Nursing Standard’s editor Flavia Munn and senior nurse editor Dr Richard Hatchett present a regular podcast on topics affecting nurses and healthcare in the UK.


Patient safety: safe staffing and knowing when not to compromise

Our podcast guest urges nurses to act if they think working standards are being eroded


Overcome self-limiting beliefs to build your confidence – and your professional career

Learn how to unlock the barriers that can hold you back from embracing new opportunities


Stressed out at work? Learn practical steps to improve your well-being

A new online course identifies your vulnerabilities and explains how you can work with them


Revalidation: do you struggle with the process? Our podcast can help

Learn what counts as continuing professional development, methods for reflection, and more


How to demonstrate effective leadership skills – whatever your seniority

Our latest podcast will empower you to develop your own leadership style

Picture shows a woman inserting coins into a vending machine containing snacks

Practical advice for busy nurses on how to ensure you are eating healthily at work

Our podcast looks at barriers to healthy diets such as long hours and lack of breaks


Career change: utilising your existing skills to secure your dream job

If the pandemic has made you consider your next move, our podcast can help

Woman looks uncomfortable as she clutches her abdomen

Endometriosis: how to spot the signs in patients – and maybe in yourself

Expert advice on supporting patients, and coping strategies if you have the condition


Sick of ‘resilience’? How to embrace being human – not superhuman

Chiara Dall’Ora explains why she refuses to teach resilience to nursing students

Picture shows senior black nurses Nichole McIntosh and Carol Love-Mecrow, who take part in a Nursing Standard podcast

How to overcome racism and discrimination to build your career in the NHS

Nursing Standard podcast looks at career progression for black and minority ethnic nurses


Simple steps nurses can take to help protect the environment

Actions all healthcare staff can implement to be greener at work and at home


How to handle feedback and turn it into positive change

Two nurse lecturers share how feedback can help with reflection and revalidation


What all nurses have to gain from learning disabilities training

Our podcast looks at what's behind mandatory training, plus strategies from specialist nurses

What support is available for nurses experiencing mental distress?

Our podcast looks at support available, including the Laura Hyde Foundation's free resource

Racism and discrimination at work: what support is available?

Equality 4 Black Nurses founder shares the personal impact of racism and unconscious bias

Advice for overseas nurses joining the NHS – and their managers

The pastoral care available to international nurses, plus first-hand experiences of recruits

Nurses with long-COVID: how self-care and support networks can help

Salli Pilcher and Jane Ireson share how they manage their health and well-being

Job interview skills: tackling tricky questions with confidence

Tips from Nichole McIntosh on how to quell your nerves and do your best in interviews