man at woman's bedside

Acute trusts lift visiting restrictions for carers of patients with dementia

Every acute hospital in England to ease visiting restrictions as part of John's Campaign

Confed 18 looks to the future of the NHS workforce

Confed 18 fringe imagines working life in the NHS in 2026

Beatrice Akyeampong and Vanessa Apea

NHS Windrush 70 Awards winners represent the ‘best of the NHS’

‘We treasure you as much as the NHS itself’, PM Theresa May tells Windrush Awards winners


Training standards on use of restraint could become mandatory for NHS in England

The Restraint Reduction Network has been commissioned to create the evidence-based standards

Visa cap lifted

Immigration rules to be eased so NHS can recruit more skilled staff

Thousands more nurses and doctors to be recruited from abroad

Donna Kinnair

Classify healthcare as a safety-critical industry, says RCN

‘Patient safety investigations should look at pressures on staff before blaming individuals’

Evidence and Practice

Pain management

Advances in the pharmacological management of acute and chronic pain

Why you should read this article: » To recognise the various types of pain and understand...


Nutritional requirements in malnutrition and diabetes mellitus

Why you should read this article: » To familiarise yourself with the nutritional...


Procedural pain management in patients with cancer

Why you should read this article: » To understand the procedural pain that may be...

Front-line leadership

Role of front-line nurse leadership in improving care

Why you should read this article: » To recognise the influence of front-line leaders on...

Effects of singing groups on staff well-being: a feasibility study

Effects of singing groups on staff well-being: a feasibility study

Why you should read this article: » To understand the potential effects of singing groups on...

Providing nutritional support for patients in critical care

Providing nutritional support for patients in critical care

Why you should read this article: » To assist you to provide appropriate nutritional support...


Write a reflective account

Write a reflective account

Reflect on what you have learned from a CPD article and gain a certificate of learning

Revalidation video

Watch our animated guide to revalidation

Our short film explains the revalidation process

Legal responsibilities

Legal responsibilities

A CPD article improved Bernadette Parsons’ understanding of the legal standard of care...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 2

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the treatment and management of chronic...

Writing an article provided a chance to gain valuable feedback

Despite being an experienced nurse and lecturer, Nelson Selvaraj initially found writing an...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 1

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the pathophysiology, signs and symptoms...


How experts by experience are shaping mental health services

Volunteers influencing change at a large mental health trust have been well received by staff

RCN chair: Adamant nurses must use their voice

RCN chair Maria Trewern is full of hope for the profession – and wants to give members more

Children’s visits bring happy days to care home

A nursing home finds that inviting children to join residents in activities such as cooking

Hand hygiene needn’t mean sore skin

A new guide from the RCN shows how to combine hand hygiene with skin care

How to create a ‘take a break’ culture

Skipping breaks can put nurses' health at risk


How to embrace technologies transforming care

New systems and apps are improving the way nurses interact with patients and colleagues


Implications for nurses who give first aid outside of work

Although the UK does not have a Good Samaritan law, nurses have a duty to help


Jane Bates: What the sugar tax can’t change

Despite the best efforts of government and healthcare staff, sometimes the message doesn’t...

nurse washing her hands

Hand hygiene shortcuts: knowing why they happen can improve everyone’s practice

Lapses in hand washing are common – so recognising them is essential for patient safety


Importance of preventing pressure ulcers was highlighted by training

A student on placement gained confidence after training to manage pressure ulcers in older


It is an honour to give someone the ‘right’ death

Caring for a dying patient and providing last offices helped nursing student Tristan Crombie...

Sharing your journey as a newly qualified nurse

A newly qualified nurse finds that sharing her experiences with others is rewarding


No longer a backwater, care homes offer a career

Care homes can be vibrant places to work, with a clear career structure

60 seconds with custody nurse Robyn Connelly 

The challenges of examining people detained in the court system


Vulnerable patients: look beyond the obvious

Patients may want to hide frailties or fears, so adopt a curious attitude towards those in...

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