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Is the delay on nurses’ pay part of a government game plan?

RCN brands government failure to submit its evidence on next year’s pay ‘disgusting’

Neonatal unit nurse Lucy Letby, smiling

Lucy Letby: ‘nurse injected air into baby’s stomach in third attempt to kill her’

Prosecution alleges neonatal nurse would go on finally to kill infant in a matter of days

A petition signed by 100,000 members of the public, nursing staff and patients is delivered to 10 Downing Street

Nurses deliver petition to Downing Street demanding better pay

Petition with more than 100,000 signatures urges Rishi Sunak to address NHS workforce crisis

Strikers at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital in January

‘Sacking nurses bill’ moves a step closer to becoming law

MPs approve anti-strike bill that could see nurses and other key workers facing the sack

Woman works at laptop from kitchen table

You’re needed in the office: trust gives nurses notice default home-working will end

Nurse fears work-life balance will suffer, although right to request flexibility remains

Calls to cut ‘exorbitant’ immigration fees to keep overseas nurses

Thousands of people sign petition urging government to reduce indefinite leave to remain fees

Evidence and Practice

How can I recognise and support staff with compassion fatigue?

Identifying the signs and supporting individuals and teams to increase emotional resilience

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on front-line nurses’ professional quality of life

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on front-line nurses’ professional quality of life

Learn about sociodemographic and work-related factors that influence quality of life

How to undertake structured clinical reflection

How to undertake structured clinical reflection

Practical guidance for nurses on how to undertake reflection

Quantum leadership: a new approach for nurse leaders

Quantum leadership: a new approach for nurse leaders

Explore the features and potential benefits of the quantum leadership style

Increasing awareness of bullying through small-scale initiatives in higher education

Increasing awareness of bullying through small-scale initiatives in higher education

Enhance your understanding of workplace bullying, particularly in nurse education

Developing a leadership programme for junior nurses

Developing a leadership programme for junior nurses

Understand the importance of organising professional development for junior nurses


Working nights and trying for a baby: is your shift pattern reducing your fertility?

Women’s reproductive health and the harms potentially linked to night shifts

When a patient won’t take their tablets: how to promote medication adherence

Why sensitively tailored conversations with patients can boost their concordance

Morale boost: leadership tips for supporting teams under pressure

How to help staff feel appreciated and heard amid unprecedented challenges

What to do if your boss has their ‘pet’ people

Favouritism is too often a feature of nursing teams – but here’s how you can change that

How to find your voice and make it heard so you can stand out from the crowd

Finding your professional voice can help you forge your ideal career path

Hostile patients: how to deal with aggression, verbal attacks and other forms of abuse

Advice on steps to take, de-escalation tips and why incidents should never be normalised


M is for memorable: how to harness mnemonics to help you retrieve key information, fast

Tips on using word patterns to boost recall of important clinical information and tasks

Kindness in the workplace – we all need it, but do we have time to practise it?

With many nursing staff feeling near to breaking point, acts of compassion are essential

Hot, healthy food at work: what the new NHS standards will mean for you

England’s trusts are to be held to higher standards of catering and food options


How to show leadership and organisation skills as a nursing student

Students on GP placement found ‘lost’ patients who were missing out on vital diabetes care

Welcome to your placement: how a ‘hello’ pack can help students feel at home

A nurse explains her idea to improve the learning experience for students and the team

A guide to infection prevention and control: what nursing students need to know

Protecting patients and staff from infection is a fundamental part of care


Redeployed to an unfamiliar area: what is a floating shift and do I have to work it?

How to cope if your shift setting changes and ensure you work within your competency

Expedition nursing: an opportunity for thrill seekers to work while travelling

Job combines work with adventurous treks, sports trips or TV location shoots

Recruits from overseas: how to succeed in your career and thrive in the UK

Leading Filipino nurse shares his tips on adapting to British life and clinical practice