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A general practice nurse holding her notes talks to a woman and child

General practice nurses: get the lowdown on pay and pensions

How to boost pay, terms and conditions by knowing your worth and negotiating

Chief nursing officer for England Ruth May, who has announced her retirement

What next – and who next – for nursing?

As England’s CNO prepares to step down, what should her successor’s priorities be?

Illustration of steps showing different pay bands as nurse steps down onto band 5 step

Nurses forced into lower pay bands after requesting flexible hours

RCN chief brands practice ‘shameful’ and vows to get college’s lawyers to review issue

Striking nurses in Plymouth, Devon, in May 2023

NHS employers reject suggested separate pay spine for nurses

RCN’s proposed nursing pay scale would harm morale, employers tell government consultation

Older woman stands facing younger woman, possibly her daughter who has a supportive hand on her shoulder. Carer's leave is now a right, which will support the nurse workforce

Your employment rights: changes to carer’s leave, pregnancy rules and flexible working

Time off to support dependants becomes a legal right and redundancy protection is extended

Photo of nursing students in a lecture, illustrating story about declining student numbers

Nursing student numbers: degree places ‘getting harder to fill’

University says it cannot meet national targets and had to scrap mental health intake

Evidence and Practice

Initiating insulin therapy in adults with type 2 diabetes: a practical guide

Initiating insulin therapy in adults with type 2 diabetes: a practical guide

Tips on how to select an appropriate regimen, overcome resistance and minimise side effects

Open access
Cultural and psychological factors inhibiting self-care in African-American men with hypertension

Factors inhibiting self-care in African-American men with hypertension

Recognising cultural and psychological factors helps nurses encourage behaviour to reduce...

Exploring nurses’ experiences of caring for people who inject drugs with a physical health condition: an integrative literature review

Nurses’ experiences caring for people who inject drugs with a physical health condition

Literature review identified lack of knowledge, emotional challenge, stigmatisation, fear...

Vaccinating preterm infants: a timeliness study

Vaccinating preterm infants: a timeliness study

Parents must be supported in vaccination decision-making in the early weeks of a child’s...

Reducing health inequalities in cervical screening: a general practice project

Reducing health inequalities in cervical screening: a general practice project

Inequalities related to uptake of screening are addressed via interventions including staff...

Introducing a named nurse model of care in a community nursing service

Introducing a named nurse model of care into a community nursing service

How a named nurse model improved person-centred care and staff morale


 Nurse behind seated patient stoops slightly and has her hands on his shoulders to express warmth and reassurance. Touch is a powerful way to show compassion in nursing

Using touch to show compassion: tailoring non-verbal communication to the individual

Judging when it’s appropriate to touch a patient or relative – and when it’s not

Illustration featuring five different NHS uniform tunic colours, from left to right: indigo, green, sea blue, navy blue and light blue

Uniform approach: what we like about our standardised scrubs

Nurses from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the pros of their nations’ uniforms

Illustration shows healthcare staff around a table formed from a clock face to suggest a team approach to rostering

Rostering: could more control over your shift timings transform your work-life balance?

Team-based rostering pilots point to improved staff retention and greater collaboration

Mental health nurse Matty Caine is founder of First Person Project

I came close to death – now I’m using my experience to improve mental healthcare

Mental health nurse Matty Caine on his pioneering service First Person Project

Community nurse arrives at man’s front door. The two greet each other, suggesting a they share a warm bond

Bonding with long-term patients: promoting continuity of care within healthy boundaries

Tips on fostering ongoing therapeutic relationships while avoiding undue attachment

An illustration of a group of nurses of different ages standing together inside a big speech bubble

How can nursing teams improve communication between generations?

Five nurses on the learning opportunities in teams with different levels of experience


A nurse appears apprehensive while being questioned by a senior nurse

Can difficult personal circumstances excuse mistakes at work?

We ask our readers if factors outside of work should be considered relevant

A nurse holds up and shows a bottle of medication to an older man seated next to his female companion

Diabetes and dementia: safely managing people living with multiple long-term conditions

Older people with diabetes are at higher risk of developing dementia

Illustration of a woman about to let go of a giant paper plane into the blue skies

We need to remember and celebrate successes such as nurse prescribing

Primary Health Care editor Julie Sylvester looks back and forward to a brighter future


Placement abroad

I’d love to do a clinical placement overseas, but how do I go about it?

Your guide to complying with NMC and visa rules, while embracing a new system and culture

A patient, seen from behind, talks in confidence to a nurse in uniform who is holding a clipboard

Is it ever okay to breach patient confidentiality as a nurse?

Advice for students on whether disclosing information is permitted in any circumstance

A nursing student stands with a ward nurse as they consult notes together

You’re about to start a clinical placement? Here are 7 things you need to know

Find out how to achieve your learning goals while maintaining a work-life balance


A man sitting in a home office talking on a phone, while looking at patient notes, as with an occupational health nurse working from home

Work-life balance: what I’ve gained in an occupational health role

It can offer more flexibility than ward or community jobs. Find out what’s involved

A female lecturer stands at the front of a lecture theatre teaching nursing students

From NHS nurse to lecturer: making the transition to education

What I’ve learned moving from an NHS role to academia, and the skills you need

Image shows a nurse walking along a winding path in the direction of an arrow pointing to ‘ACP’. The path is flanked by other clinicians

A day in the life of an advanced clinical practitioner

An ACP has advice on how to make the move into advanced practice