Book review: Law and Ethics in Nursing and Healthcare: An Introduction (Second edition)

★ ★ ★ ★★

This text aims to deliver key concepts of law and ethics in an easy-to-read style. In an area of healthcare that is fraught with rapidly changing challenges and misunderstandings, the author achieves this.

The content is up to date, comprehensive and encourages readers to consolidate their learning.

Each chapter begins with clear learning objectives and the summary points are useful learning. The case studies used have been taken from different sources such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council and both real and fictional legal cases present situations for reflection and discussion. Likewise, the appendix is an excellent resource for encouraging critical thinking and analysis.  

This is a must-have book for nurses and healthcare students. This is an excellent book to provide the basic understanding of how legal, ethical and professional approaches overlap and how they can each influence our health care decisions in different ways.

This should be an essential addition to healthcare libraries and would suit individuals during training and when qualified.

Graham Avery | Sage | 392pp | £26.99 | ISBN: 9781412961745

Reviewed by Maureen Benbow, independent nursing consultant

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