Primary Health Care


Zeba Arif

Sexual harassment of nurses is too often ‘brushed aside as a misunderstanding’

Congress wants employers to provide more protection for staff

Demands to show ‘resilience’ put greater pressure on nurses, congress told

Nurses struggling to cope in stressful workplaces are pressured by demands to show resilience

Congress demands mandatory sepsis training

RCN members back call for mandatory sepsis training after hearing survivor’s account

Leonore Newson

Multitude of nursing uniforms causing confusion in England

Congress discusses whether a national uniform should be introduced


Substance misuse: ‘Doctors have a support service and so should nurses’

Congress hears of initiative to offer psychological help for nursing staff

Kevin Crimmons, RCN Congress 2019. Picture: John Houlihan

Bullying in the NHS: ‘Nurses must take collective responsibility to help tackle problem’

RCN congress hears nurses’ own accounts of workplace harassment

Evidence and Practice

Pre-registration nurse placements in general practice: the picture so far

Pre-registration nurse placements in general practice: the picture so far

A scoping review of ten years of literature examined pre-registration nurse placements

Continuing professional development: lymphoma in primary care

Continuing professional development: lymphoma in primary care

Lymphoma encompasses a heterogeneous group of haematological malignancies that require...

Continuity of care for adults living in the community who have been diagnosed with congenital heart disease

Continuity of care for adults living in the community who have been diagnosed with...

There is a need for continuity of care for adults diagnosed with congenital heart disease (...

Young carers

Assessing the needs of young carers and young adult carers in a south west London...

A knowledge gap was identified in the Kingston Carers’ 2016 Joint Strategic Needs Assessment...

Social prescribing offers options and support

Three studies examine how social prescribing promotes a health and social care partnership

Care of children dependent on long-term ventilation

Three studies examine the rise in long-term ventilation to support respiratory function


How to avoid the pitfalls when a patient needs the help of an interpreter

Why language and communication should not be barriers to a patient receiving quality care

Why the skills of assistant practitioners and nursing associates could bridge the gap

Assistant practitioners and nursing associates can help relieve pressure on busy nurses

Why nursing in remote communities can be such a rewarding challenge

Four Queen's Nurses working in Scotland provide an insight into their different roles

Cautions against catheters

Nurses should constantly review the need to continue with catheters, says updated guidance

How in house staff development can grow your own district nurses

A trust has devised a range of courses to develop the skills of all its nursing workforce

Student nurse in general practice

The network for general practice nurses of the future

How student ambassadors are helping to promote the specialty as a first-choice career


Why do patients not want to see the 'nurse' practitioner?

A stereotyped view of nurses persists, and the profession needs to tackle misconceptions

Asthma and COPD: inhaler and spacer rescue packs could be a game-changer

Comments are sought on issuing rescue packs to those at risk due to these conditions

Public health nurses face being denied NHS pay rises

A funding complication could result in some public health nurses leaving


community nurse with a patient

It’s just not true that your first job must be in an acute hospital – and here’s why

QNI's Crystal Oldman on why the community is the perfect place to start your nursing career

What a placement on a remote island taught me about truly person-centred care

Working in this environment means really getting to know your patients, says Elizabeth Spence

Refugee camp made me thankful for NHS

A nursing student describes volunteering at a refugee camp and reflects on what she learned


Sue Smith

Charity abseil is my way to face my fears – and honour the NHS

Former health visitor Sue Smith is taking on a daring challenge to mark a career milestone

Rebecca Mounch with a patient

I’m so glad I moved into practice nursing after having my children

Working in general practice offers scope for progression, but work-life balance too

Care home support nurse

Primary care nurses must adapt ways of working due to an increase in frail older patients