Do Doctors and Nurses Kill More People Than Cancer?

Originally published in 2011, this controversial book was released in a Kindle version last year, with a slightly more eye-catching front cover.

The simple premise of the book is this: modern medicine, the NHS, and in particular doctors and nurses, are failing. Actually, they are more than failing: they are killing patients.

According to author Vernon Coleman, a registered GP who has written more than 100 books, doctors and nurses kill more people than infections, road accidents, terrorists and criminals put together, and they certainly kill more people than cancer.

In a series of 45 essays, the book covers topics including the bureaucracy inherent in the NHS, the money spent on the NHS, the nursing profession, waiting lists and the regulation of healthcare professionals. Seeing chapter titles such as ‘Cowgirl Nurses with Great Expectations’ and ‘Cockroaches with Computers’, you soon get the picture.

Coleman has been called ‘the living terror of the British medical establishment’. With his argument being that the NHS should be dispensed with and replaced by a private health system for all, it is easy to see why.

The author’s disclaimer that there is no need for references, as readers have to trust their authors, does not sit comfortably with me and I would have preferred to see the sources for some of his assertions.

An entertaining book with some interesting points, but treat it with caution.

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