Illustration showing a woman wearing glasses with her laptop computer open smiling into the distance with symbols of degree qualification, ideas, thinking and targets float around her head

Setting out to do a PhD? Some important things to consider

Make sure your big and exciting decision is well thought through

Illustration of hands  holding a pen which is marking a document called 'Grant Proposal'

How to deal with an unsuccessful research bid and what to do next

Our tips and advice can help you succeed in your bid next time

A figure staring intently through a telescope stands on top of a sign with arrows pointing in four different directions, this symbolises future goals

Are you prepared for the nursing research challenge in 2024?

Strengthening connections between research and clinical practice should be your future goal

Illustration of woman viewing a clock and time demands

Tips on how to improve research productivity and time management

How a proactive approach will help you to maximise your output

Illustration shows the making of a podcast: from recording, via listening and editing to the final stage of being available to listen to or download

Under the skin of a nurse researcher – new podcast will open up roles and career paths

The Nurse Researcher podcast hopes to demystify clinical academia and offer practical advice

Nurse peer reviewers experience an array of challenges with the review process

Are you reluctant to peer review? How to enhance the experience

An overview of the process and guidance to overcome the challenges faced

Expert advice

Active listening: what is it and how can I use it effectively?

Tips on honing your communication skills to improve outcomes

Moral injury: what to do if are affected by it, and how to reduce the risk

Being forced to make decisions that go against your morals can take an emotional toll

Illustration of a nurse looking down and demotivated, holding a mask showing a brave face, which she is putting on her own face

How to give your best to patients when you’re lacking motivation

Finding ways to boost morale and reaching out to peers can help you get back on track

5 tips to help you get fit – without paying for gym membership you might struggle to use

Steps you can take to protect your mind and body from the demands of the job

How words can hurt: tips on avoiding language that stigmatises patients and diseases

Certain terms have the power to belittle or frighten patients, and even affect outcomes

Is ‘nurse’ title finally about to be protected in law?

A review may lead to regulation of the title, a move seen as important for patient safety


Small figures walking up a slope with a large image of an open hand supporting them

Why the shortage of nurse academics is so important to all nurses

The expertise and experience of academics is vital to support workforce capacity

Illustration showing a research supervisor giving feedback to a nurse researcher who is taking notes

What makes a good supervisor?

Research supervisors can make a huge contribution to boost student confidence and performance

In scientific journals critical appraisal of submitted papers is a key part of publication and peer reviewers help to identify flaws and strengths in a paper

What is the role of peer reviewers and how do I become one?

Critical appraisal of papers is a key part of publication in journals like Nurse Researcher

Writing for publication

When writing for publication have a clear message and share new ideas and knowledge

Ask if your paper adds to current knowledge and what can someone take away from it


Why it is vital to ensure the spotlight is put on nursing’s contribution in research

The significant value nurses’ can bring to research is in danger of being overlooked


What have nurse researchers learned from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Elizabeth Halcomb looks at some of the key lessons and initiatives



Doing a Literature Review in Nursing, Health and Social Care (Second edition)

This book provides a concise and informative guide to the process of literature review in nursing, health and social care, and is applicable to students and professionals.


An Adventure in Statistics: The Reality Enigma

If you are undertaking a research module or degree requiring statistics, then this textbook will be a valuable addition to your library.


Routledge Handbook on the Global History of Nursing

The chapters in this book vary in the depth, nature and quality of historical research they represent, but all are interesting and worth reading. Some focus on particular methods and others focus on various historical topics.

Book review

An Introduction to Qualitative Research: Learning in the Field (Fourth edition)

Covering three central ideas– research is about learning, should be purposeful and must be conducted systematically – this book proves itself to be a comprehensive guide to qualitative research.

Applied Qualitative Research Design

Applied Qualitative Research Design: A Total Framework Approach

This book is suffused with the elements of what the authors call the total quality framework – namely credibility, analysability, transparency and usefulness. Each chapter is built around this framework so the important decisions needed throughout the stages of a qualitative research study are covered.

Action Research for Nurses

Action Research for Nurses

The authors of this long overdue book offer a cogent critique of the current body of nursing and research knowledge guided by three basic questions: » What constitutes nursing knowledge? » How is knowledge acquired? » How is nursing knowledge put to use?