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Is the online content free?

You can register for free on our websites and this will give you access to the latest news and revalidation information. You will need to subscribe to one of our journals to access our peer-reviewed clinical archives and CPD articles, as well as features on careers and our student resources.

Registering involves signing up to our websites with an email address. Find out more about registering here.

We have different subscription packages to suit students, newly qualified, and experienced nurses. Find out more about our subscription packages here.

I subscribe to the print edition of my journal. Can I access the journal website too?

Yes. All print subscriptions include unlimited access to your journals website and the RCNi Portfolio.

All of our journal websites are designed to work perfectly on all devices e.g. smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

I have online access as part of my subscription but can't access articles?

You must register on to access your journals articles online. Registration is free and unlocks a range of resources on your journals website. Find out more about registering here.

For any other issues with your access, please contact customer services.

I can access articles but cannot access the RCNi Portfolio?

You might be accessing RCNi content through your library, hospital or other employer. This will give you access to all journal articles but not to the portfolio. To access this product you need a personal subscription. Find out more about personal subscriptions here.

Where is my subscriber reference number?

If you are a print subscriber it will be above your address on the wrapping surrounding your journal. If you are a digital subscriber it will be on your welcome email or at the bottom of other emails from us. If you aren’t able to find it, please contact customer services.

What devices do I need to access my subscription?

You can read our website on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You can access your digital journal on any tablet, laptop or desktop.

Which browser versions are supported by products are compatible with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: 9.0 and above
  • Firefox: 42 and above
  • Chrome: 46 and above
  • Safari: 8 and above

If you can’t see the correct website, please update your browser version.

I don’t want a journal - can I subscribe solely to

You can subscribe to RCNi Learning or the RCNi Portfolio without having a journal subscription. Find out more about our subscription packages.

Why is some content not available as part of my institutional subscription?

All RCNi journal brands have journal content (published within a given issue) and supplementary content (published online only outside of the scheduled issues). The supplementary content is news and information that is pertinent to daily practice and is not available through institutional journal subscriptions. However, you can choose to register for free personally to get access to this content.

Do you call RCN members with special telephone offers for RCNi subscriptions?

Yes. As part of the Royal College of Nursing Group, we contact opted-in RCN members with exclusive offers for RCNi subscriptions. These offers give RCN members access to RCNi’s premium resources at a discounted rate to help you deliver best practice and meet the NMC’s revalidation requirements.

To help you verify that a call is genuine, we use only two dedicated telephone numbers: 0203 375 6051 and 0203 824 2827. The representative will also explain that they are calling on behalf of RCNi and will be able to confirm your RCN membership number, your name and the address registered to your membership during the call.

Your bank details held by the RCN are not shared with representatives for the purposes of these calls and as a result, you will need to set up a Direct Debit instruction if you wish to proceed with an offer. To do this, you'll need your account number and sort code and be the person required to authorise debits from the account. Our representatives will never ask for your CVC number, card expiry date or the long number along the front of your card.

You can opt-out of calls from RCNi at any time, either by notifying a representative during a call or by updating your contact preferences with the RCN.

Will the government’s change to the VAT rate on digital publications affect the cost of my personal subscription?

RCNi creates high-quality resources that require ongoing investment to ensure that they remain up to date and relevant to the nursing workforce. This change will enable us to maintain our current pricing for the foreseeable future.

None of these answers helped me.

Please contact customer services, and they will be happy to help you further with any enquiry.