Book Review: Mercury in Retrograde: My Experience of Dystonia

★ ★

This is a two-part book with part one covering the experience of having dystonia and part two the author’s self-help guide to alleviating the condition.

Part one is useful in giving the reader an insight into how dystonia can affect your life and how others’ perceptions can affect the individual.  Part two looka at alleviating ways of assisting dystonia, albeit not with conventional medicine. Most of the information may well be found in other books or journals.

The author also mentions another health condition, which at times moves the narrative away from what should be the book’s focus. It’s a shame she didn’t focus on the dystonia more. Instead, she writes about other neurological conditions, offering sketchy research and talking about an alternative therapy that she practises. 

This will mostly be read by others with dystonia and possibly nurses with an interest in this condition. 

I would not recommend individual nurses to purchase this book. It would be more suitable as a library book. 

Janet Baird | The Book Guild | 74pp | £7.99 | ISBN: 9781911320005

Reviewed by Debbie Quinn, Queen's Nurse, Northamptonshire

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