Campaign aims to close life expectancy gap for people with mental ill health

Equally Well UK campaign hopes to spur on organisations to tackle 'shocking'

Nurse prescribing to a patient over a desk

Nursing and Midwifery Council publishes new proficiency standards

NMC describes standards, to be implemented by 2020, as ‘ambitious’ despite some criticism

Long work hours aren’t productive, skills expert says

Being at work longer than required doesn’t help healthcare organisations, a workforce expert

Queen Mary's House

Outrage at plan to sell NHS building that offers London nurses affordable housing

Queen Mary's House in upmarket Hampstead, London, currently houses 52 mainly NHS staff


How paramedic slashed frequent caller ED attendance with coffee and a chat

Intervention that had remarkable success in Blackpool now being adopted elsewhere

fire officers in protective clothing

NHS England thanks nurses who cared for poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal

Tributes to nurses who rose to the challenge of caring for patients in nerve agent attack

Evidence and Practice

Providing nutritional support for patients in critical care

Providing nutritional support for patients in critical care

Why you should read this article: » To assist you to provide appropriate nutritional support...

Diagnosis and management of patients with atrial fibrillation

Why you should read this article: • To enhance your understanding of the link between atrial...


Nursing management of patients with faecal incontinence

Why you should read this article: » To enhance your understanding of the signs, symptoms,...


Exploring the role of advanced nurse practitioners in leadership

Why you should read this article: » To understand some of the main challenges for advanced...


How to record a 12-lead electrocardiogram

Why you should read this article: • To acknowledge the importance of recording a 12-lead...

Urinary incontinence

Assessment and management of urinary incontinence in women

Why you should read this article: » To update your knowledge of the types of urinary...


Write a reflective account

Write a reflective account

Reflect on what you have learned from a CPD article and gain a certificate of learning

Revalidation video

Watch our animated guide to revalidation

Our short film explains the revalidation process

Legal responsibilities

Legal responsibilities

A CPD article improved Bernadette Parsons’ understanding of the legal standard of care...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 2

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the treatment and management of chronic...

Writing an article provided a chance to gain valuable feedback

Despite being an experienced nurse and lecturer, Nelson Selvaraj initially found writing an...

Heart failure

Heart failure: part 1

A CPD article improved Anita Skinner’s knowledge of the pathophysiology, signs and symptoms...


How to create a ‘take a break’ culture

Skipping breaks can put nurses' health at risk...


How to embrace technologies transforming care

New systems and apps are improving the way nurses interact with patients and colleagues

A nurse’s story: what it takes to do the hardest job of all

Author and RCN congress keynote speaker Christie Watson says nurses desperately need support

Pride in the rich past of nursing’s diversity

RCN exhibition reveals history of LGBT and BME nurses and those with disabilities

Brave nurses who helped win women the vote

Nurses who fought for women’s suffrage are largely unacknowledged, but their courage is an...

middle-aged female nurse

Menopause: why nurses need help from their employers

Demand is growing to change workplace conditions to help staff cope with symptoms


Are you ready to work alongside robots?

Robots are already being used in some UK healthcare settings, and the trend is set to...

We shouldn't have to lie about short staffing

Hospital managers must take responsibility when understaffing affects care, says Jane Bates

Gender bias

Jane Bates: The unsaid gender bias in nurses' poor pay...

The glass ceiling doesn't seem to affect our male colleagues


Notes from congress, and how one voice can sway a profession

A student reflects on what she learned at congress – including how one voice can sway a...

What to expect from a placement in police custody

A police custody suite offers many opportunities to learn about person-centred care

Pay deal

A student's guide to the proposed NHS pay deal...

The student representative for RCN's trade union committee considers the implications of the...


Hidden judgement

How to challenge the misguided assumptions we all make

You cannot take back an insensitive comment, but you can minimise the risk of it happening


How to help colleagues during real-life dramas

Supporting a nurse who is struggling can be difficult, but just listening is a good start

RCN congress

‘More bang for your buck’ at this year’s RCN congress

Four-day event in Belfast will offer a range of learning sessions and CPD opportunities

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