My job

woman uses home dialysis machine

Seeing the independence that home dialysis gives patients makes our job worthwhile

A renal nurse explains the challenges and rewards of running a home haemodialysis service

Zoe Butler

We should be building people up, not knocking them down

Zoe Butler explains how she is using her role as a university lecturer to inspire students

As a manager, I’m still a nurse first and foremost

Chief executive Katie Fisher took a role outside the NHS ‘where I could make a difference’

Laura Carter-Penman

60 seconds with lead fertility nurse Laura Carter-Penman

The joys of balancing a leadership role with hands-on care

Lorraine O'Leary

60 seconds with oncology clinical nurse specialist Lorraine O’Leary

‘Every day I see how patients in cancer centres benefit from having a CNS’

60 seconds with surgical nurse practitioner Arniel Bautista Hernando

What I’ve learned in a career that has spanned London, Wales and the Philippines

60 seconds with Macmillan director of nursing Barry Quinn

Barry Quinn talks about his career in cancer and palliative care and the lessons learned

60 seconds with sepsis specialist nurse Clair Sandy

Sepsis specialist nurse Clair Sandy talks about her work and her best lesson from nursing

Katie Baxter

60 seconds with nursing lecturer Katie Baxter

'Nursing can be hard, but the life skills and satisfaction you get back are priceless,' says...

Michele Lawrence

60 seconds with Public Health England nurse consultant Michele Lawrence

'Public health action in response to an outbreak has to be timely,' says Public Health...

Nutmeg Hallett

60 seconds with mental health nursing lecturer Nutmeg Hallett

Teaching students how to prevent violence and abuse in healthcare settings is rewarding

60 seconds with advanced nurse practitioner Emma Masters

Emma Masters’ patients are young people undergoing cancer treatment

Learning to live with diabetes: nurses who show the way

Nurses are pivotal to management of diabetes, guiding patients on how to control it

60 seconds with haematology specialist nurse Nasser Roheemun 

Nursing has taught me to embrace every challenge – you never know where it will lead

60 Seconds with infection prevention nurse Martin Peache

Acting matron for IPC Martin Peache talks about priorities, career experiences and nursing’s...

60 seconds with custody nurse Robyn Connelly 

The challenges of examining people detained in the court system

60 seconds with pain management nurse specialist Jenny Wright

Jenny Wright, a clinical nurse specialist in pain management, talks about the challenges of...

60 seconds with asthma nurse specialist Caroline Fredericks 

About 5.4 million people in the UK are affected by asthma. Caroline Fredericks, an asthma...