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Readers’ panel: Should sugary drinks be banned from NHS hospitals?

In an effort to tackle obesity among health service employees, NHS England has launched a...

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As new figures show that obesity rates in children are rising, England’s chief medical...

Readers' panel: is the 1% pay cap destroying nurses’ morale?

Nurses have suffered a real terms pay cut of 14% since 2010. RCN lead pay negotiator Josie

Letter: a tribute to Dr John Adams

John Adams was a strong advocate of nursing history and a gifted speaker, writer and editor

How to blog your way to success

Want to write a blog but not sure where to start? Expert blogger Liz Charalambous has some...

Readers’ panel: do nurses need training to cope with rude colleagues?

A new study from researchers at the University of East Anglia and a Canadian university has

Letter: Our profession must unite to fight the introduction of the nursing associate...

The decision to introduce nursing associates goes against all the evidence says Jenny Hunt

Letter: The GMC supports doctors, why doesn't the NMC do the same for nurses?...

David Harding-Price urges the NMC to 'stop taking nurses for granted'

Readers’ panel: should NHS trusts be exposed for high spending on agency staff?

NHS Improvement recently announced plans to ‘name and shame’ trusts with the worst record on

Readers’ panel: should NHS staff ask suspected health tourists for identification

In a bid to crack down on ‘health tourism’, St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation

Letter: Getting it right when it comes to patient notes

When it comes to sharing information we seem to have forgotton 'Nothing about me without me...

Letter from Zambia 4: The students are ready to return to critical care

The team teaching critical care nurses in Zambia have to think quickly to create meaningful...

Letter from Zambia 3: A salutary lesson in the value of a team approach

Our students identified a potential risk to the patency of the patient’s airway

Readers’ panel: Should doctors have to work in the NHS for a minimum of 4 years after

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt recently announced that medical graduates will be required to

Is the NMC right to withhold details of complaints against registrants?

The decision to no longer reveal details of allegations against registrants ahead of

Letter: Give nurses credit for staying positive in the face of adversity

Letter: Gordon Lees says nurses should be congratulated for maintaining their morale