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illustration shows two job applications – one from white candidate, one from black candidate

‘Incredibly discriminatory’ email about Nigerian nurse prompts NMC intervention

Regulator and NHS commissioning group investigate message sent to job applicant

A scene from the video Men in Nursing

Men in Nursing video aims to tackle perceptions and promote diversity

Universities in Northern Ireland want to show nursing as rewarding career for men

Members of RCN and GMB reject Scottish government's 4% pay offer

Nurses in Scotland to get 4% pay rise amid calls for further talks

Increase ‘without further negotiation’ comes despite rejection of deal by two nursing unions

NMC expected to remove emergency education standards introduced during pandemic

Governing council to decide if standards should be removed and a possible timetable

Logo of the International Council of Nurses, which the RCN has voted to rejoin

Nurses say ‘yes’ to joining worldwide nursing network

RCN members want to see college return to the International Council of Nurses

Standardised nursing uniforms: what do you want to wear to work?

An NHS consultation could see an end to the plethora of styles used across England

Evidence and Practice

Examining the effects of COVID-19 on mental health services, service users and nurses

Examining the effects of COVID-19 on mental health services, service users and nurses

How the negative effects on nurses’ physical and mental well-being can be addressed

Recognising and treating psychological issues in people with diabetes mellitus

Recognising and treating psychological issues in people with diabetes mellitus

Enhance your knowledge of potential issues such as depression, distress and guilt

Overcoming challenges in community end of life care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Overcoming challenges in community end of life care during the COVID-19 pandemic

How nursing interventions can be adapted to ensure high standards of care are maintained

Understanding the principles of infection prevention and control

Understanding the principles of infection prevention and control

Learn how these principles can be applied during the COVID-19 pandemic

Leadership in a hospital

Understanding effective nurse leadership styles during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pros and cons of transactional, transformational and laissez-faire leadership styles

Enhancing the identification of anal incontinence in women of reproductive age

Improve your knowledge of its prevalence, symptoms and risk factors


Nurse wearing a face mask walks away from a hospital building, looking downcast

How COVID-19 is affecting nurses’ mental health, and what to do about it

There are so many reasons to feel anxious about coronavirus, but help is out there

Nurses and stress: how performing arts skills can improve self-care and communication

Training given by actors is helping NHS staff to look after themselves better

Magnet hospitals: what makes them places where nurses want to work?

Why UK hospitals are trialling the US model and what it means for staff and patients

COVID-19 and acute kidney injury – do you know how to identify patients at risk?

AKI is linked to COVID-19, and the pandemic has affected both its incidence and demographics


Nurses’ time to shine: how to get started on your RCN Nursing Awards entry

Advice from winners, nominees and our chair of judges to help you celebrate your achievements

Hand hygiene: how can you be sure your workplace is getting it right?

Compliance is critical to patient safety, but monitoring it is far from straightforward


Nurse staffing is too important to leave to wishful thinking

New workforce standards will help decision-makers see nurses as an asset

I’m sweltering: does my employer have to maintain a set workplace temperature?

What nurses need to know if they are too hot for comfort at work

Rejoining the ICN: vote yes and advance nursing, here and in developing countries

COVID-19 has highlighted how much we need a strong global voice to demand better conditions


How Schwartz rounds can help nursing students reflect and learn

Sessions give students a safe space to share and learn from the emotional aspects of training

Nursing associates: how to turn challenges into learning opportunities

COVID-19 shaped so much of my training – and for the better, I hope

Volunteer vaccinators: a nursing role that’s about much more than just a jab in the arm

Nursing students explain why vaccine hubs are proving to be rich learning environments


Lloyds Pharmacy nurse

Acute care in the community: why it’s rich in career opportunities

Homecare is an acute nursing environment with a diverse range of roles at all levels

How to get your career back on track and feel inspired by nursing again

Advice to help you reassess your goals and get your nursing mojo back

Covid vaccination being given

How becoming a vaccinator helped heal me after nursing in ICU during the pandemic

Richly rewarding role in vaccination hub allows me to love nursing again