Our clinical nursing articles aim to inform and educate nurse practitioners and students. This is achieved through the publication of peer-reviewed, evidence-based, relevant and topical articles.

Understanding the pharmacology of the side effects of medicines

How knowledge of pharmacology can prevent adverse drug reactions and maintain patient safety

Mobile phone interventions to promote adherence to HIV treatment

Identify the potential challenges of such interventions, and how to mitigate them

An overview of the oral medicines used in the management of type 2 diabetes

Understand their benefits and potential side effects, and how to select them

Understanding the legal considerations of consent in nursing practice

Refresh your knowledge of the elements required to ensure that a patient’s consent is valid

Assessing and managing post-operative haemorrhage and haemorrhagic shock

Learn about interventions that can halt the bleeding and restore intravascular volume

Managing agitation secondary to hyperactive delirium in deteriorating patients

Caring for people with delirium and why restraint should be a last resort

Enhancing patients’ experiences of living with epilepsy

Evidence-based interventions that can improve quality of life for patients

Diabetes mellitus: an overview of the types, symptoms, complications and management

Understand the nurse’s role in managing patients with diabetes

Role and support needs of nurses in delivering palliative and end of life care

Learn about training and clinical supervision to inform effective care

Role of the nurse in patient blood management and treating anaemia

Recognise the factors that can influence transfusion decisions and enhance patient safety

Understanding the importance of recognising, treating and preventing stroke

Refresh your knowledge of the risk factors for stroke, and its signs and symptoms

Role of the nurse in addressing vaccine hesitancy and misinformation on social media

Learn strategies such as debunking and providing accurate, evidence-based information

Using health promotion to support healthy ageing

How to provide targeted solutions that enable older people to live healthy lives

Role of emotional intelligence in effective nurse leadership

Practical activities leaders can undertake to develop their skills in this area

Individual and organisational strategies to develop resilience in the nursing workforce

Learn how resilience is linked to physical and mental well-being – and how to increase it
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Assessing and managing mental health issues in people with chronic skin conditions

Understand the psychological effects of these conditions that patients may experience

Reviewing the physiology, pharmacology and therapeutic uses of ketamine

Familiarise yourself with the nursing implications of ketamine use

Using emollients to promote safe and effective skin care

Enhance your understanding of the skin barrier function and the role of emollients