Doing a Literature Review in Nursing, Health and Social Care (Second edition)

This book provides a concise and informative guide to the process of literature review in nursing, health and social care, and is applicable to students and professionals.

It is well structured and easy to read, covering topics from ‘what is a literature review?’ to writing and dissemination of findings. Although there are many texts available to assist with conducting a literature review, this one offers the additional elements of useful tips and practical guidance.

The authors set realistic learning outcomes and activities in each chapter, accompanied by illustrative examples. References are relevant and up to date, providing suggestions for further reading. A vital skill for reviewing the literature is the ability to appraise the current evidence. An in-depth section on critiquing research is set out in the appendix, with lots of useful tips and suggestions for applying existing critiquing frameworks.

The authors do not shy away from the fact that undertaking a literature review is no easy task, however their guidance through each step makes the process feel much more manageable. The student comments and perspectives are a refreshing addition, reassuring readers that they are not alone in the challenges encountered.

This book is very inclusive, acknowledging the different purposes for a literature review, whether it is for an academic piece of work, a project in the work place or a paper for an academic journal. The applicability to a wide audience is a strength, and would also encourage readers to revisit.

Overall, this book is of great value, with lots to offer to students and professionals working in health and social care.

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