Patient view

Patient view: How sister Jane Lynch helped when my baby's heart stopped beating

The care I received in the early pregancy unit was so caring, says patient Ella Stiles.

Sister Jane Lynch is one of the most incredibly caring nurses I have come across.

Ella Stiles with baby Juno and sister Jane Lynch

I attended the early pregnancy unit at Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot, Berkshire, in early 2014 where I was referred for scans to monitor my pregnancy. I had experienced a previous miscarriage so was extremely anxious, but Jane went above and beyond to talk to me and listen to my concerns.

She made sure that I knew I could call her at any moment and ask to be booked in for a scan if there was anything I was worried about. There were times when I phoned last minute to try to get an appointment and it was never an issue. Jane did everything in her power to fit us in and made us feel like she truly knew how we felt.

Professional dedication

Late in January 2014, at one of our scans we saw that our baby's heartbeat had stopped and we were suffering our second miscarriage. Jane was incredible. The concern and love on her face as she comforted us was amazing. I felt like her heart was breaking for us. She was so understanding, guiding us through the process of booking me in for my ERPC procedure the next day.

Everything she did was guided by what we wanted but she had so much time for us. I will never, ever forget how she made me feel.

I am in awe of Jane’s professional dedication. She sees hundreds of women at the early pregnancy clinic and many sadly suffer miscarriages, yet she treats each and every one with so much compassion and care.

She has never become hardened to the devastating emotions that women feel when they miscarry a child.

Deserves recognition

Two years on, we have Juno, who is healthy, happy and six months old. But my experience of being cared for by Jane following the discovery of our second miscarriage left such a mark on me that I feel quite emotional even now when I think about her.

Jane really is a special individual and deserves recognition for this demanding and tiring work she does day in, day out. She never thinks of herself while pouring out her empathy and compassion.

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