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Picture shows graduating Philippine nurses

What the global survey of the nursing workforce tells us – and what’s missing

Flawed figures for the UK are a distraction in the State of the World’s Nursing report

Can employers read personal messages sent via work email?

With the current focus on data protection, the answer may surprise you

Workforce: Offer to Jamaican nurses marred by Windrush

Timing is all in politics, says James Buchan

Workforce: What can we learn from the ‘pay pendulum’ of decades ago?

Since the mid-1980s, the Pay Review Body has been fairly successful in keeping nurse pay on an even keel, but it’s clear the system now needs fixing, says workforce expert James Buchan

Workforce: Immigration of skilled younger nurses keeps our NHS running

With ‘self-sufficiency’ in NHS staffing yet to materialise, the UK relies on skilled workers from abroad to maintain viable services

Legal advice: Do I have to report a parking fine to the Nursing and Midwifery Council?

The Nursing and Midwifery Council requires nurses and midwives to report any convictions or cautions they receive, but do parking fines and other fixed-penalty motoring offences fall within this category?

Medicines management: Should applicants for staff nurse posts have numeracy tests?

An increasing number of medication incidents are due to calculation errors, and while numeracy tests may seem yet another hoop to jump through they are to help protect patient safety and your registration, and will likely become more common

Medicines management: Should I sign for medicines before I witness the patient taking...

As the registered nurse preparing medicines, you are ultimately responsible for making sure the patient takes them. If you delegate this task, make sure you have a system in place in which someone witnesses the patient take the medication so that doses are not omitted, says medicines management expert Matt Griffiths

Job attraction

How to attract the top nursing talent

With demand for nurses greater than ever, what can employers do to attract and retain the best talent?