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Almost half of last year’s new NMC registrants were trained overseas

NMC data has sparked concern over quick fixes and recruitment from red list countries

Nurse looks back and waves as she stands beside exit

We’re off: NMC reveals extent of exodus from register as many leavers blame pandemic

Find out reasons why nurses say they feel forced to turn their backs on their careers

Nurses with disabilities are ‘being let down’ by NHS employers

Nurse Bethann Siviter responds to report showing lack of workplace adjustments for many staff

Community nurse who is a man chats to patient during a home visit

Attracting more men: is targeted recruitment key to unlocking growth in nurse numbers?

The nursing student cohort continues to be female-dominated thanks to stereotyping

Picture shows an injection being given by someone wearing gloves

Do's and don'ts of wearing gloves: help curb waste and avoid skin problems

To mark Glove Awareness Week, nurses are advised to change routines by reducing glove use

Menopause: shift work and long hours exacerbate symptoms

Nurses need better support to cope with menopause symptoms to enable them to stay in post

Evidence and Practice

Using data analytics to enhance quality improvement projects

Using data analytics to enhance quality improvement projects

Data analytics in healthcare can enhance the effectiveness of quality improvement projects


How reflective practice training affects critical thinking disposition and communication

An exploration of the effects of reflective practice training provided to nurse interns

Supporting the well-being of nursing students and student midwives during the COVID-19 pandemic

Supporting the well-being of nursing students and student midwives during COVID-19

Support for students emphasised the need to focus on the well-being of those who deliver care

Using coaching and action learning to support staff leadership development

Using coaching and action learning to support staff leadership development

Refresh your knowledge of professional development approaches

Exploring the relationship between leadership and conflict management styles among nursing students

Leadership and conflict management styles among nursing students

Identify the different leadership and conflict management styles that individuals may use

Improving safety by developing trust with a just culture

Improving safety by developing trust with a just culture

How to apply a just culture approach to your organisation


What inspired me to become a nurse – and why I choose to stay

Nurses reflect on their route into the profession and what keeps them motivated

Remote assessments for physical conditions: how to get the most from video calls

Virtual consultations can transform care, and there are tools to help with tech and skills

Ditching hierarchy in healthcare: could shared decision-making work for your team?

The leadership model ensuring staff at all levels can initiate and progress change

Nurses, healthcare assistants and other nursing professionals from across the UK who have died during the COVID-19 pandemi

COVID-19: remembering the nursing staff who have lost their lives

Colleagues and families pay tribute to nursing professionals who have died across the UK

Can community nurses cope with increased out of hospital services for older people?

Community care has good outcomes, but district nursing workloads exceed capacity of services

Patient deterioration: combining skills, knowledge and gut feeling in decision-making

Experienced nurses share what they have learned about managing acutely ill patients


Why I must raise my concerns about your gender diversity in nursing article

Ella Guerin, a non-binary mental health nurse, has concerns about content and language used

NMC registration fee: where your money goes, plus how to get help to pay

What to do if you’re worried you’ll struggle to pay the £120, or have missed a payment

Racist abuse in the NHS: ignoring patients’ prejudice doesn’t make it go away

Managers expect staff to put up with insults, and when we don’t we’re called confrontational


What to expect from a placement with a district nursing team

Hone your leadership, communication and clinical skills while supporting patients at home


What does the role of diabetes specialist nurse involve?

Qualifications you need and the pay to expect in this influential and autonomous role

What is a digital nurse specialist – and could it be your next role?

Implementing new technologies is about change management and prioritising patient safety

Do you have a fantasy about handing in your notice or even leaving nursing for good?

Find out about the issues it would help you to consider before you take the plunge