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Senior nurse Tara Iles (second from left) with staff at the Southmead Hospital menopause café in Bristol

How a menopause café is supporting nurses at work

Senior nurse Tara Iles wanted healthcare staff to have a safe space to talk

Health and social care secretary Steve Barclay says funding for nurse pay offer will be ‘a matter for the chancellor’

Growing doubts about how nurse pay offer will be funded

Government will not increase budget to pay for it, so will existing NHS coffers be raided?

Nurses slam 5% pay offer as a ‘slap in the face’

Poll of Nursing Standard readers on Twitter reveals majority dismayed by pay offer

Nurses urged to vote for the new 5% pay offer

RCN and DHSC have agreed to put forward a pay increase of 5% for 2023-24

Strikers at the University Hospital of North Durham

Nurses’ pay: new deal expected to be agreed today

Offer could be one-off payment for this year and maximum of 5% for 2023-24

Photo of nurses on the picket line at St Thomas' Hospital in London

Should nurses go back on strike while pay talks continue?

A nurse-led petition is urging the RCN to restart walkouts in England

Evidence and Practice

Protecting the mental health of the future workforce: exploring the prevalence of cognitive distortions among nursing students

Protecting the future workforce: cognitive distortions among nursing students

Identifying negative thinking styles may help prevent development of mental health issues

Nurses administering medications: most medication errors happen during the administration process

How should nurse managers respond to medicine administration errors?

A skilled response can enourage a culture of safety, openness and positivity

How can I recognise and support staff with compassion fatigue?

Identifying the signs and supporting individuals and teams to increase emotional resilience

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on front-line nurses’ professional quality of life

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on front-line nurses’ professional quality of life

Learn about sociodemographic and work-related factors that influence quality of life

How to undertake structured clinical reflection

How to undertake structured clinical reflection

Practical guidance for nurses on how to undertake reflection

Quantum leadership: a new approach for nurse leaders

Quantum leadership: a new approach for nurse leaders

Explore the features and potential benefits of the quantum leadership style


Overworked and planning to leave – but what will it take to make you stay?

What some employers are doing, and the practical steps others can take to keep staff

On the verge of burnout? Seven signs to look for and how to cope

Positive steps nurses can take to help reduce risk and enhance your work-life balance

DNACPR: a step-by-step guide to clinical decision-making from Resuscitation Council UK

Advice from experts to help you navigate the complex legal and ethical issues

Well-chosen words: how what you say makes a difference to outcomes

Tips for more powerful, productive and empathetic conversations with patients

Handover: how to get communication right for improved patient safety and team efficiency

Advice on strategies and tools to ensure every handover is seamless and information-rich

Learning from mistakes: how to make error a springboard to safer practice

Care improvements can only happen when you feel safe to admit when things have gone wrong


Nurse managers and leaders – how can we ensure they are synonymous?

Understanding of compassionate leadership is vital in manager roles, but not always present

Nurses are striking worldwide and their discontent is about more than simply pay

Why the past year has seen a spike in protests… but guess how grievances get resolved

Gender bias in leadership roles: how to unleash female nurses’ full potential

Women are held back from promotion by complex factors, but we may have found a solution


Student finances, placements and well-being: coping with the pressures

Changes that could help students cope, plus how to seek help if you need it

How to show leadership and organisation skills as a nursing student

Students on GP placement found ‘lost’ patients who were missing out on vital diabetes care

Welcome to your placement: how a ‘hello’ pack can help students feel at home

A nurse explains her idea to improve the learning experience for students and the team


The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) has published a draft set of standards to support specialist community nursing practitioner qualifications

QNI field-specific standards – what are they and how will they be used?

Draft standards spell out expectations for SPQs for community nurses

Nurse talent managers in the NHS: what does this relatively new role involve?

Established to attract, retain and develop staff, these roles are a great career move too

How mentoring can help overseas nurses reach senior roles

A programme supporting Filipino nurses, plus tips for getting the most out of mentoring