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Why are so many nurses leaving the profession and what can be done to prevent it?

Pay more attention to nurse pay and well-being to ease a ‘Big Quit’ from the NHS

When Datix is deployed as a threat: how can nurses help foster a blame-free culture?

Misuse of patient safety reporting tools should be called out for the bullying it is

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Staff have a duty of care, but this step could lead to resentment and walk-outs, readers say

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COVID-19 vaccine delivery: what should be done to counter abuse of nurses?

Staff can help educate those who are fearful but abuse by patients must not be tolerated

Patient deaths: is there stigma in expressing emotion in the workplace?

Death is upsetting, and sometimes it can be hard to stop feelings from bubbling up

Free parking: should it remain in place for nurses after pandemic restrictions end?

Withdrawal of free permits for council car parks disadvantages community nurses

Flexible working: would better options help nurses recover from the pandemic?

Improving work-life balance could help boost well-being and even retain nurses, readers say

Is a national, standardised nursing uniform a good idea?

The NHS in England is consulting nurses on their views – and what style would work best

What should nurse employers be doing to tackle racist abuse towards staff?

A more proactive, zero tolerance stance against racism is needed, say readers

How can nurses help allay fears about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccine hesitancy and the spread of misinformation can be barriers to vaccine uptake

Should nursing students be paid for clinical placements beyond COVID-19?

The competing demands of making ends meet and keeping learning distinct from work

Nurses’ wish-list: what is the number one priority for the profession in 2021?

As COVID-19 pandemic continues, better pay and safe staffing have never been more important

Should the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory for front-line healthcare staff?

Vaccine trials are showing positive results, and nursing staff will be given priority access

COVID-19: is enough being done to support nurses’ mental health?

As the second wave of the pandemic intensifies, many healthcare staff are already exhausted

Violence against nurses: will harsher sentences for assaults on emergency workers help?

In 2021, the maximum penalty in England and Wales will double to two years in prison

Readers’ panel: How prepared is the NHS for a second wave of COVID-19?

Nurses know more now about caring for patients with COVID-19, but they’re exhausted

Readers’ panel: will a pay rise be enough to stop nurses leaving the profession?

A broad boost in pay does not apply to nurses, yet many say they may quit over poor pay

Readers’ panel: should suspensions have been lifted for some nurses amid the pandemic?

The NMC removed the fitness to practise sanctions to boost the front-line workforce