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clinical team working in a pandemic situation requires innovative communication

NHS teamwork in the pandemic: how is it for you?

Study asks nurses how COVID-19 has affected the functioning of clinical teams

Picture shows nurses recruited from overseas working at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Rules relaxed on recruiting overseas nurses

RCN cautions that change risks damaging health and care systems of developing countries

Picture of FFP3 face masks with Fang Tian brand whose use has been suspended by the DHSC.

Some respirator masks issued to staff may not be safe, government warns

Healthcare providers told to stop using certain FFP3 respirator masks, pending checks

Nurses urged to check people with learning disabilities registered for COVID-19 vaccine

RCN says not all adult service users on GP learning disability register

COVID-19 and staff well-being: last chance to share your experiences in our survey

Tell Nursing Standard how the pandemic has affected your health at work

Coronavirus ‘can remain active on nurses’ uniforms for up to 72 hours’

Study suggests work clothes should be washed on site to prevent contamination in homes

Evidence and Practice

Providing interprofessional education for pre and post-registration nurses

Providing interprofessional education for pre and post-registration nurses

How students from different professions can learn about each other’s roles

Managing the effects of cancer and cancer treatments on patients’ nutritional status

Managing the effects of cancer and cancer treatments on patients’ nutritional status

Familiarise yourself with nutritional interventions that can support individuals

Managing malnutrition in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

Managing malnutrition in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

Understand how the pandemic and its social restrictions can affect nutritional status

Nurse Support Illustration

Supporting nurses’ recovery during and following the COVID-19 pandemic

Evidence-based strategies to support physical and mental health

How to take a patient’s temperature

How to take a patient’s temperature

A step-by-step guide to the procedure using the oral, tympanic, axillary and forehead sites

Challenges in the management of pain in hospital patients with opioid use disorder

Challenges in the management of pain in hospital patients with opioid use disorder

Learn how to build a nurse-patient relationship that minimises anxiety


Nurse wearing a face mask walks away from a hospital building, looking downcast

How COVID-19 is affecting nurses’ mental health, and what to do about it

There are so many reasons to feel anxious about coronavirus, but help is out there

COVID-19: the support available for nurses’ facing emotional and financial hardship

How organisations such as the RCN Foundation are helping staff, and how to apply for a grant

Nursing leadership: which type is right for you?

Effective leadership can inspire staff and improve care

Nurses, healthcare assistants and other nursing professionals from across the UK who have died during the COVID-19 pandemi

COVID-19: remembering the nursing staff who have lost their lives

Colleagues and families pay tribute to nursing professionals who have died across the UK

Glove use and vaccinations: what the COVID-19 guidance says

There has been some confusion over whether gloves should be worn by vaccinators

COVID-19 vaccination: your guide to consent

Managing this vital part of the roll-out, plus the process for those who lack capacity


Nurse wearing a face mask – COVID-19 face coverings pose communication challenges for healthcare staff and people who are deaf or have dementia

Face masks: how nurses can overcome the communication barrier and reassure patients

Compulsory face coverings pose particular challenges when patients are deaf or have dementia


Shift patterns: why nurses deserve greater say over when they work

Ability to plan around work commitments is key to nurses’ work-life balance

Priority COVID-19 vaccination means all nurses, not just those in the NHS

Front-line staff at care homes, agencies and other private workplaces mustn’t be left behind



Critical thinking: your guide to better essay writing

Tips to help improve your writing skills and your marks

Social distancing on clinical placement: how to overcome the learning barriers

Ways to adapt to COVID-19-related measures that can make students feel like an inconvenience


How to make the most of SMART objectives in your learning

Watch our video to help you get to grips with SMART objectives


Preparing for leadership roles: tips for developing confidence

How to learn from a mentor, silence your inner doubt and develop your own leader style

Critical care in the community: how a secondment has expanded my skills and experience

RCN Nurse of the Year Ana Waddington is pushing her boundaries in a mobile response unit role

Why an NHS COVID swabbing service tempted me out of retirement and back to practice

Retired nurses are bringing knowledge and skills to a complex and essential service