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A computerised image illustrating the effects of sickle cell disease

Blood disorder crisis must be treated ‘as urgently as cardiac arrest’

Sickle cell awareness vital, specialist says, after coroner finds patient received wrong care

Union ballots open as nurses in Scotland vote on proposed 4% pay deal

RCN Scotland and GMB urge NHS staff to reject Scottish Government offer

Beauty company backtracks after refusing to treat nurses working with COVID-19 patients

Benefit Cosmetics UK apologises and changes policy after provoking backlash on social media

Picture shows a community nurse wearing a mask

Nurses want safe staffing law extended to care homes and the community

Safe staffing is most pressing health issue for the next Welsh parliament, RCN survey finds

NHS in England consults nurses on introduction of national, standardised design

Your nurse’s uniform: is a national, standardised design a good idea?

NHS consults nurses in England about consistency of uniform design

Picture shows vials of COVID-19 vaccine

Government launches consultation on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for care home staff

Unison warns that staff could leave if a heavy-handed approach is taken

Evidence and Practice

Mental health assessment

Identifying people with deteriorating mental health using a mental state assessment

Read this article to understand the role of a mental state assessment

Understanding nurses’ responsibilities in promoting equality and diversity

Understanding nurses’ responsibilities in promoting equality and diversity

Empowering nurses to recognise and challenge discrimination

Use of indwelling catheters and preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Use of indwelling catheters and preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Enhance your knowledge of the potential complications of these devices

Providing patient education on portion control and healthy eating

Providing patient education on portion control and healthy eating

Various methods you can use to support individuals to eat healthily

Understanding oral mucositis and the principles of effective mouth care

Understanding oral mucositis and the principles of effective mouth care

Recognise the symptoms, causes and risk factors, and the importance of optimal oral hygiene

How to undertake effective record-keeping and documentation

Understand the importance of keeping clear and accurate patient records


Nurse wearing a face mask walks away from a hospital building, looking downcast

How COVID-19 is affecting nurses’ mental health, and what to do about it

There are so many reasons to feel anxious about coronavirus, but help is out there

Hand hygiene: how can you be sure your workplace is getting it right?

Compliance is critical to patient safety, but monitoring it is far from straightforward

How to prevent inpatient falls: start by refusing to accept they’re inevitable

Falls should be seen as shocking, rather than normal hospital events

Podcasts for nurses: five of the best to keep you learning while you listen

Dip into our pick of podcasts on issues that affect your work and well-being

Opioid prescribing: tackling the ‘time bomb’ of long-term use and addiction

How to spot red flags, advise patients and help them find other ways to cope

Heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease – how to support patients

GORD is a common condition with debilitating symptoms that should not be underestimated


Life and death decisions and COVID-19: how an ethical code supports your practice

An internationally recognised code helps nurses advocate for fairer treatment for all

DNACPR notices: what nurses need to know

Nurses’ input can inform a decision about whether to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Racism denied: don’t brush aside our everyday experiences

Report is an insult to nurses, and ignores the reality of systemic racism in the NHS


Why we’re glad we opted-in to paid clinical placements to help the NHS during COVID-19

Reflections on the unforgettable experience of front-line practice during the pandemic

How to make the most of your first clinical placement

COVID-19 delayed Lenka Huntley’s experience until her second year – here’s how she coped

Social media: teaching nursing students how to engage and be professional online

The University of Plymouth empowers students to make the most of virtual learning


Island nursing: why it’s rich in career opportunities as well as work-life balance

A nurse explains the professional rewards of finding a job on a small island

How to rebuild positivity and move forward even when you’re exhausted

COVID-19 pandemic has left nurses traumatised, but healing is possible

Is it time to step up to a band 6 nursing position?

The pandemic may have given you a taste of more senior roles – so consider your next move