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Speakers and hoodies for nurses in £850,000 gratitude scheme

Trust staff award ‘hearts’ to peers to exchange for items such as Bluetooth speakers

Photo of nursing associate with patient, illustrating story about nursing associate adverts

‘Advanced’ nursing associate job adverts labelled exploitative

Some job adverts promise band 5 status, leadership and line management responsibilities

A nursing team from Somerset looking happy as they celebrate 12 months of zero falls on their ward

Ward celebrates 12 months of zero falls using nurse-led improvement strategy

Nursing team eliminated falls with injury through bay nursing and changes to break times

Split-screen style image shows PM Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer speaking, positioned as if facing each other

General election: bite-size guide to parties’ promises on health and social care

How the Westminster poll could affect your finances as well as your working life

Nurse smiles on picket line during RCN pay strike in England’s NHS, holding banner calling for ‘fair pay for nursing’

Are you working beyond your band? In one part of the UK you can now ask for role review

Band 5 nurses in Scotland can request banding review if they believe they’re undervalued

A close up of a nursing associate in an NHS uniform

Nursing apprenticeships and associates: are the programmes fit for purpose?

Lost levy funds and restricted access to training have prompted calls for reform

Evidence and Practice

How to administer an intravenous infusion using a gravity administration set or a volumetric pump

How to administer an IV infusion using a gravity administration set or a volumetric pump

Best practice in administering an intravenous infusion of fluid and medicine

Capturing patient feedback to improve healthcare services

Capturing patient feedback to improve healthcare services

Strategies for gathering feedback and how to use it in quality improvement projects


Recognising and responding to non-fatal strangulation in domestic abuse

Understand the nurse’s responsibility to initiate safeguarding and protection procedures

Open access
Examining how early experiences in oncology settings influence nurses’ career decisions

Examining how early experiences in oncology settings influence nurses’ career decisions

Recognise the factors that can affect nurses’ recruitment and retention in cancer services

End of life care

End of life care: how nurses can use a compassionate approach

Considering each person’s symptoms and concerns through the lens of compassion

Remote prescribing consultations: exploring the principles of effective practice

Remote prescribing consultations: exploring the principles of effective practice

How you could enhance the use of remote consultations in your nursing specialty


 Nurse behind seated patient stoops slightly and has her hands on his shoulders to express warmth and reassurance. Touch is a powerful way to show compassion in nursing

Using touch to show compassion: tailoring non-verbal communication to the individual

Judging when it’s appropriate to touch a patient or relative – and when it’s not

Bad manager

How to handle a bullying, weak or incompetent boss

Tips on initiating constructive conversations and where to seek support over poor leadership

A nurse in scrubs is frowning and hunching her shoulders in a sign of distress

Under excess pressure? The emotional signs of stress and how to deal with them

Tips for identifying worrying signs and supporting yourself and colleagues

Illustration featuring five different NHS uniform tunic colours, from left to right: indigo, green, sea blue, navy blue and light blue

Uniform approach: what we like about our standardised scrubs

Nurses from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the pros of their nations’ uniforms

Illustration shows healthcare staff around a table formed from a clock face to suggest a team approach to rostering

Rostering: could more control over your shift timings transform your work-life balance?

Team-based rostering pilots point to improved staff retention and greater collaboration

An illustration showing a smiling nurse in uniform standing in front of a crowd, represented by several sets of hands raised high and clapping

Daunted by public speaking? Tips to take you from nervous to confident

Nurse experts share their advice on how to prepare well and engage an audience


Will revising job profiles change how nurses are valued?

Revisions to nursing bands may make little difference without appropriate pay rises

Image of a figure depicting a nurse carrying a large structure designed like a DNA double helix

How genomics is changing patient care and what you need to know

Already used in many areas of nursing, it can offer patients more individualised treatment

Illustration of nurses’ general election voting decisions show ballot papers flying down into a ballot box marked ‘NHS’

Why this general election matters to every nurse in the UK

Whether you have an appetite for politics or not, your vote on July 4 counts


An illustration of a nurse with a thought bubble coming from her head as she thinks about her experiences

What I wish I’d known as a nursing student

Five newly registered nurses reflect on their transition from studying to practising

A nursing student holds an otoscope to the ear of a manikin as her trainer looks on

From catheterisation to cannulation: how to hone your clinical skills

What nursing students can expect in a simulated clinical skills session

A female student looks downcast and worried as she walks alone outside of a university building while other students chat in the background, suggesting a nursing student who is isolated or struggling with their mental well-being

Support for students: what to do if you’re struggling with your mental health

Advice on how to seek help and strategies for coping with stress


A nurse in blue scrubs sits at a desk using a laptop

I’ve been Datixed: could it harm my career?

With the system often being ignored or misused, we look at the potential impact of a report

A woman sits at a desk with a laptop in front of her, looking thoughtful as she reads what is on the screen, as if preparing a supporting statement for a job application

Job applications: how to write a strong supporting statement

Advice on showcasing your skills to secure an interview

Clinical staff in a prison hospital setting. They are working in a dark corridor,

From emergency decisions to primary care – what my prison nurse role involves

A newly registered nurse on what drew her to the role and what she’s learned so far