Book review: Leadership in Health Care

Leadership in Health CareLeadership in Health Care book cover

Jill Barr, Lesley Dowding

Sage Publications

£28.99 |360pp

ISBN: 9781526459404


Everywhere in the NHS we require a concise approach to leadership and management.

There has never been a greater need to cultivate new leaders, or ‘rising stars’, and foster the wealth of experience already in place.

In practice, leadership is a highly taught component of almost all roles.

Whether clinical, operational or professional, the philosophies of leadership and management are paramount in the evolution of the health economy and workforce .

This publication is appropriately targeted at a spectrum of leaders and managers, including nurses and allied health professionals.

Written in a detailed and evidence-based way, with regular activities and case studies for analytical and critical thought, it promotes a credible approach to contemporary challenges.

This book will be popular with pre-registered nurses and postgraduate students, along with aspiring leaders, and those new to leadership and managerial roles in healthcare.

Its well-constructed format will allow readers to refer to key sections easily.

I have shared it with colleagues and they agreed about the book’s credibility across a spectrum of roles and levels.

Reviewed by Tom Challinor, care community service manager, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Central Cheshire Integrated Care Partnership

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