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Recognise the strengths and challenges experienced by neurodivergent nursing students in practice
Published 15/04/2024
Choose the most appropriate initial insulin regimen according to the patient’s needs and preferences and rovide insulin education and practical resources on insulin therapy to patients
Published 05/04/2024
Identify the skills and competencies that nurses require to start a genomic conversation with patients and families.
Published 27/03/2024
Identify the factors associated with obesity in people with learning disabilitie and explain the long-term consequences of suboptimal nutrition.
Published 13/03/2024
Understand the acute care priorities for patients with blunt mechanism chest wall injury following initial assessment
Published 07/03/2024
Give examples of what problematic behaviour towards colleagues might look like and describe the exploratory process nurse managers need to undertake when investigating problematic behaviour
Published 19/01/2024
Describe some of the barriers that prevent holistic needs assessments (HNAs) being delivered to all patients as and when they need them.
Published 18/01/2024
Understand how to respond to suspected adult abuse and describe nurses’ role in safeguarding adult patients at risk of abuse.
Published 12/01/2024
Discuss different exercise types and programmes that can be suitable for older people and demonstrate the benefits of exercise to patients and family carers.
Published 02/01/2024
Identify the principles of working nurse practice that should be applied during assessment of people with co-occurring mental health issues, alcohol and drug use.
Published 27/12/2023