Making revalidation easier: the new-look RCNi Learning for nurses

With bitesize modules, enhanced search tools and a learning dashboard to track progress, RCNi Learning has everything you need to meet your CPD requirements

A female nurse in uniform sits at a desk at work using a computer, with the new RCNi Learning platform on screen
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What would make your professional life a little bit easier?

We’re going to have to exclude better pay and suitably skilled and staffed workplaces from this particular wishlist, but how about something that would make those mandatory tasks more straightforward and even enjoyable?

New look, new tools on the RCNi Learning platform

I’m talking about continuing professional development (CPD), not fire safety training – sadly, the latter doesn’t earn you any CPD points and, while essential, is unlikely to ever be fun (please do correct me if you have experiences to the contrary though).

We have just launched our newly enhanced RCNi Learning platform, which makes it as easy as possible to meet your minimum requirement of 35 hours’ CPD to revalidate with the Nursing and Midwifery Council every three years.

New-look RCNi Learning: find out more

With a fresh look, the resource is now also simpler to navigate – improvements to search filters mean you can sort our 170 learning modules by type, level, specialty and setting, depending on what you’re looking for.

You can save modules for later and use the video preview to take a quick look at the course syllabus and learning outcomes. And for the time-strapped (read ‘everyone’) there are six bitesize modules ranging from 10-30 minutes’ duration.

Update alerts and a dashboard to track your learning progress

There are also alerts for new and updated modules and those we’ll be retiring soon, and you can use the learning dashboard to track your CPD hours tally and save your certificates into RCNi Portfolio to download later, when you’re ready to revalidate.

If your employer has a subscription they can allocate mandatory learning from our modules, with topics covering 40 specialties.

Nursing support workers and students can also benefit from RCNi Learning by saving their completed CPD modules and reflective accounts into RCNi Portfolio to support appraisals and supervision.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think by emailing either pd@rcni.com or me at flavia.munn@rcni.com. We’d love to hear your feedback.