Patient view

Respiratory nurse is always calm in a crisis

Katie Allen puts patients at ease and can take control of any situation, says patient Lehanne Sergison.

Picture: Alamy

Every five to six weeks I spend about ten days in Royal Brompton Hospital in London to receive treatment for severe asthma. As a regular on the respiratory ward, I have seen respiratory nurse Katie Allen look after many patients in her extremely professional, caring way. She is exceptional and shines in a pool of fine nurses.

On one occasion she was called in on her night off to help an older female patient with dementia who was experiencing breathing difficulties. None of the other nurses on duty could settle her.

Katie took control of the situation within half an hour of arriving. Thanks to her amazing communication skills, she was able to comfort the patient, get her to change her clothes, use her oxygen and accept treatment. 

She stayed with the patient all night, speaking to her at length to keep her calm. She showed great patience and kindness to help this distressed woman, and convince her to have her treatment. This approach is evident on every shift.

Intuitive care

Katie is calm in a crisis and I always feel in safe hands when she is my nurse. She recently cared for me in a high dependency unit and I felt at ease knowing she was on duty.

She has the ability to respond to patients who need her most, rather than just those who request her most. She always knows who these people are and has everything under control.

She is a force to be reckoned with, as she can be firm yet positive, when needed. She is confident in her knowledge, has a good rapport with her colleagues and passes on her skills by training the more junior staff. Katie is a wonderful nurse who cares in an intuitive way.

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