Our clinical nursing articles aim to inform and educate nurse practitioners and students. This is achieved through the publication of peer-reviewed, evidence-based, relevant and topical articles.

Patient transfer from the intensive care unit to a general ward

Exploring the challenges of transferring patients from the ICU

Understanding the role of spirituality in providing person-centred care

Learn what nurses require to achieve spiritually competent practice

Assessing the effect of physical activity and exercise on nurses’ well-being

Recognise how a nurse’s physical activity levels can affect their work performance

Understanding the standard of care required of nurses

What you need to know to maintain safe and effective delivery of care to patients

Role of the nurse in the assessment and management of post-operative pain

Learn how to manage this common and unavoidable consequence of surgery

Providing optimal nursing care for patients undergoing enteral feeding

Refresh your knowledge of the various routes for enteral feeding and medicines administration

An antimicrobial stewardship competency framework in nurse education and practice

How to assist nurses in ensuring the safe and effective use of antibiotics

Implementing the National Early Warning Score 2 into pre-registration nurse education

The benefits and challenges of using NEWS2 as an educational tool

Pathophysiology and treatment of hypovolaemia and hypovolaemic shock

What you need to know about their presentation, progression and treatment pathway

Implementing collective leadership in healthcare organisations

Develop a culture where formal and informal leaders work together to improve care

Person-centred approaches to improve access to cardiac rehabilitation

Enhance equity of access to programmes and tailor them to patients’ needs and preferences

Assessing physical activity levels in people living with a stoma

Read about interventions that can reduce barriers to exercise

Ensuring continuity of care for patients with diabetes mellitus

Discover the risks and adverse events that can occur during patient transfer

Effective drain care and management in community settings

Learn about the rationale for drain insertion and its associated complications

Improving the uptake of medical device training to promote patient safety

Understand how training days can improve competency and prevent adverse events

Exploring the fundamental aspects of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery nurse’s role

Familiarise yourself with the main aspects of this role

Embedding spiritual care into everyday nursing care

How patients’ spiritual needs can be embedded into everyday nursing practice

Supporting patients to make lifestyle behaviour changes

Enhance your knowledge of the benefits of health promotion and preventing ill health