I’ve been overpaid by my employer – can I keep the money or do I have to give it back?

What you should do if you find an unexpected ‘bonus’ in your pay packet

Raising concerns: would you be reluctant to challenge a doctor?

Professional and personal barriers can get in the way of effective communication

Australia calling: the irony of the recruitment drive to lure NHS nurses

UK not only hires overseas nurses to cover shortages, but ignores the pleas of its staff

Nurse managers and leaders – how can we ensure they are synonymous?

Understanding of compassionate leadership is vital in manager roles, but not always present

Nurses are striking worldwide and their discontent is about more than simply pay

Why the past year has seen a spike in protests… but guess how grievances get resolved

Gender bias in leadership roles: how to unleash female nurses’ full potential

Women are held back from promotion by complex factors, but we may have found a solution

Expert advice

Ramadan and how to keep energy levels up in clinical practice during a month of fasting

Tips on the best ways to minimise hunger and thirst, while making time to pray on shift

NHS national uniform will soon be sewn up – so will the new scrubs make your job easier?

Workwear has been designed with staff input, and (spoiler alert) we hope you like blue

Duty of care: the legal, ethical and professional points to consider

What duty of care means for you, whether at work, off-duty or on strike

Breaks during and between shifts: what are your rights?

How to ensure you get the time out you need, even when pressures are high

Psychological first aid: what is it and can it help nurses cope with trauma or crisis?

How the strategy works, and how to access training to support yourself and others

Think before you speak: how to professionally go public with personal views

Advice on how and when nurses are safe to reveal personal or political opinions in public



NHS pay offer decision: questions to consider before you vote

With union ballots opening, have you made up your mind to accept or reject the offer?


Striking NHS nurses are sending a clear message that they’re in no mood for defeat

Behind the pithy placards is unmistakable determination to win this battle for fairer pay


Whatever you stance on striking, you deserve respect and fairness in your workplace

This is a time for nursing staff – whether striking of not– to maintain a united front


Nurses’ strike ballot: a profession left with no other option

The new government has failed to offer solutions to NHS staffing and pay crises


Should specialist nurses be asked to help cover cleaning duties on wards?

Nurses turn to social media to call out disrespectful request that undermines profession


NHS pay rise: nurses are a force to be reckoned with

Until the government values nursing there will always be recruitment and retention crises

Your views

Should the NMC focus more on students’ competence and less on placement hours?

Some worry we may ‘churn out’ unprepared nurses, others say it’s time for paid placements

Nurse managers face a tough job right now – what could they do better?

What our readers think managers often get wrong, and what could be improved

Working when you’re ill: why do so many nurses feel compelled to?

Our readers’ panel on the pressures that put staff well-being on the back burner

How can nurses support colleagues who are on the receiving end of racist abuse?

Nurses are being asked to be ‘active bystanders’ if they witness racist behaviour

Accepting gifts: is NMC’s stance unnecessarily strict?

Rule is designed to promote trust in the profession and protect nurses and patients

Is the NMC right to relax language requirements for nurses from overseas?

It will help skilled nurses to enter the UK workforce, but some have concerns about safety


Health Communication: Theoretical and critical perspectives

This frank and bold text sets out to dispel assumptions and fill a much-needed gap in health communication literature

Working Together in Clinical Supervision: A Guide for Supervisors and Supervisees

A useful, well-written book primarily aimed at less experienced supervisors and supervisees. It would be most suited to busy mental health professionals seeking an up-to-date and concise text to guide their clinical supervision

Book review: Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine

Retired practice development nurse Valerie McGurk reviews Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine

Pain: A Sociological Introduction

Individual stories that will resonate with those who experience pain are included in this book, which is a refreshing and easy read while tackling a wide topic in an informative way

Recovery in Mental Health Nursing

The blurb on the back cover says this book is for nurses and other professionals in mental health practice, but the contents are clearly directed towards nursing students

Positive Communication: Activities to reduce isolation and improve the wellbeing of...

Useful activities to help boost confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing in older people