Our clinical nursing articles aim to inform and educate nurse practitioners and students. This is achieved through the publication of peer-reviewed, evidence-based, relevant and topical articles.

Using health promotion to support healthy ageing

How to provide targeted solutions that enable older people to live healthy lives

Role of emotional intelligence in effective nurse leadership

Practical activities leaders can undertake to develop their skills in this area

Individual and organisational strategies to develop resilience in the nursing workforce

Learn how resilience is linked to physical and mental well-being – and how to increase it
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Assessing and managing mental health issues in people with chronic skin conditions

Understand the psychological effects of these conditions that patients may experience

Reviewing the physiology, pharmacology and therapeutic uses of ketamine

Familiarise yourself with the nursing implications of ketamine use

Using emollients to promote safe and effective skin care

Enhance your understanding of the skin barrier function and the role of emollients

Optimising protein intake in older people to maintain their musculo- skeletal health

The role of protein in healthy ageing with recommendations for optimising protein intake

Understanding and mitigating moral injury in nurses

A discussion of the manifestations of moral injury and its associated risk factors

Association between medically assisted detoxification and neuropathic pain

How to manage pain in people recovering from high-risk alcohol use

The disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on nurses from ethnic minority backgrounds

Recognise the intersecting factors that can lead to discrimination and disadvantage

Understanding the principles of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation

An overview of NPPV and its use in type 1 and type 2 respiratory failure
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Using nurse-led patient monitoring to avoid medicines-related harm

Identify strategies that will increase your role in medicines optimisation

Compassion in nursing: exploring the perceptions of students and academics

Recognise the factors that can influence the delivery of compassionate care

Methods for capturing patient experience and satisfaction in healthcare services

How to undertake a patient experience audit or research project

Understanding failings in patient safety: lessons from the case of surgeon Ian Paterson

Learning from cases of malpractice and the role of nurses in raising concerns

An overview of diabetic retinopathy and other ocular complications of diabetes mellitus

Understand the role of the nurse in providing patient education and support

Examining the effects of COVID-19 on mental health services, service users and nurses

How the negative effects on nurses’ physical and mental well-being can be addressed

Recognising and treating psychological issues in people with diabetes mellitus

Enhance your knowledge of potential issues such as depression, distress and guilt