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Picture shows a woman who has been having chemotherapy looking at test results with a nurse. This article reports on advice from health professionals on how cancer nurses can support patients with the menopause.

Cancer and the menopause: 10 ways nurses can help their patients

How nurses can best support patients experiencing cancer and the menopause

Picture shows a woman naked from the waist up, with a scar where one breast has been removed. People with cancer are allowing pictures of themselves displaying the scars from their treatment to be used in the fundraising Defiance project.

Stand Up To Cancer campaign uses photos of real people to portray ‘raw reality’

Photographs of cancer patients showing their scars appear in project to raise funds

NHS staff member receives her flu jab

For your patients’ sake, get the flu jab, senior official urges health workers

Professor says healthcare staff have a ‘very strong responsibility’ to accept vaccination

GP consultation

Women in their sixties often skip offers of cancer screening

Most women in their sixties in England ignore at least one of three types of cancer screening

One in seven UK women are diagnosed with breast cancer Picture: iStock

Breast cancer nursing: your guide to new RCN competency framework

The RCN has published a competency framework for the academic and career pathways of nurses

Cancer nurse specialists told the Macmillan survey that care for people living with cancer would improve if they were given time off for training

Cancer nurse specialists are topping up training in their own time, charity says

Macmillan survey finds heavy workloads prevent many from taking time off for CPD training

Evidence and Practice

Systemic anticancer therapy handling safety: healthcare workers’ awareness, knowledge, training and use of protection measures

Systemic anticancer therapy handling safety

Healthcare workers’ awareness, knowledge, training and use of protection measures

Hypercalcaemia of malignancy: causes and management

Hypercalcaemia of malignancy: causes and management

Unless treated promptly hypercalcaemia of malignancy can progress quickly

Use of glycated haemoglobin blood test (HbA1c) screening for health promotion in surgical gynaecology oncology patients

Use of HbA1c screening for health promotion in surgical gynaecology oncology patients

How one trust identified that patients might benefit from a glycated haemoglobin blood test

Feasibility of a referral pathway to community pharmacy for patients taking oral anticancer medication

A referral pathway to community pharmacy for patients on oral anticancer medication

This article looks at a study set out to establish the feasibility of a referral pathway

A nurse-led review of patient experience for development of quality services

A nurse-led review of patient experience for development of quality services

A systematic approach for nurses at any level or experience to engage with service evaluation

‘Other-unproven’: US research and its implications for complementary therapies in the UK

‘Other-unproven’: US research and its implications for complementary therapies in UK

Insights into ways complementary therapists could play a useful role in new models of care


Talking helps nurses cope with trauma

Cancer nurses explain how they benefit from Schwartz rounds


Nurse-led research into sarcoma may lead to earlier diagnosis

Study into this cancer has produced so much evidence it could lead to swifter diagnosis

Amy Dugdale

The Macmillan nurse who is extending lives with ovarian cancer screening

More women are getting access to vital medication thanks to a nurse-led testing service

Dave Wright

Providing a better experience for young people with cancer

Youth support coordinators help young people with cancer from diagnosis to post-treatment

Homeless people urgently need timely and effective healthcare

Study shows it is often too late when homeless people present with cancer at hospital

Nursing older people with cancer

The final article in our series on how cancer affects different patient demographics


Illustration of compassion fatigue

I was diagnosed with depression caused by stress and compassion fatigue

Nurse Aly Foyle appeared to have it all, but then she started to fear going to work

Sinead Tinker, a character in Coronation Street, in hospital

Coronation Street cervical cancer story could increase take-up of screening services

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust worked with scriptwriters to produce a realistic storyline

Nurses in Schwartz round

Finding time to talk through the emotional toll of caring

Do too many nurses bury their feelings after a challenging experience at work?


Don’t worry if you shed a tear

Looking after a patient nearing the end of life can be daunting, but one nursing student realised that through a caring approach he was able to make a difference

An insight into the hidden battles of patients with invisible illnesses

When nursing student Laurie Batchelor helped care for a patient in the community with cancer, she gained a greater understanding of the experiences of those living with invisible conditions


Student’s homemade songbook helped patients forget cancer symptoms

When nursing student Georgia Brain created a book of lyrics to help her patients remember the words of songs from their youth, she learned a valuable lesson about the importance of a patient-centred approach to care


NET Patient Foundation

NET nurses: supporting patients confused by their rare cancer diagnosis

‘Even healthcare professionals don’t know enough about neuroendocrine cancers’

Jane Pickard

Macmillan lead cancer nurse

Jane Pickard thrives on the chance to influence the future of cancer services

‘Never lose sight of the person within your patient’

Jane Billing, lead for a urology oncology nurse specialist service, talks about her job