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Mary_Seacole & Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Mary Seacole’s life story to become Hollywood movie

Film’s producer says Crimean war nurse was ahead of her time

Anne Longfield, children’s commissioner for England, will chair the taskforce

Discharging young people from hospital into the community: nurses to join new taskforce

Children’s commissioner will lead initiative to speed up transfer from inpatient services

Menopause illustration

Being a nurse in the menopause: why it’s no time for taboos

Women coping with menopause symptoms deserve support and empathy in the workplace

UCAS website

UCAS deletes ‘misleading and offensive’ advice on nursing after Twitter backlash

RCN intervenes as nurses pour scorn on UCAS for downplaying the profession

Training a caregiver to spot signs of pressure sores

Pressure ulcer toolkit: advice for nurses on prevention and care pathways

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Advisory Board resource highlights the importance of risk awareness

Picture of Texas midwife Caty Nixon shows her looking distressed at home, with a plate of food on her lap

Off-guard image of exhausted midwife goes viral

Picture captures woman’s raw emotion after ‘particularly hard’ shift

Evidence and Practice

Role of the nurse consultant in infection prevention and control

Role of the nurse consultant in infection prevention and control

Read how they develop evidence-based practice and motivate and inspire staff

Understanding the role of chaplains in supporting patients and healthcare staff

Understanding the role of chaplains in supporting patients and healthcare staff

Discover why chaplains might provide a more generic and less religious service in the future

Respecting the ethical principle of autonomy in end of life care decisions

Respecting the ethical principle of autonomy in end of life care decisions

Recognise the ethical, legal and professional issues when caring for patients

Understanding the benefits and risks of nursing students engaging with online social media

The benefits and risks of nursing students engaging with social media

Learn about e-professionalism and the standards expected of nurses online

Promoting recruitment by rebranding the image of nursing

Promoting recruitment by rebranding the image of nursing

Identify the features that could attract people to the profession

How to measure a patient’s temperature non-invasively

How to measure a patient’s temperature non-invasively

Understand the factors that can influence the accuracy of readings


bag of blood ready for transfusion – complying with safety protocols and positive patient identification are essential to reduce risk

Blood transfusion: the common procedure that can go disastrously wrong

Stakes are high when managing blood products – here’s how nurses can prevent errors

Abstract illustration of tablets in different colours pouring from the necks of  four medicine bottles.

Help older patients by tackling overprescribing

Polypharmacy puts many older people at risk of serious side effects

StreetDoctors North East London nurse team Munira Patel, Aoife Scanlan, Rachel Moisan, Izzy Howes and Charlotte Green

Knife crime: teaching young people the skills they need to help save lives

The nurses and students breaking down barriers to help educate and protect young people

Picture depicts the medical symbol of a staff with snakes curled round it and scales of justice suspended from it balancing medicine and law books. Nurses are advocates for their patients, service-users, and a human rights approach is essential.

How a patient’s human rights influence the care you give

A human rights approach to healthcare can empower patients and protect nurses

Nurses from BAME backgrounds appear to be under-represented in health and social care innovation

Are you a BAME nurse with a fantastic idea that could improve patient care?

Nursing care is hugely enriched when ideas spring from a wide range of backgrounds

E. coli bacteria occur naturally within the human body Picture: iStock

E. coli infection: how every nurse can help prevent it

The Gram-negative bacteria is a growing threat in community and acute settings


A patient with their head in their hands

Readers’ panel: Will evidence of inadequate care force action on nurse shortages?

CQC report says staffing pressures are contributing to a ‘perfect storm’ for patients

Picture shows a group of overseas nurses, with a young woman smiling in the foreground. The article says the international recruitment solution cannot be ignored.

The nurse shortage solution we cannot ignore

Reliance on recruitment of overseas nurses from outside the EU is already happening

Illustration of nurses talking

Let’s talk about the menopause at work

After struggling with symptoms, a nurse chief executive is promoting a culture of openness


woman talking in an interview situation – thorough preparation helps nurses impress prospective employers at interview

A nurse’s guide to winning at job interviews

Tips and techniques for conquering your nerves and impressing the panel

women smile and talk together

How storytelling can help close the nursing student attainment gap

Nursing curricula need to reflect the diversity of students’ backgrounds and experience

A nurse sits talking to a nursing home resident as he undertakes a craft activity

Dementia at the end of life: why every nursing student needs to learn about it

An Admiral Nurse explains how she uses hospice placements to deepen students’ understanding


nurse makes the 'time out' sign with her hands

Workplace time-out: when some things are best left unsaid

Not everything has to be up for discussion, even if colleagues’ opinions clash with yours

Nursing associates in training

I’m proud to be training as a nursing associate – and let me tell you why

Misunderstood role is no mere stepping stone – it has a distinctive place in the nursing team

Cambridge nurse Olivia Rees leads a nurse teaching session at Yangon General Hospital in Myanmar. The aim was to improve intensive care management of trauma patients

Overseas education exchange: what we learned about investing in nurse leadership

Six-month trauma management teaching trip to Myanmar was a rich learning experience