Book Review: Sociology for Nurses (Third edition)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This very impressive textbook is useful for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students, including those studying for specialist practitioner registration as health visitors, district nurses and school nurses.

Its focus includes key aspects relevant to practice: nursing and the sociology of care, inequalities and diversity in care and policy influences on health and healthcare.

Each chapter is separately referenced and includes reading lists with practice-relevant activities, summaries, critical discussion questions and up-to-date glossaries. For example, the chapter on social class and health provides a historical overview with a focus on inequalities and health policy.

The chapter on researching health provides a concise overview of research methodologies and their strengths and limitations.

Elaine Denny, Sarah Earle & Alistair Hewison (editors) | Polity Press| 384pp | £19.99 | ISBN: 9781509505418

Reviewed by Kevin Corbett, senior lecturer in adult nursing, Middlesex University London

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