips for making it a reality

Working from home: how to make it a reality

With flexible arrangements firmly on the NHS agenda, could home working work for you?

Clinical nurse researcher Ana-Maria Toth who is carrying out research on if hypnosis can help patients cope better with pain following surgery

Nurse-led study will investigate hypnosis used to ease post-colectomy pain

Ana-Maria Toth will examine the use of hypnosis as an alternative to pain medication

A young woman with learning disabilities interacting with a healthcare professional while holding a jar of multicoloured straws

Nurses invited to apply for £30k funded learning disability research study

RCN Foundation funds study into learning disability nursing’s impact on patient outcomes

Michelle Cox who won a landmark tribunal against NHS England for discrimination because of her race

New anti-racism award launched after nurse’s landmark tribunal

The Michelle Cox RCN Foundation Anti-racism Award will support nurse-led projects

Black woman has a mammogram, aided by health professional. Nurses will be part of project to boost participation in clinical trials of women from black and other minority ethnicities

Breast cancer care: nurses to be recruited to boost racial diversity in clinical trials

Black women have more aggressive tumours and face inequalities in treatment and mortality

Evidence and Practice

How the expert nursing role was used to facilitate the co-design of a patient interview study

Use of expert nursing role to facilitate co-design of a patient interview study

Nurse researchers should shift to participatory methods to identify patient-focused...

The permutation test: a simple way to test hypotheses

The permutation test: a simple way to test hypotheses

Permutation tests do not require the strict model assumptions of t-tests and can be robust...

A novel research competency framework for clinical research nurses and midwives

A research competency framework for clinical research nurses and midwives

A project identified 15 core elements to these roles and the associated knowledge, skills...

Using social media to recruit research participants: a literature review

Using social media to recruit research participants: a literature review

Social media can save time and reduce costs while increasing access to hard-to-reach...

Planning for research impact

Planning for research impact

An overview of strategies used in a study of a healthcare communication tool

Evaluating ethnically diverse patients’ perspectives of considering participation in renal clinical research

Ethnically diverse patients’ perspectives of participation in clinical research

Patients preferred a face-to-face approach and the expertise of the research team was crucial


An illustration of a group of nurses of different ages standing together inside a big speech bubble

How can nursing teams improve communication between generations?

Five nurses on the learning opportunities in teams with different levels of experience

Protect your well-being: how to stay calm when the world feels chaotic

Ways to maintain your focus and balance in the face of relentless grim news

De-escalation techniques: 7 tips for handling conflict situations

Tension occurs in every setting – these skills can help you manage it and stay calm

Compassionate leadership: how to create psychological safety in your team

Developing a culture where staff feel supported leads to better care and morale. Find out how

Conflict at work: 3 common flare-ups and how to resolve (or prevent) them

When ill-feeling threatens to take hold at work, use these tips to help restore harmony

Rude colleagues and negative working relationships: a survival guide for nurses

Advice on feeling empowered to address incivility at work while remaining compassionate


Illustration showing a woman wearing glasses with her laptop computer open smiling into the distance with symbols of degree qualification, ideas, thinking and targets float around her head

Setting out to do a PhD? Some important things to consider

Make sure your big and exciting decision is well thought through

Illustration of hands  holding a pen which is marking a document called 'Grant Proposal'

How to deal with an unsuccessful research bid and what to do next

Our tips and advice can help you succeed in your bid next time

A figure staring intently through a telescope stands on top of a sign with arrows pointing in four different directions, this symbolises future goals

Are you prepared for the nursing research challenge in 2024?

Strengthening connections between research and clinical practice should be your future goal


Mental health: challenging your own cultural taboos and unconscious bias

Supporting students to challenge their own beliefs about mental ill health

Evidence-based practice demystified: how to make nursing research come alive in...

It’s pivotal to care improvements and opens up exciting career opportunities

Get paid to teach fellow nursing students – and gain leadership skills

Internships offer a chance to gain teaching qualifications and insight into academic careers


Illustration showing a figure standing at the top of a peak highlighted against a golden sky and holding up a target with an arrow through the centre, suggesting reaching a goal

How to stay focused on your career goals and reach the next step

A guide to setting SMART goals, staying on track and finding a coach or mentor

Woman smiles as she makes notes in front of her laptop while working at home – doctoral research is a time commitment and work-life balance challenge

So you’re thinking of doing a PhD? Here’s what you need to know

A doctorate can boost your nursing career – find out how to step up to the challenge

CPD: what activities count for revalidation?

It doesn’t just mean training courses – find out what else counts for your CPD hours