Illustration showing two nurses in uniform sheltering under a double umbrella, as arrows rain down on them, suggesting the nurses are under attack

Advanced nursing practice: is it under attack and why?

The role is often misunderstood – as highlighted in the debate over physician associates

Five arms out-stretched from all sides into centre of the frame. Each hand holds a cog that fit together to illustrate teamwork in nursing

Teamwork: how it can boost your confidence, reduce errors, and make you a better nurse

Positive culture and leadership helps you and your colleagues strive for a shared purpose

A nurse sitting at a table and making notes while using a calculator that is on top of a pile of documents, as if checking a payslip

Common payroll issues: how to keep track and resolve errors

Pay can fluctuate and it is important to report discrepancies – including overpayments

Some £1 coins spread on a document with the word pension printed under the heading payments

What every nurse in the NHS needs to know about the pension scheme overhaul

How you might be affected – plus a warning to anyone thinking of opting out

A nurse holding a clipboard makes notes while in the background a patient lies in a hospital bed

The (quiet) steps you can take to help inpatients get a good night’s sleep

Find out about measures that minimise disturbance at night – but don’t mean extra workload

Image of four students turning their backs on a beckoning figure standing at a doorway labelled ‘Nursing Careers’

Why are students turning away from nursing courses?

Promises of a rewarding career fail to halt a decline in applicants for nursing courses

A nurse’s hand holding and offering a white envelope containing a letter of resignation

How to encourage nurses to rethink resigning

From flexible working options to stay conversations, how line managers can retain nurses

Three nursing colleagues sit together in a debrief session, which can be effective in managing workplace trauma

Trauma at work: do you get the help you need to recover from distressing incidents?

With nurses at heightened risk of PTSD, team support and trauma management are essential

Illustration shows person putting their fingers in their ears to show how the NHS is said to be in denial about racism

Racism in the NHS: how to get through to an organisation in denial

Why is it so hard for nurses to talk openly about racial prejudice at work?

Image showing a close-up of a person's hand holding £20 notes, suggesting nurses' pay rise

What will the nurse pay offer for 2024-25 look like?

We look at when the process will get started – and whether further strike action is likely

Montage shows nurses Jimmy Cooper, Celia Manson and Barbara Craven, who have all chosen not to retire fully

Carry on nursing: older nurses explain why they have no time for retirement

Hear from four nurses who love practice too much to give it up

Illustration showing a nurse holding a laptop computer while doing the splits, with feet resting on two stools – suggesting one foot in work mode, one in home mode in a flexible working system

How to make flexible working work for you and your team

It is supported in policy, but can be tricky to arrange – tips for making it a reality

Asbestos risk for nurses: why this is not a ‘danger of the past’

Most NHS estate buildings contain asbestos, but little is done to warn staff of their risk

Delayed discharge: steps you can take to support patients and help get them home

How ‘discharge to assess’ systems and early planning can cut delays

What is the National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) and why is it important?

NEWS2 has created a common language so nurses can act quickly to help deteriorating patients

CQC inspections demystified: how they work and nurses’ and managers’ roles

What a Care Quality Commission visit will cover, and the support available for staff

Valuing nurses: do you feel recognised at work?

Steps nursing managers and leaders can take to ensure their staff feel seen and heard

Shift work and nurse well-being: how to combat the health risks

Tips on sleep routines and the breaks you need to cope on nights and long shifts