Our clinical nursing articles aim to inform and educate nurse practitioners and students. This is achieved through the publication of peer-reviewed, evidence-based, relevant and topical articles.

Artificial hydration at the end of life: balancing benefits and risks

Explore the central questions in the absence of conclusive evidence

Using the SSKIN care bundle to prevent pressure ulcers in the intensive care unit

Learn about risk assessment tools and how to use the five-step care bundle

Role of the nurse in supporting the safe use of opioids

Understand the pharmacology, side effects and risks of opioids

Understanding the role of diet in adult constipation

Learn how to advise patients about dietary changes to help prevent and manage the condition

Understanding the role of the academic assessor

Learn the role’s responsibilities, benefits and potential challenges

Optimising the absorption of medicines

Improve your understanding of the mechanisms of medicine absorption

Exploring the effects of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in adolescence

Understand the psychological and practical impact of a diagnosis on adolescents

Understanding pharmacogenomic testing and its role in medicine prescribing

Exploring the nurse’s role in this branch of personalised medicine

Promoting and supporting healthy eating among nurses

How workplaces can be adapted to support nurses to eat healthily

Using music interventions in the care of people with dementia

Learn how to harness the therapeutic properties of music

Exploring healthcare professionals’ initial perceptions of caring for trans patients

Enhance your ability to identify trans patients’ needs and provide appropriate care

Using effective hand hygiene practice to prevent and control infection

Understand the complex factors that can interfere with hand hygiene compliance

Role of non-specialist nurses in supporting people who misuse drugs

Learn about contributing factors, associated health issues and the interventions available

The experiences of domiciliary caregivers simulating the role of care recipients

Improve your understanding of the caregiver-care recipient relationship and developing trust

Patient transfer from the intensive care unit to a general ward

Exploring the challenges of transferring patients from the ICU

Understanding the role of spirituality in providing person-centred care

Learn what nurses require to achieve spiritually competent practice

Assessing the effect of physical activity and exercise on nurses’ well-being

Recognise how a nurse’s physical activity levels can affect their work performance

Understanding the standard of care required of nurses

What you need to know to maintain safe and effective delivery of care to patients