Patient view

My nurse believed in me and saved my life

Susan Hemming says Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust community psychiatric nurse Kelly

Bereavement specialist helped me cope with twin’s death

When Tracy Mattison’s sister passed away, bereavement specialist Melanie McDougall was there

Nurse went the extra mile to get me specialist care

Angela Whiting was at a local hospital, in pain and upset, when nurse Liz Mullins tracked

Our community healthcare worker has been the family's lifeline

When Alison Knox's daughter was diagnosed with the rare Dravet Syndrome, community

The perfect blend of compassion, knowledge and practical ability

Macmillan breast cancer nurse Caroline Mercer has supported Sally Macklin through every...

Nurse helped my family cope with devastating diagnosis

The support of Sally Convery helped us care for dad as best we could, says Julia Gilmour.

Compassionate professional improved my physical and mental health

Respiratory nurse calming caring influence helped me improve my ashtma

Nurse's care has helped me tackle my eating disorder

Fourteen-year-old Jade Long, who has anorexia, says nurse Sarah Duffy has been key to her

Our community nurse supports our whole family through tough times

Christina Vazquez explains the difference Rosie Mulholland has made to their lives.

Patient view: Our PICU nurse helped us build precious memories

Senior staff nurse Anna Bedrich went above and beyond to ensure we still had family time...

Patient View: Our wonderful support from head and neck cancer specialist

Specialist nurse Sandra Jackson has made life manageable for Kylee and Jerry Green.

Patient view: How sister Jane Lynch helped when my baby's heart stopped beating...

The care I received in the early pregancy unit was so caring, says patient Ella Stiles.

How an Admiral Nurse helped my mum stay out of hospital

Lisa Evans describes how the support of nurse Pam Kehoe has helped her cope with her mother'...

Nurse Matthew Ridout made mum feel she was not ‘just another patient’

Family’s praise for hospital staff nurse Matthew Ridout

'I could not have survived without Kelly'

Tom Owen praises the work of nurse Kelly Stackhouse

Veteran support is a force for good

Dawn Caswell praises the work of Lynne Davidson, leader of a project offering mental health...

Patient view: 'An utterly amazing nurse'...

Rachel Oyoo praises the skills of emergency department charge nurse Ben Small, who helped...

Delivering a message of hope

Supporting people with eating disorders