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RCNi Decision Support: find out how our new digital tool can support your critical thinking

Experts’ advice will help nurses anchor their clinical decisions in best practice and up-to-the-minute guidance

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An interactive tool to help nurses make informed decisions when assessing and caring for patients is being launched by RCNi.  

RCNi Decision Support is the only such tool created exclusively for nurses in the UK. 

The tool is evidence-based and includes in excess of 100 peer-reviewed topics across more than 20 specialisms. It promises fast and easy access to a trusted source of guidance to support nurses’ critical thinking. 

Patient observations 

RCNi senior nurse editor Richard Hatchett said each topic highlights decisions that need to be made early in assessment or treatment by asking questions relating to patient observations. 

Richard Hatchett

‘It then provides guidance on how to proceed based on the answers given by the nurse,’ Dr Hatchett said. 

Red flags are included to ensure immediate action and escalation where necessary. 

Dr Hatchett stressed that the tool does not make decisions for nurses.

‘Rather it supports and guides them through the process, and provides them with the information they need at every step,' he said.

Extensive market research

RCNi Decision Support has been a year in development and is based on extensive market research. It will be accessible on mobile phones as well as tablets and computers, and via an app. 

‘Many clinical decisions are complex and central to patients’ well-being, so it’s great to have a digital resource at hand to guide nurses when they need help’

Caroline Shuldham, RCNi editorial advisory board

Content is written by experts in their respective fields and based on best-practice guidelines. It will be reviewed regularly and updated as soon as national guidance changes. 

Local customisation

Organisations that purchase the tool can customise it to alert users to relevant local policies and procedures.

Dr Hatchett explained: 'For example, with catheterisation, they can add a note that says, “This organisation uses this particular type of catheter”.’ 

RCNi editorial advisory board chair Caroline Shuldham said: ‘I am delighted that the Decision Support tool is available. 

‘Nurses make multiple clinical decisions every day. Many are complex and central to patients’ well-being, so it’s great to have a digital resource at hand to guide nurses when they need help.’

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