Living Better with Dementia: Good Practice and Innovation for the Future

Readers will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive book that covers all aspects of living with dementia.

Each chapter provides an evidence-based perspective on the issues affecting those living with dementia and their carers, along with the policy context in the UK. Topics cover everything from stigma, citizenship, eating, incontinence, housing, GPS tracking and personal budgets.

This book is invaluable for anyone studying dementia at undergraduate or postgraduate level because each chapter directs the reader to recent research, evidence and relevant policy documents. It highlights innovation and good practice from around the world and gives practical solutions for living well with dementia.

The book would also be useful as a reference text for staff who work with people with dementia in different care environments; they can dip into the book and find a chapter that is relevant to their area of interest.

Overall, this text challenges perceptions and the biomedical model of dementia, while also encouraging the reader to consider the rights and perspectives of people living with the condition and how policy could meet their needs better.

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