Illustration of bereaved person

Conducting research into end of life care

What to consider when undertaking research with vulnerable participants


Collecting data in research

How careful planning can ensure fewer problems are encountered in data collection

Research framework

Finding the right approach to theoretical frameworks in qualitative research

An introduction to five Nurse Researcher articles on the use of theoretical frameworks


Where could an RCNi Nurse Awards nomination take your project?

Commitment to Carers award nominees have helped tackle crucial issues for unpaid carers

Measuring research

Measuring up quantitative research methods

Liz Halcomb highlights the areas of debate and introduces four new articles

Qualitative analysis

An exploration of different qualitative analysis techniques

Lucie Ramjan introduces five new Nurse Researcher articles relating to qualitative analysis now available online

Encouraging professionalism in research-informed practice environments

How the National Institute for Health Research is putting evidence at the heart of decision-making

Understanding research from different cultures

Hae-Ra Han focuses on culture and introduces five new Nurse Researcher articles relating to the subject now available online and in print

Yvonne Coghill: Why you should nominate a colleague for an RCNi Award

Too few nurses from black and minority ethnic backgrounds receive awards for their efforts, perhaps because so few are nominated by colleagues. Winning an award boosts confidence and self-esteem and is good for career development, so show your appreciation for a colleague and nominate them for an RCNi award, says Yvonne Coghill

Susan Aitkenhead: National framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff will ensure...

Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV) puts a new emphasis on measuring improvement. With the framework’s support, the ‘hidden’ achievements of nurses will be highlighted and unwarranted variation in care addressed, says NHS England’s Susan Aitkenhead

Linda Aiken: NHS policy is driving harmful variation in nurse staffing levels and...

The latest evidence on registered nurse numbers and patient satisfaction makes the case for safe staffing levels overwhelming, says leading nurse researcher Linda Aiken

Opportunity for black and minority ethnic nurses to showcase their achievements

Community matron Dena Ross, joint winner of the Nursing Older People category at the RCNi Nurse Awards 2017, encourages colleagues from black and ethnic minority backgrounds to enter this year’s competition and demonstrate their achievements

Caroline Shuldham: Why it’s vital for nurses to engage in research

Whether you are interested in a career in research, or just want to do a one-off project,...

A change for the better

Revalidation, one of the most significant changes to the regulation of nurses and midwives,...