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Nurse wearing PPE at patient’s bedside in ICU at St George’s Hospital in London during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID death-in service compensation: do you know anyone who’s still missing out on help?

Uptake of cash assistance scheme for nurses’ dependents lags behind pandemic death toll

Illustration of clock going forward in spring, which may mean nurses on night shifts get paid for the lost hour

Night shifts: will you get paid for lost hour as clocks go forward?

Check with your employer about pay this weekend, and read tips for better sleep after shifts

Photo shows a medical assessment taking place with note-taking and clipboard: menopause is often not considered during mental health assessments

Menopause: nurses need specialist training to recognise mental health risks

The impact of menopause on mental health is not being routinely considered, finds inquiry

Partygate: ‘If Boris Johnson were a nurse, he’d be struck off’

Nurses voice their anger about former PM’s evidence to parliament about pandemic gatherings

Lucy Letby trial: doctors demanded CCTV cameras at neonatal unit

Senior doctors resisted nurse’s return to duties unless CCTV installed, court hears

Nurse retention: would a bonus scheme make you stay?

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust exploring ‘premium retention payment’ scheme

Evidence and Practice

Identifying and supporting men who experience paternal postnatal depression

Identifying and supporting men who experience paternal postnatal depression

Nurses can help new fathers by being alert symptoms and signposting them to further support...

Comforting colleague

Exploring mental health nurses’ experiences of assaults in inpatient settings

Nurses talk about patient violence in a review that looks at strategies to address the issue

Mental illness: why is cardiometabolic risk monitoring important?

Tips for nurses on monitoring cardiometabolic risk in people taking antipsychotic medications

A community-based crisis intervention for people with borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder: community-based crisis intervention

How a mental health trust undertook a ‘managing distress pathway’ pilot project

Using personalised music to enhance the well-being of people with dementia

Using personalised music to enhance the well-being of people with dementia

Listening to music can reduce symptoms such as agitation in people with dementia

Reflecting on professional self-disclosure and supportive relationships with foster carers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Professional self-disclosure and supportive relationships with foster carers

How approaches to self-disclosure changed during the shift to remote working during COVID-19


Professional boundaries: when nurse-patient relationships become over-friendly

How off-duty messages or interactions with patients could have serious consequences

Overworked and planning to leave – but what will it take to make you stay?

What some employers are doing, and the practical steps others can take to keep staff

On the verge of burnout? Seven signs to look for and how to cope

Positive steps nurses can take to help reduce risk and enhance your work-life balance

DNACPR: a step-by-step guide to clinical decision-making from Resuscitation Council UK

Advice from experts to help you navigate the complex legal and ethical issues

Terminal agitation: how to deal with distressing symptoms at the end of life

Advice on treating agitation, supporting families and coping with difficult patient deaths

Bipolar is a severe mental illness characterised by extreme mood swings and changes in energy levels

How nurses can better support people like me living with bipolar

Bipolar UK peer support officer on her personal experiences of the condition


Raising concerns: would you be reluctant to challenge a doctor?

Professional and personal barriers can get in the way of effective communication

NHS national uniform will soon be sewn up – so will the new scrubs make your job easier?

Workwear has been designed with staff input, and (spoiler alert) we hope you like blue

Nurse managers and leaders – how can we ensure they are synonymous?

Understanding of compassionate leadership is vital in manager roles, but not always present


Student-led wards: can they help boost your clinical skills and confidence?

Collaborative learning puts students at the forefront of decision-making

A well-being app for your nursing course: ShinyMind for students

New version of the popular app will focus on the challenges of nursing studies

Climate emergency: how nursing students can lead greener practice

How to share your knowledge of greener practice with the whole nursing team


Considering defence nursing? Here’s what you need to know

You can also learn first hand – and earn money – by joining the reserves or MoD bank

Nurse talent managers in the NHS: what does this relatively new role involve?

Established to attract, retain and develop staff, these roles are a great career move too

How mentoring can help overseas nurses reach senior roles

A programme supporting Filipino nurses, plus tips for getting the most out of mentoring