Book review: How to Be a Nurse or Midwife Leader

A book for health and social care professionals at all levels.

How to Be a Nurse or Midwife Leader

how to be a nurse or midwife leader

David Ashton, Jamie Ripman and Philippa Williams (Eds) | Wiley Blackwell | £24.99 | 232pp | ISBN: 9781119186991


Leadership is a well researched and described topic that is relevant to professions throughout health and social care.  

This book, which was written in collaboration with the NHS Leadership Academy, focuses on real-life experiences of nurses and midwifes who have faced leadership dilemmas.

Its strength is its practical approach, based and grounded in academic theory.

It starts by looking at identity and self, a vital subject for any leader. Understanding ourselves and how we want to be seen are the foundations of being a good leader and allows for personal development.

As a leader, I found the book particularly useful as a reference when encountering difficult or challenging situations.

The section on chairing meetings prompted me to reflect on my practice and adapt how my meetings are conducted.

The topic of leadership is not a new one but how the book has been set out to address the topic is purely practical in its approach.

It allows the reader freedom to reflect on practice and consider how they use their leadership skills in their day-to-day practice so it can be based on academic theory.

Overall, this is a thoroughly enjoyable book relevant to health and social care professionals at all levels.

Reviewed by Helen Reeves, operational lead for Walsall and inpatient services, St Giles Hospice, Whittington, Staffordshire

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