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Is the delay on nurses’ pay part of a government game plan?

RCN brands government failure to submit its evidence on next year’s pay ‘disgusting’

Neonatal unit nurse Lucy Letby, smiling

Lucy Letby: ‘nurse injected air into baby’s stomach in third attempt to kill her’

Prosecution alleges neonatal nurse would go on finally to kill infant in a matter of days

A petition signed by 100,000 members of the public, nursing staff and patients is delivered to 10 Downing Street

Nurses deliver petition to Downing Street demanding better pay

Petition with more than 100,000 signatures urges Rishi Sunak to address NHS workforce crisis

Strikers at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital in January

‘Sacking nurses bill’ moves a step closer to becoming law

MPs approve anti-strike bill that could see nurses and other key workers facing the sack

Woman works at laptop from kitchen table

You’re needed in the office: trust gives nurses notice default home-working will end

Nurse fears work-life balance will suffer, although right to request flexibility remains

Calls to cut ‘exorbitant’ immigration fees to keep overseas nurses

Thousands of people sign petition urging government to reduce indefinite leave to remain fees

Evidence and Practice

Participating in research: the experience of a community nursing team

Participating in research: the experience of a community nursing team

The benefits and challenges of participating in research as a nurse working in the community

Infant feeding issues related to gastrointestinal conditions: assessment and management

Infant feeding issues related to gastrointestinal conditions: assessment and management

Developing positive relationships with parents and working in partnership with them

Culturally competent end of life care in district nursing

Culturally competent end of life care in district nursing

Exploring cultural competence in end of life care by district nurses to people at home

Managing type 1 diabetes in school children: knowledge and attitudes of primary school teachers in Greece

Managing type 1 diabetes in school children

Exploring perceptions and attitudes towards the management of type 1 diabetes in schools

Alternatives to opioids for managing chronic pain: a patient education programme in the US

Alternatives to opioids for managing chronic pain

How a US-based pilot project supported patients to manage their pain and reduce opiods use

Exploring how preceptorship could improve the experiences of newly registered nurses transitioning into primary care

How preceptorship could improve the experience of transitioning into primary care

Newly registered nurses can experience transition shock while adapting to changes


When your patient may have committed a crime: how to provide non-judgemental care

Any nurse may have contact with patients accused or convicted of an offence

Morale boost: leadership tips for supporting teams under pressure

How to help staff feel appreciated and heard amid unprecedented challenges

What to do if your boss has their ‘pet’ people

Favouritism is too often a feature of nursing teams – but here’s how you can change that

How to find your voice and make it heard so you can stand out from the crowd

Finding your professional voice can help you forge your ideal career path

Hostile patients: how to deal with aggression, verbal attacks and other forms of abuse

Advice on steps to take, de-escalation tips and why incidents should never be normalised

Young onset dementia: how to spot it, and the symptoms you might not expect

Providing support for patients and their families, who crave tailored, age-appropriate care


High blood pressure risk in black communities: how to reduce health inequality

Black people are at disproportionate risk of hypertension, but tailored care changes that

Why were nurses snubbed at Rishi Sunak’s summit on NHS pressures?

The complexity of nursing cannot be known without their voices in the room

‘Just in-case’ medicines at the end of life: how we can optimise their use

Anticipatory drugs can be a source of distress, but explaining their role may reassure


Social prescribing: what is it and how can nursing students get involved?

Using activities such as art, gardening and sport to boost mental and physical well-being

Student leadership: how can I become one of the #150Leaders?

The #150Leaders programme is helping to build the nurse leaders of tomorrow

Enquiry-based learning: what is it and why does the Open University think it is so good?

Student-centred scenario-based sessions in small groups provide interactive deep learning


Expedition nursing: an opportunity for thrill seekers to work while travelling

Job combines work with adventurous treks, sports trips or TV location shoots

Virtual wards: what are they and what do they mean for different nursing roles?

Services combine remote, hands-on and holistic nursing care – with new roles to match

Are you a super-helper? How to ditch the guilt and avoid burnout

Super-helpers won’t say no to helping people even when it affects their well-being