RCN announces candidates for president and deputy president

Postal ballot will run from 11 October to 14 November


Downgrading EDs does not increase number of deaths, study finds

Researchers find the effects of increased journey times to EDs are offset by other factors

Several students sat in a lecture theatre

Government sticks to its nursing associates target figure, despite low uptake

Nursing associate apprenticeships are almost 1,500 below projected numbers

Sarah Kuteh

NMC lifts restriction on Christian nurse dismissed after discussing faith with patients

Nurse Sarah Kuteh accepts she 'went too far' by giving a patient her Bible, spokesperson said

People on different pathways head in same direction

New routes to nursing combined with education reform run risk of overwhelming workforce

Expansion of nursing roles and changes in placements may add to pressures on qualified staff

Agency staff

Agency staff stats reveal ‘unsustainable’ shortage in the NHS, says RCN

Figures ‘expose the untenable short-staffing crisis across the NHS’

Evidence and Practice

Blood transfusion

How to undertake a blood component transfusion

Why you should read this article: » To increase your awareness of the patient identification...


Assessment, management and prevention of urinary tract infections in men

Why you should read this article: » To understand the aspects of assessment and...

Effective management of hypoglycaemia

Effective management of hypoglycaemia

How to empower patients and their families to prevent and manage hypoglycaemia

Development of approaches and legislation to optimise nurse staffing levels

Development of approaches and legislation to optimise nurse staffing levels

Why you should read this article: » To recognise the role that nurses and the environment in...


Safe and effective use of supplemental oxygen therapy

Why you should read this article: » To ensure your knowledge of the common indications and...

Understanding the human and system factors involved in medication errors

Understanding the human and system factors involved in medication errors

Why you should read this article: » To understand the human and system factors involved in...


Write a reflective account

Write a reflective account

Reflect on what you have learned from a CPD article and gain a certificate of learning

Revalidation video

Watch our animated guide to revalidation

Our short film explains the revalidation process

Nurse of the Year ‘makes you feel there is someone there for you’

A tribute to the RCN Nurse of the Year 2018, Angela Hall, by her patient the Rev Mark Bond

‘My dedicated nurses inspired me to join the profession’

Student nurse award winner recalls two nurses who cared for her as she recovered from sepsis

Legal responsibilities

Legal responsibilities

A CPD article improved Bernadette Parsons’ understanding of the legal standard of care...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 2

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the treatment and management of chronic...


Social isolation in older people

Lifting the barriers to mental healthcare for older people

New resources are tackling the stigma and social issues that restrict access to care

Ian Costello and Kirsten Paisley-Pearce

Why the nursing associate role is dividing opinion

Will nursing associates shore up an overstretched workforce or put patient safety at risk?

Recovery after surgery: tipping accepted wisdom on its head

How the ERAS approach can help nurses promote evidence-based perioperative care

man looking at nature with support of carer

What could the UK learn from adult social care in Japan?

An ageing population and shrinking workforce forced Japan to rethink how it funds care

A nurse adjusting a patient's pillow in a hospital bed

Two questions that ensure person-centred spiritual care

How a new tool can help nurses address spiritual needs, even in a stretched health service

student group on clinical placement

Nursing student attrition: why it happens and how to stop it

All sorts of pressures can force nursing students to quit courses, but help is out there


Hospital volunteers

We must unlock the potential of volunteers to improve patient care

Laura Shalev Greene highlights the work of HelpForce, a company that champions volunteering

Fitted sheets on hospital beds have been a long time coming

What will we do without former icon of the profession, the hospital corner, asks Jane Bates

I’m returning my medal in protest at ‘hostile environment’ policy

Government is charging refugees for care, and turning nurses into border guards


Lancaster bombers

Listening to patients’ wartime stories helped me develop empathy

It can be hard to find time to listen to patients, but it’s essential for holisitic care

Zoe Butler and her Hot Potato campaign website

Celebrating the profession's work is important...

Zoe Butler on what winning the student category in last year’s RCNi awards has meant to her

Helping students find their feet

Joleen McKee talks about her ideas to help nursing students get the most from placements


Nutmeg Hallett

60 seconds with mental health nursing lecturer Nutmeg Hallett

Teaching students how to prevent violence and abuse in healthcare settings is rewarding

Illustration showing a woman looking first shocked, then troubled, then happy and calm

What to do if you make a medication error

Nurses have a duty of candour when mistakes occur. Here’s how to handle the situation

Feeling overwhelmed by the digital workplace?

Rapid advances can be daunting. Follow these tips to improve your skills and confidence

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