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Illustration of NHS staff standing round giant NHS letters with UK and EU flag colours on it. Picture: Daniel Mitchell

Nurses from outside UK tell of negative workplace experiences since Brexit referendum

Foreign staff say prejudice and barriers to career progression might force them out of NHS

Patient Janet Adams on the ward with her husband Arthur and daughter and son-in law on their wedding day

Nurse brings wedding day to the ward for mother of the bride

Patient Janet Adams was too unwell to attend ceremony, but didn’t miss out on the occasion

Board game aims to stimulate nurses to identify and discuss domestic violence and abuse

The board game that helps you identify domestic violence and abuse

Nurse lecturer’s learning tool aims to get healthcare staff talking about how they can help

Nurses meeting to discuss and reflect following a difficult situation

Helping nurses to ‘defuse’ after difficult situations

The RCN has issued guidance on how to discuss and reflect on challenging incidents at work

Emergency nurse practitioner Rhiannon Pritchard and emergency department matron Lyn Roberts

30,000 patients and counting: the nurse who is a ‘fantastic’ asset to her community

Emergency nurse practitioner at Betsi Cadwaladr health board helped set up essential service

Nurse's hands seen preparing vaccine for child. MMR uptake is down, and measles cases in UK going up

Measles is back: UK loses its measles-free status as MMR coverage declines

GPs will be urged to promote 'catch-up' vaccination to boost uptake levels

Evidence and Practice

Sickle cell disease

Enhancing the care of patients with sickle cell disease

Ensure the effective management of painful vaso-occlusive crises

Improving the awareness and care of veterans in healthcare services

Improving the awareness and care of veterans in healthcare services

Understand the unique healthcare needs of people who have served in the UK military

Assessment and management of chronic pain

Assessment and management of chronic pain

Learn how to accurately assess pain and discover the interventions available

Looking at nutrition information

Understanding the role of carbohydrates in optimal nutrition

How to advise patients on appropriate intake as part of a balanced diet

Effective management of adult patients with asthma

Effective management of adult patients with asthma

Learn asthma control methods and how to reduce the risk of acute exacerbations

Role of nurses in promoting the skin health of older people in the community

Role of nurses in promoting the skin health of older people in the community

The age-associated changes that affect the skin, and what advice to give


Illustration of nurses pointing the finger of blame at a colleague

The blame culture in nursing: how to make a change in your workplace

A punitive response to errors affects patient safety and staff morale. There is another way

nursing student is being supported on clinical placement

New approach to nurse education affects every registrant – but are you ready?

NMC’s education standards take a fresh approach to supervision, assessment and leadership

Bowel problem picture. Picture: iStock

Asking about bowel problems could change your patient’s life

When nurses discuss faecal incontinence they’re really talking about quality of life

Rachael Ward and Corrine Shore undertaking a pain assessment with a patient

Pain management: steps for better care and faster recovery after surgery

Nurses are vital to good pain management – and this starts with a comprehensive assessment

A nurse helps an elderly lady clean her teeth. Picture: Neil O'Connor

Mouth care at the end of life: ensuring comfort and dignity for your patients

Simple steps such as assessing pain and involving families in care can make a big difference

Our simple, low-cost system to keep patients hydrated

A team of students devised a way to easily identify dehydration risk and fluid restriction


Picture shows older woman taking medication from a dosette box.

Medicines management: Are pill organisers a risk to patient safety?

Problems can arise when patients switch to medication compliance aids

Illustration shows person using megaphone to try to get message across to someone who may not be listening

Before my rare condition was finally diagnosed, I struggled to be believed

Clinicians should keep an open mind about what might seem like an obvious diagnosis

man standing outside, smoking. A hospital trust has banned smoking on its site, even outdoors

Should hospitals employ people to enforce blanket smoking bans – even in parked cars?

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust has a site-wide smoking ban. Readers have their say


New students start on their university courses

Starting out: how to survive and thrive in your nursing degree

Life as a new nursing student can be tough. A final-year student shares her top tips

Three nursing students look happy to be on clinical placement together

Welcome to nursing – our dynamic, diverse and hugely rewarding profession

You’ve chosen a career full of opportunity, and there’s a whole community to support you too

Bangor University nursing society representatives presenting a donation cheque to a local hospice

Where would you turn for peer support as a nursing student?

Being part of your university’s nursing society is a chance to learn and support others


Picture shows models recreating a job interview, with a nervous young woman waiting for questions from recruiters

Interview skills: what to do when your mind goes blank

How to keep your cool and avoid ‘brain freeze’ during a job interview

Samantha Hayman

Why community nursing is not just for older nurses

Newly qualified nurses can gain clinical skills and confidence outside the hospital setting

Illustration of a woman following an arrow on a sign post.

Return to practice: bringing my life experiences to a new nursing career

After 25 years away from nursing, work in menopause education drew Ruth Devlin back