Make child health promotion in the community a global priority – ICN president

Community-based child health promotion is a sound investment

Two nurses sentenced for defrauding NHS

Two nurses have been sentenced after admitting defrauding the NHS in separate incidents

MP voices concern for CPD cuts in bid to improve staff retention

Department of health and social care to look at recommendations addressing CPD cuts

Rules eased on overseas nurses retaking exam

Overseas nurses will only have to retake the part of a competency exam they fail

Sterling notes

Pay rise for staff on Agenda for Change contracts outside NHS

NHS pay deal to be extended to nurses employed by arm’s-length providers


Brexit white paper vague on immigration restrictions EU nurses may face, says RCN

Paper says future plan ‘would end free movement, taking back control of the UK’s borders’

Evidence and Practice

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Parents’ views on preparation to care for extremely premature infants at home

Parents’ views on preparation to care for extremely premature infants at home

Aim To gain insight into the post-discharge experiences of parents in relation to the...

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Youth forum

Work of the NHS England Youth Forum and its effect on health services

Aim To examine the role of members of the NHS England Youth Forum (NHSEYF) and the...


An exploratory study investigating perceptions, opinions and experiences of...

Aim To explore perceptions, opinions and experiences of safeguarding education within pre-...


Principles of suctioning in infants, children and young people

Suctioning to clear airway secretions is an important part of the nursing care for children...

nursing students

A multisite evaluation of readiness to transition to newly qualified nurse in a cohort...

Background The post-qualifying and preceptorship period in nursing has been well-researched...

A baby's face with port wine birthmarks on it.

A-Z of syndromes: Sturge-Weber syndrome

Insight into this rare neurological condition which causes port wine skin lesions and can be...


Helping displaced Rohingya children in a refugee camp

Children’s nurse Becky Platt spent three weeks working as part of an emergency medical team...

From graduation to revalidation: my first three years as a nurse

Lauren Philpott’s new book reveals the highs and lows of starting out in nursing

RCN chair: Adamant nurses must use their voice

RCN chair Maria Trewern is full of hope for the profession – and wants to give members more...

Woman drinking alcohol while talking to small child

School nurses and health visitors key in identifying children at risk from parental...

A parliamentary report covering the health effects on children of parental alcohol misuse...

Hand hygiene needn’t mean sore skin

A new guide from the RCN shows how to combine hand hygiene with skin care


Lessons from team who won more nursing for special schools

Work of team who showed value of nursing in special schools holds lessons for others

Victoria Gillick

Victoria Gillick, consent and the rights of the child

A court case more than three decades ago helped to define the rights of children under 16 to...

Are the needs of children and young people being overlooked in major NHS policy...

Nursing associates, PJ paralysis and stranded patients, Annette Dearmun looks at the...


Christopher Steele

Missing: where have all the male nursing students gone?

Fewer men are applying to nursing courses and we need to do more to attract them into the...


Starting out: Butterflies on the first day

Newly qualified nurses can feel a sense of pride that they have joined the profession.

What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to...


childrens_respiratory_and eczema_nurses

Better care for children with atopic conditions

A nurse-led team in Wales is improving the care of children with asthma, eczema and allergies

An exploratory study of the experiences of children and young people with an...

Being held still and not being informed about why a procedure was being carried out are some...


Adele Watkins: ‘There is no health without mental health’

Clinical nurse specialist for children and young people in crisis Adele Watkins was...

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