Road sign post seen against a blue and cloudy sky. The sign points in opposite directions: work to the left, retirement to the right. Changes in NHS pension rules mean some nurses are choosing to return to practice, even in retirement

Nurses in retirement: some of us return to practice, we all continue to use our skills

Why older nurses are an asset to their communities – and to the NHS

Illustration showing two nursing team members in uniform standing pointing at a huge shift roster, as if discussing filling or swapping shifts

Unsocial shifts and rotas: what’s your breaking point?

Nurses are flexible but there has to be give and take if the NHS is to boost retention

A nurse stands in front of a line of other nurses, looking happy and confident. Yet nurses often downplay their role

Our professional inferiority complex: why you’re never ‘just’ a nurse

Safety-critical care is what we do, yet some of us can’t resist the urge to downplay

Car park pay machine and pay-and-display signs in a hospital car park – hospital nurses face charges and fines for parking at work

Hospital car parking: who exactly is making a profit from all those charges and fines?

Using staff as cash cows if they drive to work shows how far goodwill has fallen in the NHS

Cruel curbs on migrant care workers’ lives are at odds with British values

Rules to stop overseas staff bringing family are also risky for the care sector and NHS

Do autism health passports actually help nurses and patients in practice?

Two autistic researchers look at the pros and cons of health passports

Expert advice

Illustration of a female lead nurse talking to two female nurses who report in to her

How to be assertive in the workplace – and tips for getting the tone right

Advice on expressing yourself clearly while being respectful of patients and colleagues

Glass dishes in two rows containing food that would constitute nutritious meals nurses to sustain nurses at work. There is thyme and yoghurt dress, chicken breast, couscous, cucumber, carrot, chickpeas and boiled eggs

5 healthy meals tips: how to pack a lunchbox to look forward to on busy shifts

Time and money-saving advice on eating and drinking well while at work

Close-up image of two hands, as a nurse in uniform sits at the bedside of a dying patient in hospital, holding their hand

When a patient is dying: nurses’ role in the hours before and after death

Recognising when death is near, verifying death and providing compassionate care

A nurse in scrubs sits while taking a break, looking tired and fanning her face with her eyes closed as she struggles with symptoms of menopause during a shift

Menopause: what reasonable adjustments can I expect at work?

Most nurses will experience menopause and new guidance says employers have a duty to help

Nurse reads a vital signs monitor at patient’s bedside. This is key information when assessing level of risk for a person with sepsis

Sepsis guidance update: how do I need to change my practice?

Nurse specialist explains the importance of more targeted antibiotic use

Ramadan and how to keep energy levels up in clinical practice during a month of fasting

Tips on the best ways to minimise hunger and thirst, while making time to pray on shift


A female nurse in uniform sits at a desk at work using a computer, with the new RCNi Learning platform on screen

Making your revalidation easier: our new-look RCNi Learning platform

Bitesize modules and enhanced tools to help you meet your CPD requirements

1. A jaded-looking nurse inputs information on a work laptop late at night. Record-keeping is a common reason nurses are referred to the NMC

Record-keeping: why you need all the support you can get

It’s an essential if often stressful task, but there are resources to support you

Illustration of bullying shows two people, one is aggressive. Giant speech bubble from him weighs heavily on the back of the other person

When ‘banter’ is no laughing matter and should not be tolerated in healthcare workplaces

If a colleague’s behaviour intimidates, belittles or offends, managers must act

Nurse holds nursing journal and tablet computer to read an RCNi Learning module, which will help them fulfil their CPD requirements for revalidation

If you’re worried about your CPD hours, don’t be – we’ve got your back

Revalidation requirements can feel daunting, which is why we’re here to help


Red flags for patient safety: wave them high in the coming election year

Daily safety breaches in the NHS must be taken seriously, not waved away with empty pledges


New NHS uniforms won’t please everyone, but will they help you stand out from the crowd?

Nationally colour-coded designs have yet to win universal praise inside the profession

Your views


Fitness to practise cases: is the NMC doing enough to tackle the backlog?

We ask our readers if more money will resolve the growing FtP caseload

A nurse appears apprehensive while being questioned by a senior nurse

Can difficult personal circumstances excuse mistakes at work?

We ask our readers if factors outside of work should be considered relevant

Illustration showing healthcare staff in different uniforms, representing different professions, standing on top of piles of coins of varying heights, suggesting pay differences between professions

NHS pay: would a separate pay spine benefit nurses?

We ask our readers if a split from Agenda for Change is the best approach

Illustration of nurse sitting on the floor, leaning against a near-empty battery – a metaphor for burnout in nursing

Your mental well-being: why should struggling in your job be seen as a sign of weakness?

As nurses, we often put ourselves last, yet still ‘resilience’ is a stick to beat us with

A year on from NHS industrial action, what has changed for nurses?

After the hard-won pay deal, we ask our readers’ panel how they feel about the dispute now

Will the colourways of the new NHS uniform really help distinguish nurses’ roles?

The colour-coding designed to denote who’s who, has its critics among nurses


Health Communication: Theoretical and critical perspectives

This frank and bold text sets out to dispel assumptions and fill a much-needed gap in health communication literature

Working Together in Clinical Supervision: A Guide for Supervisors and Supervisees

A useful, well-written book primarily aimed at less experienced supervisors and supervisees. It would be most suited to busy mental health professionals seeking an up-to-date and concise text to guide their clinical supervision

Book review: Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine

Retired practice development nurse Valerie McGurk reviews Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine

Pain: A Sociological Introduction

Individual stories that will resonate with those who experience pain are included in this book, which is a refreshing and easy read while tackling a wide topic in an informative way

Recovery in Mental Health Nursing

The blurb on the back cover says this book is for nurses and other professionals in mental health practice, but the contents are clearly directed towards nursing students

Positive Communication: Activities to reduce isolation and improve the wellbeing of...

Useful activities to help boost confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing in older people