Nursing Standard’s editor Flavia Munn and senior nurse editor Dr Richard Hatchett present a regular podcast on topics affecting nurses and healthcare in the UK.

Hands holding a gift box wrapped in ribbon

A time for giving – but nurses must beware presents from patients

With nurses only able to accept trivial gifts, our podcast discusses what might be permitted

Picture of someone walking down a hospital corridor at night

What’s in your night shift bag?

Tips from our podcast for your first night shift, including finding a routine that works


Climate emergency: what can nursing students do to be greener?

Our podcast guests discuss how they are making their university course more sustainable


Halloween: why do so many nurses have spooky stories?

Ciaran O’Keefe talks about his TV work with the paranormal and nurses’ ghostly interactions


What is it like to be a newly qualified nurse?

Securing a role that is the right fit for you to thrive in your new career


How to cope with the emotional strain of being a nurse

Our podcast explores vulnerability and the distress of caring for seriously ill patients


How will the changes to post-registration standards affect your career?

What community nurses need to know – and how to gain a specialist practice qualification


Nursing students: what I wish I’d known before starting out

Tips from two nursing students on juggling the competing priorities

Picture of an older woman in a hospital bed, looking pensive

Dementia and pad culture: dignified continence care in hospitals

Our podcast discusses use of continence pads for people with dementia admitted to hospital


Nurse shortages: why is there a constant struggle to fill rotas?

ICN chief Howard Catton talks of the need for up to 13 million new nurses globally


Monkeypox: how nurses can spot and treat it – and protect themselves

Our latest podcast guest explains all you need to know about the virus

Andrea Sutcliffe

Fitness to practise: why nurses shouldn’t be fearful of the NMC

Nursing and Midwifery Council chief Andrea Sutcliffe on treating all staff equally


Dysphagia: what nurses need to know to care for patients

Our latest podcast explores dysphagia, or difficulty in eating, drinking and swallowing

Lyme disease: what should nurses be looking out for?

Learn how to spot and treat the condition, which results from the bite of an infected tick

Wound care: assessing the best approach to cleansing and dressing

Our podcast guest explains how to decide which cleansing solutions and technique to use

Patient safety: safe staffing and knowing when not to compromise

Our podcast guest urges nurses to act if they think working standards are being eroded

Overcome self-limiting beliefs to build your confidence – and your professional career

Learn how to unlock the barriers that can hold you back from embracing new opportunities

Stressed out at work? Learn practical steps to improve your well-being

A new online course identifies your vulnerabilities and explains how you can work with them