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Zeba Arif

Sexual harassment of nurses is too often ‘brushed aside as a misunderstanding’

Congress wants employers to provide more protection for staff

Demands to show ‘resilience’ put greater pressure on nurses, congress told

Nurses struggling to cope in stressful workplaces are pressured by demands to show resilience

Congress demands mandatory sepsis training

RCN members back call for mandatory sepsis training after hearing survivor’s account

Leonore Newson

Multitude of nursing uniforms causing confusion in England

Congress discusses whether a national uniform should be introduced


Substance misuse: ‘Doctors have a support service and so should nurses’

Congress hears of initiative to offer psychological help for nursing staff

Kevin Crimmons, RCN Congress 2019. Picture: John Houlihan

Bullying in the NHS: ‘Nurses must take collective responsibility to help tackle problem’

RCN congress hears nurses’ own accounts of workplace harassment

Evidence and Practice

Prevention and management of hyperglycaemic crisis

Prevention and management of hyperglycaemic crisis

Understand its causes and clinical manifestations, and how to care for patients

Caring for people with mental health conditions in general clinical settings

Caring for people with mental health conditions in general clinical settings

Learn communication skills to improve care for this patient group

Developing effective nurse leadership skills

Developing effective nurse leadership skills

Understanding and learning these skills at all levels of seniority

Nursing management of irritable bowel syndrome

Nursing management of irritable bowel syndrome

Enhance your awareness of the range of IBS symptoms that patients may experience

Use of blood components in clinical practice

Use of blood components in clinical practice

Familiarise yourself with the procedures involved in these transfusions

Challenges and facilitators in providing effective end of life care in intensive care units

Challenges and facilitators in providing effective end of life care in ICUs

Learn how to enhance your practice in one of the fastest-growing healthcare specialties


Mentoring: What’s in it for me?

Students and experienced nurses can learn from each other through a mentoring programme

What does flexible working mean to you?

It could help the NHS retain nurses – but should mean more than accommodating childcare needs

How can you make your trust the best place to work?

Leaders at two London trusts reveal how they empowered staff to improve practice

Howard Catton

Nursing’s big moment: why 2020 will be a platform for the profession

The British nurse heading the ICN says it’s time to build on what Nursing Now has begun

health visitor with a patient

The board game that helps everyone recognise they’re a leader

Nursing staff across all bands and roles take the lead – but often without recognising it

Couple talk to a nurse

If nurses won’t raise the subject of death with a patient, who will?

Why it’s important to have an honest conversation about an individual’s end of life care


Collective leadership is nursing’s direction of travel

Every nurse must be encouraged and empowered to take collective leadership, says Ruth May

woman receives money from man in a car

Decriminalise prostitution – it’s the best way to safeguard sex workers’ health

Sexual health nurse Louise Cahill explains why she asked RCN congress to back her call

Workforce: Legislation alone won’t solve this staffing crisis

Whether England follows Wales or Scotland’s lead, there are other factors to consider


Natasha Evans on placement in Ghana

Why memories of my elective placement in Ghana will stay with me through my career

Natasha Evans on how her trip enriched her understanding of public health issues

nursing student on placement

Tips for nursing students on making the most of your final clinical placement

With registration within sight, it’s time to maximise every learning opportunity

Illustration of figure following instinct

Listening to my intuition helped prevent a patient's suicide

I learned having the courage to act on your instincts is an important part of being a nurse


Mind fog

How to avoid the mind fog of the nurse’s endless to-do list

Tips for coping when you are feeling overwhelmed

Nurse volunteer at Glastonbury

Volunteering could be your ticket to festival season

Enjoy the atmosphere, help raise money for charity – and boost your CPD and practice hours

Sue Smith

Charity abseil is my way to face my fears – and honour the NHS

Former health visitor Sue Smith is taking on a daring challenge to mark a career milestone