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Andrea Sutcliffe

Adult social care nursing: NMC chief champions ‘disregarded and undermined’ staff

Andrea Sutcliffe says they display a high level of knowledge, skills and competence

Picture shows a young woman wearing a hijab looking worried. A study shows women from ethnic minority backgrounds living in England are more likely to be embarrassed to go to their GP with potential cancer symptoms than white women.

Ethnic minority women too shy to talk to GP about cancer

Women from ethnic minorities more likely than white women to not want to discuss symptoms

Illustration entitled 'menopause', showing a female nurse

Menopause guidance challenges misconceptions about mood and depression

Advice for nurses highlights how common menopause-related symptoms may be misdiagnosed

Picture shows men sitting in a row of chairs receiving free blood tests to check their PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels to screen for prostate cancer. More than 2,000 men received the test in a weekend event run by a volunteer group in Reading.

Thousands queue for free prostate cancer check

More than 2,000 men had a free PSA test in an event run by volunteers

Two of the Nike shoes for nurses

Nike launches a range of shoes to support nurses during long shifts

Testing by healthcare staff informed the design of their ‘fit, cushioning and traction’

The Welsh Labour party political broadcast featured an actor dressed as a nurse

Welsh Labour withdraws political broadcast that features an actor playing a nurse

Parties must clarify use of actors if the audience could be ‘misled’ by their appearance

Evidence and Practice

Measles: the role of health protection teams and primary care

Why you should read this article • To gain knowledge of the prevalence and epidemiology of...

Death: a social disadvantage? How one hospice is addressing inequality at end of life

Death: a social disadvantage? How one hospice is addressing inequality at end of life

How a small independent hospice developed an equalities steering committee for the community

Brief health promotion in urgent care centres: a qualitative study of patients’ and nurse practitioners’ attitudes

Brief health promotion in urgent care centres: a qualitative study

Patients’ and nurse practitioners’ attitudes to brief health promotion

‘Why did I not I say something at the time?’ A reflective account of a public incident

A reflection on an incident observed while commuting relating to the issue of data protection

Family members’ and carers’ perceptions of palliative care provided by district nurses

Family members’ and carers’ perceptions of palliative care provided by district nurses

This literature review identifies the challenges of delivering consistent palliative care

Computer artwork depicts an MRI brain scan revealing the effects of a stroke, showing a blood clot. Upper limb impairment, which occurs in a majority of strokes and requires rehabilitation, is reviewed in three research papers.

Upper limb rehabilitation following a stroke

Rehabilitation for upper limb impairment, which occurs in a majority of strokes, is reviewed


Image shows a general practice nurse with a patient

General practice nursing: a specialism in need of a higher profile and more recruits

Three years on from a QNI survey, have general practice nurses' concerns been addressed?

Is the role nursing plays outside of hospitals finally being recognised? Picture: Science Photo Library

District nursing’s survival is vital to a modern healthcare system

The value of nursing in the community is starting to be recognised. But is it too late?

man and woman snuggle on sofa, smiling and drinking wine

NHS over-40s health check: how nurses can make it bigger and better

It was never just for the worried well, but now a major revamp will extend its reach

Picture of members of a nurse-led digital health service who use a video link to triage older people in care and nursing homes, avoiding unnecessary admissions to the emergency department.

Nurses use video link to keep older people out of hospital

Link enables nurses to triage people in care and nursing homes, reducing hospital admissions


Help older patients by tackling overprescribing

Polypharmacy puts many older people at risk of serious side effects

Medicine prescribed by a primary health care nurse

Preparing guidance for community and primary care non-medical prescribers

How a Wessex healthcare forum got together to provide support for nurse prescribers


Stop blaming nurses for malnutrition in older people

Focus instead on the widespread myths in the community about healthy eating

Picture shows a woman talking to a counsellor about anxiety and depression. A five-year initiative by the WHO seeks to ensure access to high quality and affordable mental health care for an additional 100 million people in 12 countries.

WHO’s $60 million mental health initiative should not ignore nursing

Nurses are strangely absent from the World Health Organization’s five-year mental health plan

Illustration depicts shapes of human heads with multiple thought bubbles above them.  In this article Primary Care Network clinical director Julie Hoskin reflects on the sharp learning curve of her first 100 days in post.

A clinical director's learning curve

Primary Care Network clinical director Julie Hoskin reflects on her first 100 days in post


community nurse with a patient

It’s just not true that your first job must be in an acute hospital – and here’s why

QNI's Crystal Oldman on why the community is the perfect place to start your nursing career

What a placement on a remote island taught me about truly person-centred care

Working in this environment means really getting to know your patients, says Elizabeth Spence

Refugee camp made me thankful for NHS

A nursing student describes volunteering at a refugee camp and reflects on what she learned


illustration show figure behind three masks graded by size

Imposter syndrome: don’t be too hard on yourself when you transition to a new role

Career transition can be uncomfortable, so be realistic about what you expect of yourself

Pregnant women at a parent support group

Experiences of pregnant women with fetal diagnosis of congenital heart disease

Parent support groups have an important role for women with fetal abnormalities

Samantha Hayman

Why community nursing is not just for older nurses

Newly qualified nurses can gain clinical skills and confidence outside the hospital setting