Nurse recruitment

Survey highlights nurse recruitment crisis in Scotland’s care homes

Respondents say NHS is attracting more staff due to better pay and conditions

Assessing patients for intermittent self-catheterisation

Study looked at types of catheter available for intermittent use

NHS strategy targets diversity at senior manager level

Action plan says organisations should set targets for BME representation in leadership roles

Scottish parliament

Nursing and workforce spending to go up in Scotland

Scottish Government announces budget increase – but warns of challenges to come

Study aims to tell ‘real story of nursing’

Research will cover gender, working conditions and what attracts people to nursing

RCN plaque

RCN council elections: college announces winning candidates

Twelve positions around the UK were contested

Evidence and Practice

Diabetes self-management

Three articles investigate strategies to support the self-management of diabetes

Increasing use of long-acting contraception in primary care

Increasing use of long-acting contraception in primary care

Long-acting, reversible contraception is a safe and effective way to control fertility,...

Digital by choice: becoming part of a digitally ready general practice team

Digital by choice: becoming part of a digitally ready general practice team

Practice nurses from a sustainability and transformation partnership area participated in...

Collaborative working

Collaborative working to promote the use of an early warning scoring system in the...

The National Patient Safety Agency’s (NPSA) National Reporting and Learning System (2007)...

A qualitative study of primary healthcare professionals’ views of falls prevention

A qualitative study of primary healthcare professionals’ views of falls prevention

Falls in older people are a major cause of hospital admissions. Primary healthcare...

Supporting carers as individuals to improve quality of life

Three recent studies observe the support given to carers


Angela Hall

Outstanding nurses whose compassion and innovation won recognition

We hope our roll-call of amazing nurses will inspire you to nominate yourself or a colleague...

Stemming the tide of violence towards NHS staff

With the 'threat of violence a daily reality', measures are being taken by government to...

Ground breaking nurse Jane Chiodini's five top travel health tips...

Essential travel health advice: what nurses need to know from the new dean of the faculty of...

Flu jabs for asthma patients: 6 tips that can help save lives

How to explain the benefits of vaccination in reducing asthma attack risks

Julia Haynes with a parent and child

Empowering health visitors and child clinics to get babies moving

An initiative to promote babies’ movement is showing strong developmental outcomes

Coordinating care: whose responsibility is it?

What do residents want from health and social care providers?


Unlock the professional benefits of Twitter

The online network can help nurses explain what they do, share ideas and keep up-to-date

A nurse talking to a patient in an office

Placements are a vital piece of the general practice staffing puzzle

A practice nurse prescriber says student placements help build the workforce of the future

Helping bring integrated care teams to life: Bill’s story

Jane Holmes on delivering seamless care through integrated care teams


What a placement on a remote island taught me about truly person-centred care

Working in this environment means really getting to know your patients, says Elizabeth Spence

Refugee camp made me thankful for NHS

A nursing student describes volunteering at a refugee camp and reflects on what she learned

What to expect from a placement in police custody

A police custody suite offers many opportunities to learn about person-centred care


Creating a fast track into practice nursing

A training course aims to provide everything needed for a career as a practice nurse

My Job: 'Visiting people in their homes can make a real difference'...

Community matron Paula Boyer discusses the constraints lone working nurses face

'Good assessment skills are crucial to nursing'...

Identify weaknesses in your practice, and develop them says nurse manager Helen Phelan