RCNi products to support your practice, CPD and revalidation

  • RCNi Portfolio

    The RCNi Portfolio helps nurses to comply with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s requirements for revalidation.
  • RCNi Learning

    RCNi Learning is an interactive online learning resource for qualified nurses and nursing students.
  • RCNi Decision Support

    RCNi Decision Support is the UK’s only point-of-care, decision-support tool for nurses.
    • All journals

      RCNi produces 11 journals, in print and digital formats, to provide health professionals with the latest developments impacting nursing, including changes in policy, practice and research.
    • Nursing Standard

      Nursing Standard offers a range of content to support nurses in delivering excellent care. It provides authoritative coverage of the latest nursing news in addition to peer-reviewed clinical articles.
    • Cancer Nursing Practice

      Cancer Nursing Practice covers specialist topics such as cancers of the blood and breast cancer, as well as broader issues such as palliative care and oncology nursing.
    • Emergency Nurse

      Emergency Nurse is the only practice-based journal in the UK written specifically for nurses providing any aspect of emergency care.
    • Evidence-Based Nursing

      Evidence Based Nursing is a one-stop resource for the latest research across all nursing specialties. It gives readers access to hundreds of pages of original research in one handy source, with expert commentaries to draw out key findings.
    • Learning Disability Practice

      Learning Disability Practice is written for nurses who care for people with learning, or intellectual, disabilities.
    • Mental Health Practice

      Mental Health Practice provides readers with a wide range of information to develop creative and evidence-based approaches to practice.
    • Nursing Children and Young People

      Nursing Children and Young People covers evidence-based practice in child health nursing. It promotes excellence in neonatal, infant, and young people’s care.
    • Nursing Management

      Nursing Management provides trusted advice for senior managers, nurses in leadership roles and aspiring nurse leaders across all nursing disciplines.
    • Nursing Older People

      Nursing Older People is the leading specialist journal for nurses who care for older people across a range of health and social care settings.
    • Nurse Researcher

      Nurse Researcher is the only research methodology journal written specifically for nurses and healthcare staff.
    • Primary Health Care

      Primary Health Care keeps readers at the forefront of community and primary care health nursing.

We also have...

  • RCNi Nurse Awards

    We celebrate and promote nurses’ excellent work by organising the prestigious RCNi Nurse Awards.
  • RCN Bulletin Jobs

    RCN Bulletin Jobs is a one-stop resource for finding and applying for the best jobs in nursing and healthcare.
  • Revalidation

    We have a wide range of resources to support you throughout the revalidation process.
  • RCNi events


    RCNi holds and organises many popular nursing events, study days and conferences throughout the year.

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