Kymriah treatment

Children begin pioneering therapy for aggressive blood cancer

CAR-T therapy has the potential to cure a specific form of leukaemia in young people

Early years

Cross-party MPs call for improvements to early years services

Parliamentary groups say more attention should be paid to critical first 1,001 days of life

RCN plaque

RCN council elections: college announces winning candidates

Twelve positions around the UK were contested

aerial view of OUH

‘We’ll get this’ – trust’s promise to EU nurses facing a bill after Brexit

What Oxford University Hospitals is prepared to do to keep its EU staff

Doctor inserting IV line

Doctors’ use of phrase ‘acting down’ offends nurses

Medical staff in survey were describing when they undertook nursing tasks

Ruth May

Ruth May is named chief nursing officer for England

She will take her place on the newly formed NHS Executive Group

Evidence and Practice

Stef Sanjati

A-Z of syndromes: Waardenburg syndrome

Waardenburg syndrome is a genetic disorder that gives people a distinctive appearance

Pain assessment in paediatric intensive care

Pain assessment in paediatric intensive care: the Italian COMFORT behaviour scale

Background Assessment of pain in paediatric intensive care units (PICUs) is crucial to...

Indications for chest X-rays in children

Indications for chest X-rays in children and how to obtain and interpret them

Chest X-ray (CXR) is one of the most common radiological investigations undertaken in...

Complementary feeding

An update on complementary feeding

Complementary feeding is an important developmental milestone in children and occurs at a...

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI)

Reflection on the assessment and care of a child with osteogenesis imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a rare genetic condition that causes bones to become brittle...

A-Z of syndromes: Usher syndrome

Understanding Usher syndrome which is found in approximately 10,000 people in the UK


Al Aynsley-Green

Sir Al Aynsley Green: ‘Why do we have such appalling outcomes for children?’

Sir Aynsley-Green hopes his new book will highlight issues about children’s health and rights

Unpacking a rucksack of worries with the school nurse

With rising numbers of 13-14 year olds being referred to child and adolescent mental health...

From graduation to revalidation: my first three years as a nurse

Lauren Philpott’s new book reveals the highs and lows of starting out in nursing

RCN chair: Adamant nurses must use their voice

RCN chair Maria Trewern is full of hope for the profession – and wants to give members more...

Woman drinking alcohol while talking to small child

School nurses and health visitors key in identifying children at risk from parental...

A parliamentary report covering the health effects on children of parental alcohol misuse...


Out of my comfort zone: supporting a boy whose mother was dying

How children’s nurse Michelle McKay's training helped her offer reassurance and support...


The dilemma of continuing treatment for children who cannot benefit from it

Children's nurses need to develop resilience to deal with difficult ethical issues


Health literacy: laying foundations in the early years

Health visitors and school nurses can help children to develop the ability to self-care


Could overseas communication improve cultural differences in healthcare?

Hearing about nursing practice from students who have travelled abroad has left Chris Steele...

Race to the finishing line is on

Third year nursing student, Chris Steele discusses his hopes and fears for final year

Blurred silhouettes of faces

Nursing students and mental health issues: who takes care of us?

The pressures on nursing students can have tragic effects. A campaign is seeking to provide...


'Seek a mentor and don't be afraid to ask for feedback'...

GOSH chief nurse discusses why the NHS is something to safeguard and cherish

Scholarship led to national roll out of an innovative communication tool for young...

Joanna Poole on why a Florence Nightingale Emerging Leaders Scholarship improved...

Can acupuncture help to reduce anxiety in children and young people?

Considering the implications of studies into neonatal, child and adolescent health