Flu jab

Flu vaccine: NHS trusts remain silent on how they manage staff who refuse it

NHS Improvement advised redeployment to ensure patient safety in ‘higher-risk’ departments

NHS strategy targets diversity at senior manager level

Action plan says organisations should set targets for BME representation in leadership roles

Scottish parliament

Nursing and workforce spending to go up in Scotland

Scottish Government announces budget increase – but warns of challenges to come

Hospitals already at full capacity as winter sets in, RCN warns

Figures reveal hospital bed shortage even before severe winter temperatures set in, RCN says

Study aims to tell ‘real story of nursing’

Research will cover gender, working conditions and what attracts people to nursing

RCN plaque

RCN council elections: college announces winning candidates

Twelve positions around the UK were contested

Evidence and Practice

Implementing vernakalant: a novel approach to cardioversion

Implementing vernakalant: a novel approach to cardioversion

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common arrhythmia, and there is a one in four lifetime...

Colles’ fractures in emergency departments

Evidence-based management of patients with Colles’ fractures in emergency departments:...

Distal forearm fractures are a common presentation in UK emergency departments (EDs)...

Lisfranc injury

Lisfranc injury: assessment and management in emergency departments

Injuries to the tarsometatarsal joint complex, also referred to as a Lisfranc injury, are...


Nursing management of paediatric asthma in emergency departments

Childhood asthma is a complex disease which may be resistant to treatment and varies in its...

Four-hour target

Should I be more concerned about patient care or the four-hour target?

UK emergency departments (EDs) are high-pressure environments focused on delivering care in...

GPs’ opinions of discharge summaries generated by advanced nurse practitioners in emergency care settings

GPs’ opinions of discharge summaries generated by advanced nurse practitioners in...

Aim Clinical handover at the point of discharge is critically important. It generally occurs...


Heather Jarman

RCNi Nurse Awards 2019: ‘I learnt a lot about how awesome emergency nurses are’

We hope our roll-call of amazing nurses will inspire you to enter, or nominate a colleague

Code Red film supports trauma teams to deal with sickest patients

A code red situation can be daunting, but a new film for emergency workers helps to prepare...


Advanced practice: which path should nurses take?

How the advanced clinical practitioner role could affect the future of nursing

Jo McConnell

Stopping sensory overload in emergency departments for people on the autism spectrum

A deputy sister in Northern Ireland has set up a hospital quiet room to help patients cope


Sepsis: how one ED has achieved a 70% rise in patients receiving life-saving treatment...

Cambridge hospital trust uses digital technology to provide faster access to sepsis care in...


Respiratory care

Is your emergency department ready to treat children this winter?

Emergency staff are being urged to ensure they are ready to provide paediatric care

Advanced clinical practitioner role offers senior nurses 'portability'...

We should not view advanced practice as stealing from the nursing workforce to fill gaps in...


What is a hospital receptionist’s duty of care?

Following a Supreme Court ruling, emergency department clerical staff may require closer...


Leading on a cardiac arrest made me confident in giving CPR

Aiding a woman after a heart attack made a student more confident in handling emergencies

On the front line with a paramedic

A day spent shadowing a paramedic showed the complex range of skills this role requires, and...


My job: training as an oil rig and off-shore medic was the best education

Urgent care practitioner Nathan Garlick now works in pre-hospital care treating 999 patients...


‘Have good judgement, but don’t be judgemental’

Miriam Kasztura works to improve outcomes for frequent attenders to the ED

60 seconds with sepsis specialist nurse Clair Sandy

Sepsis specialist nurse Clair Sandy talks about her work and her best lesson from nursing