Stop saying 'the band 5'

Stop saying ‘the band 5’: why referring to colleagues by their pay band has had its day

Hierarchical blindness undervalues staff and has no place in a post-pandemic workplace

Image of a female medic holding her hands to her face in distress, with images of comforting hands above and below her

Talking about death and dying: COVID-19 has taught us not to wait

Help nursing colleagues and teams cope with grief by signposting to information and support


Coping with the death of a colleague: advice and support for nurses

How to deal with bereavement at work and where to go for support

Picture shows a resident of Wren Hall nursing home talking to a medic who is wearing personal protective equipment

Some care homes may not survive COVID-19

Anita Astle says pandemic has pushed her to the brink and her nursing home towards bankruptcy

Pandemic healthcare worker

COVID-19: psychological support for healthcare workers during and after the pandemic

How can we continue to ensure the psychological well-being of healthcare workers?

Leadership test

COVID-19: pandemic poses tests of nursing leadership, courage and compassion

Bravely applying nursing science deserves recognition, says RCN forum


COVID 19: why we need to ditch the military terms

Framing the pandemic as a war, with battles and sacrifices, sends the wrong message

Emergency department worker wearing PPE

COVID-19: how we have prepared for the surge that’s yet to come

An emergency nurse in Belfast says vital work has seen staff pull together like never before

Picture shows a young nurse in scrubs looking weary with her hand to her head. Added stress from the coronavirus and helping patients to cope with an uncertain future is stretching the resilience of nurses.

COVID-19: staff well-being initiatives are vital as nurses face greater pressures

The COVID-19 crisis and helping patients to cope is extremely stressful on nurses

COVID-19: illustration showing how the pandemic is reshaping social care nursing

COVID-19: how the pandemic is reshaping social care nursing

Blurring organisational boundaries and how we share information are among the changes

COVID-19 emergency teams

COVID-19: amid fear and anxiety, we must look after each other

An emergency nurse’s experience of coping with the constantly evolving coronavirus crisis

Picture shows Cygnet Health Care nursing apprenticeship programme students at the University of Wolverhampton. More funding is needed to solve staffing shortages in mental health nursing, but it must be shared across a number of areas, says David Wilmott.

We need to change how we invest in mental health nursing or risk a continuing crisis

More funding is needed to solve staffing shortages in mental health nursing

‘Learn from the leadership qualities of your nursing role model’

A nurse leader must influence with authenticity and have a shared vision, says Matthew Hodson

‘Caring is the essence and reality of nursing’

Leadership means how we advocate for nursing, act and treat others, says Barry Quinn

‘I hope all students realise their potential for leading excellent nursing care’

Writing and developing research are powerful ways of sharing good practice, says Alison James

Technology must be coupled with good leadership if nursing care is to improve

Put informatics at the heart of service development and delivery, says Amanda Claeys

‘Be open to opportunities even if they don't fit neatly into your plans’

If you want to be a leader stay open to opportunities, advises Nichole McIntosh

As a nurse leader, I can ensure excellent patient care

A mentor's guidance can be crucial when leadership gets tough, says Helen Reeves