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A nurse in Nigeria where there have been reports of healthcare services struggling due to international recruitment of nursing staff

Calls to end ‘backdoor’ nurse recruitment deals with red-list countries

UK should ‘move towards self-sufficiency’ says International Council of Nurses CEO

Young graduates standing in front of university building on graduation day

Plan to chop six months off nursing degree sparks criticism

Making students qualify in just 30 months could mean inferior education, say critics

Close up of Steve Barclay on Sky News

Barclay rules out improved pay offer for nurses after latest talks

Despite new meeting with RCN’s Pat Cullen, health secretary sticks to previous ‘final’ offer

Nurses check paperwork together, one explaining it to the other

Don’t treat us like numbers: why covering in unfamiliar settings comes with risk

Having transferrable skills doesn’t mean we’re all interchangeable, insist nurses

Mikey Denman, Caitlin Jodrell-Bell and Nivea Solema star in the new fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary series Rookie Nurses

Rookie Nurses: your new TV series binge watch follows newly qualified nurses

The BBC fly-on-the-wall series shows the highs and the lows of daily nursing life

Photo of nurses striking outside St Thomas’ Hospital in London. A new strike is planned for 1 June.

Nurses to stage 24-hour strike at London trust over pay

Unite members to walk out at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust on 1 June

Evidence and Practice

An emergency department nurse leads a team debrief following a significant event

What should an ED team debrief involve and how do I lead one?

Emergency departments are high-pressured and debriefings can help sustain a healthy workplace

Training nurses to triage: a scoping review

Training nurses to triage: a scoping review

Lectures, simulations and workshops appear effective but a gold standard is needed to...

Health promotion in emergency care settings: investigating staff views and experiences

Health promotion in emergency care settings: investigating staff views and experiences

Staff and patients would benefit from a more structured approach to health promotion

Managing infection prevention and control in the emergency care setting: an overview for emergency nurses

Managing infection prevention and control in emergency care

Overview of epidemiological perspectives including the nurse’s role in antibiotic stewardship

Risk assessment and thromboprophylaxis in adult patients with lower-limb immobilisation

Risk assessment and thromboprophylaxis in adult patients with lower-limb immobilisation

Fictional study of a patient with an ankle fracture to explore guidance on risk assessment

Assessment and management of pelvic fractures from high-energy trauma in adults

Assessment and management of pelvic fractures from high-energy trauma in adults

Enhance your knowledge of risks associated with pelvic fractures caused by high-energy trauma


Conflict at work: 3 common flare-ups and how to resolve (or prevent) them

When ill-feeling threatens to take hold at work, use these tips to help restore harmony

Missed out on the role you wanted? How to deal with career disappointments

Viewed positively, a job rejection can help you clarify your career ambitions

Your experiences of sexism in nursing: does the profession have a problem?

Discrimination persists, whether as inequality in career progress or inappropriate comments

Why I quit nursing – and why I chose to return

Those who left but yearn to return are being welcomed back with open arms

Why nurses google their patients – and could it spell trouble?

It may aid diagnosis or settle curiosity, but trust and confidentiality are vital in care

What irritates you most about nursing? The 5 most common gripes

Your daily frustrations, from IT issues to lack of food on shift and no time for training


Tick-borne encephalitis virus: what you need to know as summer approaches

A handful of cases of this potentially fatal new infection have been detected in the UK

Does your handover room make staff – old and new – feel welcome?

Negative energy in the handover room can be demoralising for all staff members

Is ‘nurse’ title finally about to be protected in law?

A review may lead to regulation of the title, a move seen as important for patient safety


Gastroenterology: what nursing students need to know about GI conditions and care

We ask expert nurses about caring for patients with digestive conditions

Student finances, placements and well-being: coping with the pressures

Changes that could help students cope, plus how to seek help if you need it

Clinical simulation versus face-to-face learning: which is best for nursing students?

Simulated learning has sparked debate about the make-up of student placement hours


Agency nursing: what you need to know before you start out

How to choose an agency and the questions to ask before signing up

I want to work in Australia – what are my options and what do I need to do?

A practical guide to taking a nursing job down under, including the pros and cons

Ready to call it quits? How to fall back in love with nursing

Advice from those who’ve been there on how to refresh your focus and reinvigorate your career