Nursing Standard’s editor Flavia Munn and senior nurse editor Dr Richard Hatchett present a regular podcast on topics affecting nurses and healthcare in the UK.

Three nurses walking through a hospital ward, chatting and smiling

How nurses can build their confidence at work

We discuss what is meant by confidence and steps that nurses can take to improve it

A nurses stands holding the phone at a hospital nurses' station while others are busy in the backgroundv

Joy in nursing, and how the Code can support staff and managers amid workplace pressures

NMC leaders on incivility and promoting joy in nursing, and how the Code acts as an anchor

A medic examines a patient lying in a hospital bed

Why nurses must support patients' right to a second opinion

We talk to the lead nurse of a service for raising concerns about patient care

Cross-section of a skin tear

Not ‘just a skin tear’: why they matter and how they should be managed

What you need to know about this often overlooked type of wound

Nurses holding placards and dressed for the cold weather, picket Northern General Hospital in Sheffield

NHS strikes one year on: how nursing staff took a historic stand with public’s support

Look back at what nurses told us on the picket lines, and why the campaign isn’t over


Menopause: how one nurse started meaningful conversations at work

Wendy Madden is making sure nurses with debilitating symptoms don't suffer in silence

Michael Rosen at the Nursing Live event

Author’s tale of pandemic journey – and what he owes to nurses

Michael Rosen reflects in our podcast on intensive care and his admiration for nurses


End of life care: tips on eliminating service inequalities faced by minority communities

Advice to help you tackle inequity, use your soft skills and address unconscious bias

Photo of nurse listening to patient, illustrating a story about pain management

Pain: how can nurses support patients living with it?

Our podcast explores the management of acute and chronic pain

Jayne Chidgey-Clark

Raising concerns: helping you to speak up without fear of repercussions

Our podcast guest tells us how she's striving to help nurses speak up with confidence

Photo of legal professional giving advice, illustrating a story about litigation nurses

The role of the litigation nurse – and what you can learn from it

Our podcast guest explains the advice he gives in relation to clinical negligence claims

Photo of exhausted nurse at work, illustrating podcast about burnout

Is work causing you to burn out? How to spot the warning signs

Our podcast explores causes of burnout, including long shifts, and what to do about it


How to call out rudeness (politely) at work

Taking appropriate action can protect yourself, your team’s and your patients’ well-being

Assessing deteriorating patients: what you need to know

How early warning scores can alert you if escalation of care is required

Don’t let perimenopause get you down: advice on how to get support in your workplace

Symptoms of perimenopause can be distressing – but they don’t need to be career-ending

Festival nursing: how to get work, enjoy the event and get paid

Our podcast guest advises on finding the right role and making the most of the experience

Latest NHS strike ballot and why a better pay deal is still worth fighting for

Podcast special: Pat Cullen calls on ministers to get back to the negotiating table

How nurses can avoid paying too much tax

An HMRC expert explains work-related allowances in the latest Nursing Standard podcast