A figure staring intently through a telescope stands on top of a sign with arrows pointing in four different directions, this symbolises future goals

Are you prepared for the nursing research challenge in 2024?

Strengthening connections between research and clinical practice should be your future goal

5 simple ways to be a greener nurse – small climate-conscious changes you can make

These easy adjustments to your routine could save energy and cut emissions

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Tips on how to improve research productivity and time management

How a proactive approach will help you to maximise your output

Illustration shows the making of a podcast: from recording, via listening and editing to the final stage of being available to listen to or download

Under the skin of a nurse researcher – new podcast will open up roles and career paths

The Nurse Researcher podcast hopes to demystify clinical academia and offer practical advice

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What’s needed now to address staff shortages, insufficient pay and spiralling stress

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Women are held back from promotion by complex factors, but we may have found a solution

Do you feel helpless to influence change? Well, you’re not – and here’s why

Florence Nightingale Foundation wants to help you push for change at the highest levels

Nurse peer reviewers experience an array of challenges with the review process

Are you reluctant to peer review? How to enhance the experience

An overview of the process and guidance to overcome the challenges faced

Shift-working on repeat: how can nurses avoid physical burnout?

Many nurses talk of emotional burnout, but there can be debilitating physical symptoms too

Suicide among nurses: how we can reduce risk and stigma by simply talking

Ways to support colleagues through open, honest discussions

Note to the new PM: the nursing workforce crisis can’t be outsourced

Fewer UK applicants accepted on courses will mean greater reliance on overseas recruitment

Incivility at work and its impact on your morale as well as patient safety

Anger and bad feeling are a threat to nurses’ well-being and must not be tolerated

How my CAR-T therapy research seeks to improve cancer care and empower nurses

Study was started during the pandemic and seeks to find out more about this cancer treatment

Racist abuse in the NHS: ignoring patients’ prejudice doesn’t make it go away

Managers expect staff to put up with insults, and when we don’t we’re called confrontational

Top tips for using social media in nursing research

Advice on promoting your and others’ work and building a trusted online community

Silence and the narrative research interview

Philip John Archard and Michelle O’Reilly examine non-verbal data

Methodological issues and methods in doctoral studies: tips and advice for success

Advice on a good basis for sound nurse research

Bias is key to stopping institutional and structural racism in healthcare and research

Institutional racism not only damages our health, it can kill, and it does