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Understanding the benefits and implications of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Learn how ERAS can reduce post-operative complications and length of hospital stays

Caring for people with mental health conditions in general clinical settings

Learn communication skills to improve care for this patient group

Developing effective nurse leadership skills

Understanding and learning these skills at all levels of seniority

Nursing management of irritable bowel syndrome

Enhance your awareness of the range of IBS symptoms that patients may experience

Use of blood components in clinical practice

Familiarise yourself with the procedures involved in these transfusions

Challenges and facilitators in providing effective end of life care in ICUs

Ways to enhance practice in this area and factors that might affect patient care

Developing the personal qualities required for effective nurse leadership

This article explores four ‘leadership intelligences’ that can be adopted by nurses

Role of the nurse in identifying and addressing health inequalities

How addressing these inequalities can improve health outcomes for patients

Supporting patients with serious mental illness during physical health treatment

How to reduce potential barriers for these individuals when accessing services
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Implementing reasonable adjustments for disabled people in healthcare services

Improve your awareness of the adjustments that can be made

Use of nutrition therapy in the management of diabetes mellitus

Find out how nutrients can affect glycaemic levels in patients with diabetes

Identifying and differentiating stroke and stroke mimics

Ensure that patients receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment

Implementing laughter therapy to enhance the well-being of patients and nurses

Discover the physical and psychosocial benefits of laughter therapy for patients and nurses

Divisional review of the nurse specialist role

How nurse specialists can contribute to high-quality patient care and outcomes

Effective intercultural communication in nursing

Extend your understanding of effective communication with people from other cultures

Prevention and management of moisture-associated skin damage

Learn about its various types and characteristics, and the required nursing interventions

Legal implications of pressure injuries: experience of a tissue viability nurse expert

Why you should read this article: • To understand the process of assessing tissue viability...
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Role of nurses in supporting proactive deprescribing

Find out about the importance of proactive deprescribing