Exclusive: Overcoming the barriers to hospital discharge for children with complex needs

More children are remaining in hospital because patients are not supported properly

Biosensor device

New three-minute sepsis detection test ‘could save thousands of lives’

Experts hope low-cost biomarker test will be available in the NHS in three to five years


Create robust post-trauma and mental health support for staff, report advises

Health Education England commission recommends 33 improvements

Child care

How the NHS hopes to improve children’s care by investing in the community

NHS Long Term Plan looks to bring key staff together in primary care networks

woman lags behind men in race

Gender pay gap: male nurses disproportionately represented in profession’s top jobs

Men reach higher Agenda for Change pay grades faster than women – London South Bank study

Multidisciplinary team illustration

End of life: new standards promise measurable care improvements in the community

Nurses in participating general practices will be adopting the Daffodil Standards

Evidence and Practice

Predictors of uncertainty in parents of children living with chronic conditions

Predictors of uncertainty in parents of children living with chronic conditions

Background Uncertainty in illness implies no meaning has been attributed to an illness event...

Development and evaluation of play specialist documentation in a New Zealand hospital

Development and evaluation of play specialist documentation in a New Zealand hospital

Background Play specialists work closely with doctors and nurses to improve outcomes and the...

A-Z of syndromes: X-linked ichthyosis

An insight into this genetic disorder occurring in 1 in 6,000 infant males


Preparing young people with complex needs and their families for transition to adult...

Improving survival rates for children and young people with complex health needs requires a...


Diagnosing and managing migraine in children and young people

This article gives an overview of migraine in children. It outlines the epidemiology of the...

Communication skills: placement reflections of a children’s nursing student

Communication skills: placement reflections of a children’s nursing student

Reflection is a natural human activity. It is important for nursing students during practice...



Robots help children in hospital be part of school/other activities

New devices could help prevent children from becoming lonely when isolated from other people

Willow Cracknell & Tia Ball

Children’s hospital makes pioneering move by introducing Duke of Edinburgh award scheme

Young people with kidney problems learn useful skills by taking up the scheme

Tackling the growing problem of air pollution and children’s health

Researchers, including nurses, will monitor the effects of low emission initiatives

Trudy Ward & team

Child health nursing: how to gain recognition for your improvements to patient care

We hope our roll-call of amazing nurses will inspire you to enter the RCNi awards

Al Aynsley-Green

Sir Al Aynsley Green: ‘Why do we have such appalling outcomes for children?’

Sir Aynsley-Green hopes his new book will highlight issues about children’s health and rights

Unpacking a rucksack of worries with the school nurse

With rising numbers of 13-14 year olds being referred to child and adolescent mental health...


More Christmas

Have a happy and stress-free Christmas and New Year

It has been a difficult year for nurses, but there are some bright spots on the horizon


Book review: Clinical Pocket Reference: Nursing Care of Children and Young People

Nurse adviser Doreen Crawford reviews Nursing Care of Children and Young People

Childhood obesity

Book review: Childhood Obesity: Causes, Consequences, and Intervention Approaches

Community nursing reference guide on nutrition and childhood obesity



How to hit the target when you apply for a job

Selling yourself in job applications is not as daunting as you may think


All nurse training should cover communication with children who have learning...

Bespoke training could benefit students and children with learning disabilities

Could overseas communication improve cultural differences in healthcare?

Hearing about nursing practice from students who have travelled abroad has left Chris Steele...



How well equipped are children's nurses to deal with mental health conditions?

Literature review examines experiences of children's nurses and the impact training can...


Exploring new methods of adherence assessment for asthma care

Study looks at using an electronic monitoring device to measure adherence to treatment in...


Recognising the barriers to physical activity for children with disabilities

Research highlights the barriers to exercise for young people with disabilities