Book review: Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky Problem of Uncertainty in Medicine

Retired practice development nurse Valerie McGurk reviews Snowball in a Blizzard: The Tricky...

Book review: Transitions to Practice: Essential Concepts for Health and Social Care...

Principle lecturer Kay Norman reviews Transitions to Practice: Essential Concepts for Health...

Book review: Revalidation: A Journey for Nurses and Midwives

Professional development and revalidation lead nurse Carolyn Middleton reviews Revalidation...

Book review: Nurses and Nursing: The Person and the Profession

Patient experience and quality manager Eleanor Sherwen reviews Nurses and Nursing: The...


Book review: Learning for Organizational Development

This book offers useful advice easily transferrable to nursing management settings


Book review: Working in Teams

This excellent, revised edition is concise, easy to read and based on a thorough review of...

Healthcare Simulation Education

Book review: Healthcare Simulation Education

Best used for reference, this book adopts a theoretical approach to simulated practice...

Thoughtful Healthcare

Book review: Thoughtful Health Care

Adult nursing senior lecturer Karen Sanders reviews Thoughtful Health Care: Ethical...

how to be a nurse or midwife leader

Book review: How to Be a Nurse or Midwife Leader

A book for health and social care professionals at all levels.

Planning Health Promotion Programs

Book review: Planning Health Promotion Programs

A practical resource for developing health promotion and education programmes.

Book review: Becoming a Reflective Practitioner

Newly retired senior nurse lecturer Keith Booles reviews Becoming a Reflective Practitioner.

Book review: Leadership and Change for the Health Professional

Principal lecturer adult nursing at the University of Worcester Kay Norman reviews...

Book review: Quality and Safety in Nursing

Ensuring that care is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient centred.

Book review: Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare

New ways to evaluate leadership in nursing.

Book review: Patient Safety: Investigating and Reporting Serious Clinical Incidents

Book review: Patient Safety: Investigating and Reporting Serious Clinical Incidents

Book review: The Essentials of Nursing Leadership

Inspiring update has all aspects of leadership covered.