Periods at work: why old-fashioned attitudes need to catch up with modern nursing

Lack of concessions for staff dealing with menstrual leaks and cramps must change

Workforce wake-up call: can the NHS survive the Big Quit?

After a gruelling two years amid staff shortages, UK nurses are following a global trend

Our part in a greener NHS: we’re making progress, now let’s accelerate it

Nurses see the impact of climate change on health – and we have the power to take action

Bereavement support crisis: how should we shape future services?

Even before the pandemic, provision was inadequate. Share your views on joined-up support

Red flag job ads: nursing qualifications should not be optional for nursing roles

Recruitment trend devalues our profession and underlines need to protect the title ‘nurse’

Should wards have dedicated phone areas, so patients craving sleep get peace and quiet?

Ward design, alarms, and mobile phone use all make sound sleep seem an impossible dream

Expert advice

Shift pattern changes: your rights and options, and how to get what you need

What to do if your employer proposes changes that affect your health or caring role

Holiday entitlement: how much leave you can take and when

Your annual leave rights, especially during the pandemic, and when your employer can say no

Standardised uniforms for nurses: who will wear them and when?

Uniform for NHS staff in England will have a dress option and reflect cultural diversity

Seasonal affective disorder: what it is, treatment options – and do light boxes work?

SAD’s multiple risk factors – including shift changes – may mean many nurses are at risk

Mouth care at the end of life: how to provide safe and essential interventions

Oral hygiene is a crucial part of providing dignified end of life care

Patient consent

Patient consent or assent – what’s the difference?

Advice on gaining consent, and what to do if a patient lacks capacity



Alcohol use: what to do when a coping mechanism becomes a serious problem

Don't let stigma or fear stop you from accessing the support you need


Nurses are exhausted and need incentives – ultimatums do nothing for workforce retention

Our end of life care survey shows impact on patients when nurse staffing is inadequate


Flexible working requests: is work-life balance finally within reach?

If this rule change is handled well by employers, it could herald a cultural shift in the NHS

NHS nursing staff hold RCN banners as they set out on fair pay march to Whitehall in July 2021l

NHS pay award: having to wrangle over a fair deal is the last thing nurses need now

If ministers want to boost nurse retention, a mere 3% pay award is not the way to do it


Could curtailing practice hours improve students’ experience of clinical placements?

New nursing student numbers are up but our attrition research suggests a complex picture


Mandatory vaccination for nursing staff: why conversation trumps coercion

Expert persuasion is a far better way to combat vaccine hesitancy than legal diktat

Your views

Why are so many nurses leaving the profession and what can be done to prevent it?

Pay more attention to nurse pay and well-being to ease a ‘Big Quit’ from the NHS

What effect would mandatory COVID-19 vaccination have on the nurse workforce?

Staff have a duty of care, but this step could lead to resentment and walk-outs, readers say

When Datix is deployed as a threat: how can nurses help foster a blame-free culture?

Misuse of patient safety reporting tools should be called out for the bullying it is

Man looking anxiously at phone

COVID-19 vaccine delivery: what should be done to counter abuse of nurses?

Staff can help educate those who are fearful but abuse by patients must not be tolerated

Patient deaths: is there stigma in expressing emotion in the workplace?

Death is upsetting, and sometimes it can be hard to stop feelings from bubbling up

Free parking: should it remain in place for nurses after pandemic restrictions end?

Withdrawal of free permits for council car parks disadvantages community nurses


Health Communication: Theoretical and critical perspectives

This frank and bold text sets out to dispel assumptions and fill a much-needed gap in health communication literature

Working Together in Clinical Supervision: A Guide for Supervisors and Supervisees

A useful, well-written book primarily aimed at less experienced supervisors and supervisees. It would be most suited to busy mental health professionals seeking an up-to-date and concise text to guide their clinical supervision

Book review: Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine

Retired practice development nurse Valerie McGurk reviews Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine

Pain: A Sociological Introduction

Individual stories that will resonate with those who experience pain are included in this book, which is a refreshing and easy read while tackling a wide topic in an informative way

Recovery in Mental Health Nursing

The blurb on the back cover says this book is for nurses and other professionals in mental health practice, but the contents are clearly directed towards nursing students

Positive Communication: Activities to reduce isolation and improve the wellbeing of...

Useful activities to help boost confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing in older people