Averil Hart

MPs urge health service ombudsman to speed up investigations

Long-drawn-out ombudsman inquiries add to families’ trauma, MPs say

Golden hello

Nursing home recruitment offer of a holiday and car proves popular

‘Golden hello’ at Scarborough nursing home appears to be paying off

Simon Stevens

Equivalent of 36 acute hospitals out of action due to delayed discharges

NHS chief executive reveals extent of delayed discharge at MPs' cross-party inquiry into...


EU nurses’ uncertainty post-Brexit is driving many out of UK, says RCN

Figures from Nursing and Midwifery Council show 29% rise in number of EU nurses leaving...


UK and Jamaica nurse exchange aims to provide mutual learning

Nurses in Jamaica and the UK will have the chance to swap places in a nurse exchange...

Model of a brain next to a stethoscope

RCN consults on how to achieve parity of esteem for mental healthcare

College members working in mental health asked to complete a survey to shape RCN’s campaign

Evidence and Practice


Nursing management of patients with faecal incontinence

Why you should read this article: » To enhance your understanding of the signs, symptoms,...


Exploring the role of advanced nurse practitioners in leadership

Why you should read this article: » To understand some of the main challenges for advanced...


How to record a 12-lead electrocardiogram

Why you should read this article: • To acknowledge the importance of recording a 12-lead...

Urinary incontinence

Assessment and management of urinary incontinence in women

Why you should read this article: » To update your knowledge of the types of urinary...

Fixed drug eruption

Identification and management of drug allergy

Why you should read this article: » To understand and recognise the main types of allergic...

End of life care

Meeting the needs of carers of people at the end of life

Why you should read this article: » To recognise the complex and dynamic needs of carers,...


Write a reflective account

Write a reflective account

Reflect on what you have learned from a CPD article and gain a certificate of learning

Revalidation video

Watch our animated guide to revalidation

Our short film explains the revalidation process

Legal responsibilities

Legal responsibilities

A CPD article improved Bernadette Parsons’ understanding of the legal standard of care...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 2

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the treatment and management of chronic...

Writing an article provided a chance to gain valuable feedback

Despite being an experienced nurse and lecturer, Nelson Selvaraj initially found writing an...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 1

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the pathophysiology, signs and symptoms...


Baroness Watkins

As a nurse peer I have access to ministers - and they do listen

Baroness Watkins is using her public profile and access to ministers to shape policy


Nursing Now: developing nations show what nurses can achieve

Three-year campaign aims to inspire nurses around the world to fulfil their potential

Celebrating Nursing Practice: Seven of the best projects

Funding provided by the RCN Foundation will allow nurse innovators to develop and expand...

The leadership programme that helps you improve care from the front line

A Foundation of Nursing Studies programme nurtures nurse leaders who manage teams but still...


Mentoring scheme supports nurses to develop ideas that make a difference

RCN project has attracted entrants from across the UK and at all career stages

political activist

Politics with a small p: if you engage, you can lead change

Political leadership and engagement isn’t just about party politics – it’s about being at...



Viv Bennett: Vaccines save lives, so let’s get the message out

The World Immunisation Week campaign urges nurses to help patients understand the value of...

Workforce: Offer to Jamaican nurses marred by Windrush

Timing is all in politics, says James Buchan


Readers' panel: Should families be encouraged to witness resuscitation attempts?

Cardiac arrest is a traumatic event - our readers have their say on family-witnessed


Snubbing bank staff goes against the 6Cs

Student Georgina Clayton was dismayed at her treatment by other staff while working a bank

My degree has prepared me to cope with the pressures of nursing

It's been a rollercoaster start but Zoe Butler knows she has the foundation to succeed

On the front line with a paramedic

A day spent shadowing a paramedic showed the complex range of skills this role requires, and


60 seconds with asthma nurse specialist Caroline Fredericks 

About 5.4 million people in the UK are affected by asthma. Caroline Fredericks, an asthma...


Show courage: Don't be afraid to ask your manager for support...

It's part of a nurse's role to offer kindness and care, but how brave do they feel when...

Jobs Fair audience

Develop your career and learn to look after yourself at RCNi jobs fair

Self-care workshop will emphasise importance of work-life balance

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