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A nurse puts her hand on the back of an older woman to support her as she walks with the help of a walking frame

‘Cruel’ curbs on migrant care workers seen as disaster for NHS and social care

Ban on family members will discourage migrants, adding to workforce shortages, say critics

You can’t blame nurses’ strikes for record NHS waiting lists, minister told

Health and social care secretary said industrial action is one cause of backlogs

Sign for NHS Fife premises with blue sky and partial street scene in background. Hospital in NHS at centre of patient information breach

Hospital intruder who posed as an agency nurse gave patient care and stole documentation

Security breach is a lesson for all healthcare organisations, said privacy watchdog

Photo of Dame Elizabeth Anionwu, who features in story about shortage of sickle cell nurses

Chronic shortage of sickle cell nurses putting patients at risk

Dame Elizabeth Anionwu calls for action to increase nurse numbers in specialty

Nurses on strike outside Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

New anti-strike code of practice approved by MPs, despite human rights concerns

Government anti-strike measures called ‘a brazen attack on the right to strike’

Two nurses in an emergency department look on as another nurse writes on the care planning board at the nurses’ station

Who’s in charge when patients are in bed limbo?

New guidance aims to clarify clinical responsibility for patients who are ‘between wards’

Evidence and Practice

Improving care for patients who experience miscarriage in emergency departments: a practice innovation

Improving care for patients who experience miscarriage in emergency departments

A practice innovation to improve care and increase nurses' confidence in breaking bad...

How to triage patients in the emergency department

How to triage patients in the emergency department

Familiarise yourself with the steps required when triaging a patient in the ED

A poster showing how to recognise a potential posterior stroke by using the acronym BEFAST

How can I identify the signs of a posterior stroke?

It can be difficult to recognise the symptoms, but the BEFAST acronym can help

Enhancing the nutritional care of older people by recording actual body weight: a quality improvement project

Enhancing the nutritional care of older people by recording actual body weight

A quality improvement project showed a simple intervention of relocating scales had a...

‘Corridor care’ in the emergency department: managing patient care in non-clinical areas safely and efficiently

‘Corridor care’ in the ED: managing patient care in non-clinical areas safely

The unique challenges of having to care for patients in non-clinical areas

Supporting nurses in acute and emergency care settings to speak up

Supporting nurses in acute and emergency care settings to speak up

How nurses can overcome barriers to raising concerns with senior clinicians in acute and...


What can nurses learn from patient feedback in the emergency department?

Listening to patients’ experiences, particularly after a negative event, can enhance care

Advanced nurse practitioner Susie Lagrata, who left her home and family in the Philippines at the age of 23, and has forged a successful career in the UK

Settling in as an international nurse: ‘what I left behind to work in the UK’

Leaving her family behind was heartbreaking for nurse Susie Lagrata, but she has no regrets

Care for transgender people: how to create positive, inclusive experiences

The steps you can take to tackle health inequalities faced by trans people


Patient’s Choice award winners: The district nursing team that transformed my life

Janette Connor nominated the team for their holistic, compassionate care

Protect your well-being: how to stay calm when the world feels chaotic

Ways to maintain your focus and balance in the face of relentless grim news

Julie Roye, RCN Nurse of the Year 2023

RCN Nurse of the Year 2023: ‘We empower patients with choice’

Julie Roye’s determination to break down health inequalities has had an impressive impact


A busy emergency department with a paramedic looking serious, a nurse looking concerned while holding paperwork, while another nurse speaks to someone on the phone

ED pressures: how to enhance your nursing practice in difficult conditions

Winter brings extra pressures for an overstretched workforce, so nurses need to work together

A picture of the Bedfordshire falls service team, including a nurse, in front of a fire engine

How working with non-nursing partners can improve your service

A collaboration with ambulance and fire teams helped community nurses respond to falls

Older woman lies in bed in corridor of emergency department

So-called ‘corridor care’ is an uncomfortable reality in emergency departments

Overcrowding is forcing staff to look after patients in non-clinical areas


Could a dual registration degree in nursing and social work be good for your career?

Find out about the potential benefits and what to expect from an integrated programme

Nursing Live: what’s on offer for students and newly registered nurses

Access free sessions on placements, well-being, mentors, careers and more at RCNi’s event

Delivering mental health crisis care: what I learned as a student

Managing issues such as suicide risk as a sports event medic was invaluable experience



Narrative coaching for nurses and how it can help your career

Creating a narrative can be an invaluable tool. Find out more at Nursing Live

Midlife financial review: do I need one, and how do I do it?

Tips for nurses on NHS pensions, planning for future need and seeking financial advice

Safe staffing: how to report concerns, whatever your role or seniority

A practical guide to using ‘red flags’ to raise staffing gaps