Our clinical nursing articles aim to inform and educate nurse practitioners and students. This is achieved through the publication of peer-reviewed, evidence-based, relevant and topical articles.

The benefits and risks of nursing students engaging with social media

Learn about e-professionalism and the standards expected of nurses online

Promoting recruitment by rebranding the image of nursing

Identify the features that could attract people to the profession

How to measure a patient’s temperature non-invasively

Understand the factors that can influence the accuracy of readings

Preventing medical device-related skin damage

Minimise the risk for patients, primarily by preventing pressure ulcers

Use of pain scales and observational pain assessment tools in hospital settings

Learn how to recognise patient behaviours that may indicate pain

Awareness of secondary traumatic stress in emergency nursing

How nurses can safeguard against secondary traumatic stress

Enhancing the care of patients with sickle cell disease

Ensure the effective management of painful vaso-occlusive crises

Improving the awareness and care of veterans in healthcare services

Understand the unique healthcare needs of people who have served in the UK military

Understanding the role of carbohydrates in optimal nutrition

How to advise patients on appropriate intake as part of a balanced diet

Role of nurses in promoting the skin health of older people in the community

The age-associated changes that affect the skin, and what advice to give

Undertaking a person-centred assessment of patients with chronic wounds

How to identify and remove potential barriers to wound healing

Care of infants, children and adults with congenital heart disease

Learn about treatment options and the importance of psychological support

Preventing foot complications in people with diabetes mellitus

Understand the causes, signs and symptoms, and how to assess foot health

Development of a tool to support managers in planning and evaluating staff training

How improving managers’ decision-making around training can enhance patient care

Developing cultural competence in caring for LGBTQI+ patients

Healthcare for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and intersex people

Understanding the benefits and implications of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Learn how ERAS can reduce post-operative complications and length of hospital stays

Caring for people with mental health conditions in general clinical settings

Learn communication skills to improve care for this patient group

Developing effective nurse leadership skills

Understanding and learning these skills at all levels of seniority