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Illustration shows worried nurse treading a fine line

Clinical negligence: the accusation no nurse ever wants to face

NHS staff are insured by their employers, but elsewhere nurse indemnity is less clear-cut

Photo of Taurai Matare meeting Boris Johnson

RCN Nurse of the Year praised by prime minister

Taurai Matare met Boris Johnson during his publicity visit to London hospital

illustration shows hands posting ballot papers into a ballot box as Northern Ireland RCN members prepare to vote on whether to take industrial action

Strike ballot: RCN names the date for industrial action vote in Northern Ireland

Low pay and nurse staffing levels have left members ‘angry and disillusioned’

Hospice nurse with a patient – Arthur Rank hospice has become first to join Cavell Nurses Trust employee support scheme

Cavell Nurses' Trust welcomes hospice to its staff welfare scheme

Cambridge Hospice will encourage staff facing hardship to use the programme

Omar Salem (left) confronts Boris Johnson as Alan Gurney (centre) looks on Picture: PA

Prime minister tackled on nursing shortages by angry father during hospital visit

Omar Salem confronted prime minister Boris Johnson during a press visit to a London hospital

Mental health nursing student Stephen Greenwood with radio DJ Caroline Cardillo. Stephen set up a podcast training course to help service users explore difficult subjects

Podcasts as therapy: mental health nursing student’s vision to support service users

Stephen Greenwood uses radio training to open up discussion of sensitive subjects

Evidence and Practice

Promoting recruitment by rebranding the image of nursing

Promoting recruitment by rebranding the image of nursing

Identify the features that could attract people to the profession

How to measure a patient’s temperature non-invasively

How to measure a patient’s temperature non-invasively

Understand the factors that can influence the accuracy of readings

Preventing medical device-related skin damage

Preventing medical device-related skin damage

Minimise the risk for patients, primarily by preventing pressure ulcers

Catheter blockages

Prevention and management of urinary catheter blockages in community settings

How to identify and support patients at risk, and advise on preventative strategies

Pain assessment

Use of pain scales and observational pain assessment tools in hospital settings

Learn how to recognise patient behaviours that may indicate pain

Sickle cell disease

Enhancing the care of patients with sickle cell disease

Ensure the effective management of painful vaso-occlusive crises


Nurses from BAME backgrounds appear to be under-represented in health and social care innovation

Are you a BAME nurse with a fantastic idea that could improve patient care?

Nursing care is hugely enriched when ideas spring from a wide range of backgrounds

E. coli bacteria occur naturally within the human body Picture: iStock

E. coli infection: how every nurse can help prevent it

The Gram-negative bacteria is a growing threat in community and acute settings

Mental health conditions gave now overtaken musculoskeletal complaints as the number one reason for sickness absence among nurses.

Nurses open up about their mental health problems

Mental ill health is now the top reason for NHS sickness absence – but there is good news


Sepsis: what you need to know

Around 44,000 people a year die from the 'silent killer'. What can nurses do?

Emma Robinson, left, a nurse on the out of practice programme, and advanced clinical practitioner Helen Lushpenko-Brown, checking patient medications

Return to general nursing: on the register but ‘out of practice’?

The programme designed for when the usual return-to-practice courses don’t apply

woman holds cushion defensively while man stands facing her

What to do when you suspect domestic abuse

The nurses’ training aid that offers you practical strategies for the best outcomes


Picture shows a staff member at the canteen of a hospice in London. Lack of breaks and junk food from vending machines are said to contribute to nurses being overweight or obese, and protected mealtimes are being advocated to help tackle the issue.

Readers’ panel: Are protected mealtimes for nurses needed to tackle workforce obesity?

Lack of breaks and junk food availability are said to contribute to nurses being overweight

patients lying on trolleys in a busy waiting area shows pressures hospitals can face

OPEL alert showed me the full impact service pressures have on patients and nurses

The urgent need to free up beds takes a toll even on patients deemed fit for discharge

Measles is a potentially life-threatening condition Picture: Science Photo Library

Stop blaming the anti-vax bogeyman and focus on immunisation services

Investing in nurses and resources to educate parents is more pressing than battling fake news


The students are asked ‘questions that are often challenging’

How teaching children about dementia helps you become a better communicator

Innovative resource helps nursing students improve children’s awareness of the condition

 Nursing is fast-paced in the emergency department

Mental health and adult nursing, plus the pace of emergency care – this role has it all

A dual-registration newly qualified nurse reflects on what she has learned in her first year

Distressed nurse working in the emergency department

The call you never want to get in emergency nursing

A newly qualified nurse describes the emotions and impact of a paediatric crash call


Financial education can help nurses to plan for retirement and unexpected loss of income

Financial know-how for nurses: make your money work for you

Planning for retirement, or living week to week? Financial education lets you take control

NET Patient Foundation

NET nurses: supporting patients confused by their rare cancer diagnosis

‘Even healthcare professionals don’t know enough about neuroendocrine cancers’

Rachel Taylor with a research participant

Here’s why this is an exciting time to be a clinical research nurse

There is more guidance and support now for nurses who want to combine research with practice