Barbara Stilwell

Let’s show the whole world what nurses can do

Nursing Now leader Barbara Stilwell wants nurses to look beyond the demands of the job

‘As a BME nurse you’ll face challenges, but don’t let them hold you back’

Angela Stewart defied the boardroom stereotypes by establishing her own thriving business

The specialist care home making placements a priority

Opening its doors to more students has helped Hilltop House enhance learning and recruitment

male in-patient lies in bed

When someone with dementia has delirium, they may well be in pain too

Assessing for delirium helps nurses spot and control patients’ unspoken pain

Using a grassroots approach to improve health in the Sikh population

A nursing lecturer is taking public health messages to the heart of the community


Sepsis resource collection

Sepsis remains a significant cause of death – it is estimated that 44,000 people die from ‘...

How to inspire and innovate at work

With persistence and the right support, every nurse can turn a good idea into better care

‘Employers can’t assume that being culturally inclusive means they’re doing okay’

It takes more than embracing diversity to improve career opportunities for BME staff

Tablet computer

New technology needs to work for nurses

Helen Goodman explains her role as a chief nursing information officer

Technology for MS patients

The life-enhancing possibilities of technology are endless for people living with MS

From managing drugs to locking doors, digital tools support independence of people with MS

Eileen Sills

As a nurse leader, you don’t have to be a hero

Dame Eileen Sills is focusing on staff well-being – including her own

Lisa Rodrigues on depression

I was depressed and anxious - and running a mental health trust

Lisa Rodrigues hopes talking about her anxiety will help leaders struggling to cope

Seamless drugs rehab offers continuity of care to offenders in prison and outside it

Nursing team’s care for people who misuse drugs extends from community to custody

Lifting the barriers to mental healthcare for older people

New resources are tackling the stigma and social issues that restrict access to care

Why the nursing associate role is dividing opinion

Will nursing associates shore up an overstretched workforce or put patient safety at risk?

Recovery after surgery: tipping accepted wisdom on its head

How the ERAS approach can help nurses promote evidence-based perioperative care

What could the UK learn from adult social care in Japan?

An ageing population and shrinking workforce forced Japan to rethink how it funds care

Two questions that ensure person-centred spiritual care

How a new tool can help nurses address spiritual needs, even in a stretched health service


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