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London pay demonstration

Government unmoved on NHS staff pay rise, despite UK-wide protests

Nurse demonstrators in London were applauded in the street, but union demands go unmet

Uptake for the nursing degree apprenticeship programme has been poor

Nursing degree apprenticeship spending boost falls short, says RCN

More support for three-year nursing degree students ‘the fastest way to get more nurses’

Picture of Victoria Kavanagh

Tributes paid to nurse who died in traffic accident

Victoria Kavanagh excelled in her role with the school health service, say colleagues

PTSD and insomnia: mitigating the psychological effects of COVID-19 on nurses

The workforce has been overwhelmed, but pressed on – now nurses need support, say experts

Picture shows a medic standing next to a car conducting a COVID-19 test at a temporary testing centre at Watford General Hospital

COVID-19 undiagnosed in many nurses, study suggests

Mild cases were missed before loss of taste or smell was added to coronavirus symptoms

Menopause in the workplace

Lack of support for staff during menopause affects work and career, survey reveals

Menopause affects 90% of women doctors’ working lives according to a BMA survey

Evidence and Practice

Assessment, diagnosis and management of constipation

Assessment, diagnosis and management of constipation

The common causes and types of constipation, and the interventions available

How to develop and present a conference poster

How to develop and present a conference poster

Understand how precision, clarity, brevity and visual appeal will engage your audience

Understanding the role of diet in adult constipation

Understanding the role of diet in adult constipation

Learn how to advise patients about dietary changes to help prevent and manage the condition

Selection and management of central venous access devices

How to ensure safe and reliable venous access, and reduce the risk of long-term complications

Tracheostomy care: the role of the nurse before, during and after insertion

Tracheostomy care: the role of the nurse before, during and after insertion

Enhance your knowledge of the effective management of patients with a tracheostomy

Understanding the role of the academic assessor

Understanding the role of the academic assessor

Learn the role’s responsibilities, benefits and potential challenges


How you can tackle casual racism and microaggression in the NHS

The steps every nurse can take to confront unconscious bias and be an authentic ally

Social prescribing for well-being: how nurses can combat loneliness and isolation

Connecting people to support and services is more important in the wake of COVID-19 than ever

How are your bowel motions? The question nurses need to ask

Patients may be embarrassed to talk about bowel problems, but help is available

What is ABCDE and why is it important?

What is ABCDE and why is it important?

Take an interactive journey through the approach to assessing patient deterioration

All you need to know about NMC fitness to practise cases

Fitness to practise cases are central to the NMC’s regulation of nursing standards

Lyme disease risks

Lyme disease: how nurses can identify it and advise patients

How to detect the tick-borne infectious disease and promote awareness among the public


Obesity in nursing: why fat-shaming helps no one

Thin nurse does not equal better nurse, but obesity is a risk factor we need to address

Can I leave a nursing job without working the full notice period?

Be aware of the consequences if leaving will put you in breach of contract

Nursing after COVID-19: the long-term impact of our high-profile role

Stark images during the pandemic have dispelled old myths and stereotypes about nurses


Understanding human factors and how they can help nurses manage stress

Human factor skills equip you to read tricky situations and respond to them in a positive way

Newly qualified nurse? Our network can help you adapt to your new role

The RCN’s revamped NQN network has a vision for peer support and getting your voices heard

Picture of students on a video conference call. Students are getting involved in debates around the COVID-19 pandemic. Picture: iStock

Nurse education: the COVID-19 response was the first step in treating students as equals

The five tests to assess commitment to change and ensure a new platform for students’ voices


Nursing patients with frailty: how to create a complex needs team

Combining the skills of a frailty nurse and a GP to provide holistic care in the community

Dementia awareness and diagnosis: looking beyond the learning disability

How an Admiral nurse aims to empower individuals and help nurses identify early age dementia

Virtual interview

Virtual interview tips for nurses: how to present yourself and how to prepare

Social distancing has made remote interviews far more common — here’s how to excel on screen