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NMC set to overhaul public health and community nursing post-registration standards

NMC’s co-produced changes will update, modernise and streamline post-registration standards

Hospitals set up food banks and emergency loans for nurses

RCN criticises the ‘outrageous state of affairs’ and demands fair pay for staff

Almost half of last year’s new NMC registrants were trained overseas

NMC data has sparked concern over quick fixes and recruitment from red list countries

Picture shows a nurse at the bedside of an elderly patient while another nurse looks at a sepsis checklist

Sepsis guidelines revised - here's what you need to know

More time allowed for tests on some patients, helping tackle antimicrobial resistance

Poster for ‘No Excuses’ campaign against abuse that was launched earlier this year at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Body camera trial succeeds in curbing aggression against nurses

Trust makes emergency department bodycams permanent as abusive behaviour cases are halved

Nurse looks back and waves as she stands beside exit

We’re off: NMC reveals extent of exodus from register as many leavers blame pandemic

Find out reasons why nurses say they feel forced to turn their backs on their careers

Evidence and Practice

Do educational interventions improve the attitudes of emergency nurses towards patients who self-harm? A systematic review

The efficacy of educational interventions on nurses’ attitudes to patients who self-harm

Do educational interventions improve attitudes of emergency nurses to patients who self-harm?

Exploring the factors that influence trauma team activation in emergency department staff

Factors that influence trauma team activation in emergency department staff

Evaluation of the factors influencing the decision to activate the trauma team in ED staff

Acute behavioural disturbance: recognition, assessment and management

Acute behavioural disturbance: recognition, assessment and management

ABD typically affects overweight men in their mid-thirties who misuse illicit stimulants

Ensuring effective intercultural communication in the emergency department

Ensuring effective intercultural communication in the emergency department

This can be achieved by nurses developing cultural knowledge and interpersonal skills

Factors that affect nurses’ triage decisions in the emergency department: a literature review

Factors that affect nurses’ triage decisions in the emergency department

A literature review of recent studies on factors influencing ED nurses’ triage decisions

Assessing and managing people exposed to conducted energy device (Taser) discharge

Assessing and managing people exposed to conducted energy device (Taser) discharge

Role of nurses in post-Taser assessment and management in custodial and emergency settings


How to improve nurse-patient communication in the emergency department

ED nurses must be adaptable when communicating with often distressed people

What inspired me to become a nurse – and why I choose to stay

Nurses reflect on their route into the profession and what keeps them motivated

Inflammatory bowel disease: what it is and how tailored care can improve quality of life

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease can be debilitating – find out how to support patients

Nurses, healthcare assistants and other nursing professionals from across the UK who have died during the COVID-19 pandemi

COVID-19: remembering the nursing staff who have lost their lives

Colleagues and families pay tribute to nursing professionals who have died across the UK

Patient deterioration: combining skills, knowledge and gut feeling in decision-making

Experienced nurses share what they have learned about managing acutely ill patients

Apps, coaching and healthy food options at work: weight management support for nurses

Resources that can help you change how you think about food and lose weight while you sleep


Hepatitis in children: symptoms, possible causes and treatment

Children affected by the sudden onset of hepatitis are predominantly under five years old

Toxic behaviour

Toxic behaviour in the ED: why we must look after our workforce

If is vital to seek support if you witness bullying or are bullied yourself

De-escalation of acute behavioural disturbance

Acute behavioural disturbance: how to manage risk in the emergency department

Guidance on management covers de-escalation, restraint and tranquilisation


What are e-PADs and how can I get the most out of them on placement?

The pros and cons of electronic practice assessment documents, plus tips from fellow students

What to expect from a clinical placement in a prison: tips from a nursing student

How the reality of prison healthcare challenged my preconceived ideas

What to expect on an emergency department clinical placement

The ED is a dynamic setting where you can develop core skills as well as support emergency care


What does a career in the Royal Navy involve – and could it be the job for you?

This nursing path can offer travel and adventure and recruits get paid to train

What is a digital nurse specialist – and could it be your next role?

Implementing new technologies is about change management and prioritising patient safety

Band 7 here I come: how to prepare yourself to achieve promotion

Advice on making the jump from band 6, and questions you’re likely to face at interview