Car Park Full

Unison survey reveals ‘exorbitant’ and ‘stressful’ parking conditions for nurses

Staff say lack of adequate facilities wastes both their own and patients’ valuable time

Nurse talking on the phone and looking stressed

Stress-related absence on the rise among NHS staff in Scotland

Figures show more than a million work days lost over the past three years

Influenza vaccine

Commons committee says flu jab should be mandatory for certain nurses

Its report finds significant variation in uptake across England

What does high turnover in nurse director posts really mean for the profession?

With Nursing Standard research showing trend remains unchanged, experts consider the impact

healthcare assistant

Growth of healthcare assistant numbers outstrips nurse recruitment, study finds

Figures prompt renewed call for mandatory safe staffing in England

nurse looks downcast

BME nurses in London face more discrimination than in the rest of England, RCN claims

NHS employers in London cannot dismiss racism as merely a minority issue, college says

Evidence and Practice

Attitudes of dual diagnosis service users to mobile apps that aid treatment adherence

Attitudes of dual diagnosis service users to mobile apps that aid treatment adherence

Aims To examine the response of dual diagnosis service users towards the development of a...

A tool to track links between menstruation and mental health

A tool to track links between menstruation and mental health

It is widely accepted that the premenstrual phase of the menstrual cycle affects the mental...

The use of robotic animals in dementia care: challenges and ethical dilemmas

The use of robotic animals in dementia care: challenges and ethical dilemmas

This article looks at robotic pets and how they can be used in dementia care. The research...


Measuring complexity and quantity of community caseloads

The caseloads of members of community mental health teams are growing in size and complexity...

Solution oriented learning: an innovative approach that promotes motivation and resilience

Solution-oriented learning: an approach that promotes motivation and resilience

This article explores the use of solution-oriented learning as an approach to coping with...


Reported outcomes for young people who mentor their peers: a literature review

Mental health issues among young people are increasing and many young people will require...


Statue of Sigmund Freud

The Tavistock Clinic: where Sigmund Freud continues to influence nurses

Influenced by the Vienna-based ‘new psychology’ approach 100 years ago, the Tavistock Clinic...

Round table session at NHS Confederation conference Manchester 2018

Integrated training could be the key to unlocking parity of esteem

A round-table discussion shed light on the importance of training in improving outcomes

CAT therapy

Helping service users to help themselves with cognitive analytic therapy

Mental health nurse Steve Taylor’s dissatisfaction with therapeutic interventions for his...

Naz Islam

My experience as a mental health service user is invaluable to my role

Naz Islam is part of our Commitment to Carers winning team in the RCNi Nurse Awards 2018


World Mental Health Day logo

Is having just one World Mental Health Day a year enough?

Colin Parish argues that additional long-term funding is crucial to ensure mental health...

Holiday charity helps military veterans cope with post traumatic stress disorder

Former army nurse Chris Buswell says time away helped him cope with grief and work-related...

Exhibition illustration

We can de-stigmatise mental ill health if we’re willing to learn from the past

History has so much to tell us about modern medical and social attitudes to mental health


On the front line with a paramedic

A day spent shadowing a paramedic showed the complex range of skills this role requires, and...

What to do when words fail

Communication problems are not uncommon when people with complex needs are admitted to...

Going outside your comfort zone can help connect with patients

By learning more about football, mental health nursing student Felicity Allman was able to...


I am proud of the nurses my ex-students have become

'I want to see more mental health nurses doing research and building their own evidence base'

'Take the risks to better your career prospects'...

Senior lecturer Nicola Evans, on how taking all opportunities can provide the best outcomes...

60 seconds with military mental health nurse Diane Palmer

Always aim high, and be an inspirational leader who students and staff can trust and learn...