Career advice

Hidden judgement

How to challenge the misguided assumptions we all make

You cannot take back an insensitive comment, but you can minimise the risk of it happening


How to help colleagues during real-life dramas

Supporting a nurse who is struggling can be difficult, but just listening is a good start

RCN congress

‘More bang for your buck’ at this year’s RCN congress

Four-day event in Belfast will offer a range of learning sessions and CPD opportunities


Show courage: Don't be afraid to ask your manager for support...

It's part of a nurse's role to offer kindness and care, but how brave do they feel when...

Jobs Fair audience

Develop your career and learn to look after yourself at RCNi jobs fair

Self-care workshop will emphasise importance of work-life balance

Tapping into the wisdom of learning disabilities nurses

The RCN wants all acute hospitals to have 24-hour access to a learning disabilities liaison...

My job

60 seconds with asthma nurse specialist Caroline Fredericks 

About 5.4 million people in the UK are affected by asthma. Caroline Fredericks, an asthma...

60 seconds with homeless health advanced nurse practitioner Wendy Ann Webb

Embracing change and going the extra mile really does make a difference, says advanced nurse...

60 seconds with Royal Marsden head of pastoral care and psychological support Sara...

Behind every person, there’s a story, and patients deserve your time, attention and care,...

Gail Miles

60 seconds with respiratory nurse consultant Gail Miles 

Make every day the best you can for yourself and those around you. No one knows what...

60 seconds with care home operations director Louise Barnett 

Have confidence in your abilities and know that every skill you acquire is valuable, says...

Tracey Curtis

60 seconds with diabetes specialist nurse Tracey Curtis 

The best lesson nursing has taught me is to live life to the full, says diabetes specialist...

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