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RCN general secretary looks serious during visit to nurses' picket line outside Leeds General Infirmary in December 2022. Behind her, striking nurses hold signs with messages about staffing and pay. Everyone is dressed for winter weather

NHS pay deal: reopen talks with nurses, union leader urges government

Consultants’ better deal exposes injustice our female-dominated profession faces – RCN

Nurse with her back to the camera appears to feel isolated as union and care sector call on government to act against exploitation of foreign care staff in the UK

Focus on curbing exploitation of foreign staff, not immigration levels, minister told

Union and care providers call on government to take action against unethical employers

Photo of nurse staffing rota on ward computer

Nurses may see shorter working week if AfC recommendations approved

Scottish Government also considering pay changes and protected learning time

Consultants’ pay deal highlights ‘galling’ disparity for nurses

NHS nurses received the lowest public sector pay deal, with no promise of pay scale reform

A mental health nurse taking notes and talking to a patient sitting next to her

Warning of mental health nurses substituted on inpatient wards

But NHS denies any inappropriate staffing in mental health and learning disability services

Nurses’ views bypassed in higher-level staffing decisions

Data given precedence over nursing judgement at the cost of patient care, study finds

Evidence and Practice

A woman with a compassionate smile sits and looks at another woman who has her back to the camera

What is the therapeutic relationship in mental health practice?

A therapeutic relationship between nurse and service user is vital for good outcomes

Service users’ and staff’s experiences of ward rounds in an inpatient rehabilitation service: a service evaluation

A service evaluation of ward rounds in an inpatient rehabilitation service

Service users’ and staff’s experiences on the effectiveness of ward rounds

Benefits of developing long-term relationships between trainee nursing associates and mental health experts by experience

Nursing associates: benefits of collaborations with mental health experts by experience

How long-term interactions with service users can improve confidence during training

 First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) hearings: protecting the therapeutic relationship

Mental health tribunals: supporting patients and protecting the therapeutic relationship

An overview of the process and advice on displaying transparency and acting as the patient’s...

Exploring young people’s perspectives on digital technology and mental healthcare: pilot study findings

Exploring young people’s perspectives on digital technology and mental health care

Pilot study suggests avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to integrating digital technology...

Deprescribing antipsychotics in adults with psychotic disorders – a literature review

Deprescribing antipsychotics in adults with psychotic disorders

The challenge for nurses is to find a balance between the autonomy of the patient and the...


Care for transgender people: how to create positive, inclusive experiences

The steps you can take to tackle health inequalities faced by trans people


Patient’s Choice award winners: The district nursing team that transformed my life

Janette Connor nominated the team for their holistic, compassionate care

Protect your well-being: how to stay calm when the world feels chaotic

Ways to maintain your focus and balance in the face of relentless grim news

Julie Roye, RCN Nurse of the Year 2023

RCN Nurse of the Year 2023: ‘We empower patients with choice’

Julie Roye’s determination to break down health inequalities has had an impressive impact

Silhouette of a head looking down cut from a sheet of green crumpled paper on a black background indicating mental health and well-being

Patient suicide in mental health settings: how to cope with the aftermath

Coping strategies can help but more training and support is needed

Famous names in praise of nurses – ‘the country should value them more’

Nursing Live speaker poet Michael Rosen among celebrities to express their admiration


Patient’s clinical negligence complaint left me broken and isolated by misplaced shame

Accusation blighted my life – but here’s how I survived, and you could too

Dreaded form-filling: would standardisation across all settings make your job easier?

Universal patient documentation and its potential to ease your admin burden

Bullying in the NHS: more than just a few bad apples

System-wide change is needed so nurses can be confident reports will be dealt with


What is ChatGPT and can I use it to help with an assignment?

Students need to be AI-literate, but must use the technology with caution

Student hardship funds: what am I entitled to and how can I apply?

The support available if you find yourself struggling to make ends meet

Community project placement: what will I learn and how do I get one?

These non-clinical placements help develop students’ understanding of health inequalities


Midlife financial review: do I need one, and how do I do it?

Tips for nurses on NHS pensions, planning for future need and seeking financial advice

Safe staffing: how to report concerns, whatever your role or seniority

A practical guide to using ‘red flags’ to raise staffing gaps

Job interview tips: how to answer those ‘tricky’ questions

Steps you can take to prepare and talk with confidence about your skills and achievements