Patient view

‘This special team gives so much to families dealing with self-harm and suicide’

A mum explains how the Brookside Adolescent Inpatient team gave hope to her transgender son

Nurse of the Year ‘makes you feel there is someone there for you’

A tribute to the RCN Nurse of the Year 2018, Angela Hall, by her patient the Rev Mark Bond

‘My dedicated nurses inspired me to join the profession’

Student nurse award winner recalls two nurses who cared for her as she recovered from sepsis

‘Sunflowers home from home made us feel part of a loving family’

Mel Briston describes the exceptional care given to her son at Sunflowers Care, a home from home for children with complex needs


‘I couldn’t have coped without my nurse specialist’

Chrissie Powell, a nurse who has the rare neurological condition neuromyelitis optica, says the support she receives from nurse specialist Kerry Mutch has helped her cope

Care assistant made a difficult time better for our family

Jenny Lamb says care home deputy manager Jenni Duxbury showed exceptional care and compassion throughout her grandfather’s stay


Respiratory nurse gave our family the confidence to use essential equipment

Deputy sister Lucy Pinner's compassion and expertise helped enhance the care of Margaret Gillham's mother.


Hospice nurse’s professionalism shone through when her husband became a patient

Anne Sutton was already respected greatly as manager of a specialist palliative care ward, and her standing was enhanced further when her husband became a patient, as described here by her daughter Julie.

Gentle psychiatric nurse helps me avoid stress

Maureen Robinson says nurse David Robinson allows her to relax and focus on her own health and even helps with her benefits

Respiratory nurse is always calm in a crisis

Katie Allen puts patients at ease and can take control of any situation, says patient Lehanne Sergison.

Reassuring a patient

Take the time to offer patients reassurance

Senior staff nurse Donna Cutler puts compassion into action by giving her patients time to discuss concerns, says Melissa Cuevas, pre-assessment ward and outpatient manager.

suzie matthews

Practice nurse who tended my husband’s wound impressed us

Practice nurse Suzie Matthews stayed late at work to ensure Maureen Brown’s husband received the best possible care for a painful wound.

Special needs require understanding, not restraint

Acting as a family advocate for someone with special needs can help defuse potentially...

Macmillan nurse made sure my husband was not in pain

Jim Kerton had so much to look forward to, including his wedding, but his wife Chris had to...

Advanced nurse practitioner made shock diagnosis bearable

When Martin Bailey's mother Janet was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, it was advanced...

The district nurse who helped our son die at home

RAF pilot Stephen Realf was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged just 19. His parents Peter...

My daughter’s nurse gave our family truly personalised, kind care

Lesley Chan describes the difference specialist respiratory nurse Joanna O'Toole has made to...

‘My nurse helped me believe I could recover - and that I deserved to’

Hannah is looking forward to qualifying as a nurse, and says her future looks bright thanks...