A medal that shows how far nurse research has come

Nurses should seek opportunities to showcase the quality work being done by nurse researchers in all areas of practice

Research team

Successful researchers rarely tend to work in isolation

Liz Halcomb on the attibutes of good researchers and the value of teamwork


Maximise your research impact to make a difference

High impact research, maximising research reach and measuring the effects should be priority

Predatory publishing

Time to 'fight the fakes' and stand against predatory publishers

A concerted effort from researchers is needed to combat research papers with no peer review or editorial oversight

A woman in a library writing

Questions to ask yourself before submitting a paper

There are some simple pieces of advice to follow if you want to get your research published

Nominate your colleague

A chance for ‘ordinary’ nurses to share, inspire and win recognition for their...

Nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards and help celebrate exceptional nursing care, writes editor Graham Scott

Jeremy Hunt

Survey reiterates the morale mantra, but Hunt still not listening

A new survey by Nursing Standard and the Sunday Mirror newspaper reinforces the obvious reason why morale is poor: nurses simply do not feel valued, writes Graham Scott

Graham Scott

RCN sets the bar high for advanced nursing status

It’s good to see the college taking the lead on defining advanced practice, and it seems accreditation won’t be easy to achieve, writes Nursing Standard editor Graham Scott

RCNi Nurse Awards 2017

Let’s redress the balance with Nurse Awards

The annual RCNi Nurse Awards exist so that healthcare staff receive the recognition they deserve, says editor Graham Scott

Pam Smith

We must remain nurse-focused

The spectacular RCN international nursing research conference in Edinburgh last month saw more than 70 delegates from across the globe showcase their work. There were presentations on innovative research methods and methodology, many of which will be published in Nurse Researcher.


Measuring research success

Defining successful research can be complex. For novice researchers, success may involve completing research projects and publishing in peer-reviewed journals, but for experienced researchers more complex measures of success come into play. Each researcher’s reputation, future grant funding and career prospects depend on the success of each project, and the quality of the researcher’s track record.


Making space for reflection

Clinicians and researchers often say they do not have time to reflect. Although we are all busy, taking the time to stop and consider where you are and where you want to be can act as a powerful tool in planning your career.

Reviewers needed: apply here

Peer review is an essential task in the professional publishing process. Reviewers provide a...

Bridging the theory-practice gap

Compared with clinically focused units, research coursework is often viewed negatively and...

Dissemination beyond publication

The mantra ‘publish or perish’ has meant disseminating work in peer-reviewed literature....